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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Southwest Voter Joins Reconquista Meeting
Well Known Mexican Fifth Column Has History of Anti-Americanism
A History of Reconquista
"As goes the Latino population of California so goes California and so goes America. That is what Southwest Voter must do, you must stand for our Latino future.
[In Spanish]
"How beautiful the new world that has a governor named Gonzalez, Hernandez or Martinez. Hispanic names for mayor of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego."
Henry Cisneros -- SVREP Dinner, July 15, 1997

SVREP is an outgrowth of La Raza Unida Party

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Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
MEXICAN DRUGS: This segment proves that Mexico and Mexican drug lords are targeting American kids. "There is no question that hatred of Americans is behind the Mexican drug war. This is part of Reconquista, and they are targeting our children," said video producer Glenn Spencer.
Watch RealAudio-RealVideoReal | Windows | Get the Video

Washington Post (Free Registration) 
Latinos [most likely invaders] barred from program whine
When Arlington police extended an invitation in March to members of the Latino community to better understand how their police department works, dozens of residents eagerly signed up for the 12-week Citizens' Academy. -- But some of those who applied for the educational seminar were turned away when they could not provide Social Security numbers. Upset that they were rejected...AP Internal Use Only

Mens News Daily
Our Immigration Policy Has Gone Beyond Reckless
...Radical Hispanic groups such as La Raza and MEChA would return the American Southwest to Mexico. One way is to flood us with illegal immigrants whose loyalty lies south of the border, and then use irresponsible politicians who, with the exception of Mr. Bush, tend to be Democrats, to gain driving and voting privileges, educate their children at our expense, and bring our health care system to near ruin. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Invaders portrayed as victims again
Authorities can't say for sure how many of the illegal immigrants [criminals] smuggled into the country each year wind up working as prostitutes or indentured servants, but they know that the human traffickers who profit from their labor often exploit fear of the U.S. government to keep their victims in line. [The Catholic church is allegedly also involved in what appears to be aiding and abetting].AP Internal Use Only

Thumbs Down to This
Detroit News
Hamtramck may approve Muslim prayer call
Hamtramck, Mich. -- Along with pierogi and paczki, Hamtramck may soon be known for its Islamic calls to worship. -- The City Council is expected today to pass a noise ordinance amendment permitting mosques to issue the traditional call to prayer over loud speakers [usually referred to as 'disturbing the peace']. [Also see this item: Asked whether [Muslims] agreed or disagreed that "America is an immoral society," 61 percent "strongly" or "somewhat" agreed.] AP Internal Use Only

Letters and E-Mail
We Get E-Mail
San Diego not the same......
....I lived in San Diego for 42 years and moved to TN 3 years ago for the obvious reasons, including cost-of-living there.   It's a total different life here in TN, that's for sure, and affordable for me.     San Diego used to be a wonderful place to live... not anymore at all.... it's terrible now...just terrible!!!

U.S. Border Patrol
San Diego Union Tribune
Suspected illegal alien pulled out to sea at border drowns
Border Field State Park [Aerial Photo] -- One man drowned early yesterday and another was missing after getting trapped in the ocean while trying to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said. -- Witnesses say the two were with three other men who got over the border fence, which extends into the ocean, and tried to wade past Border Patrol agents. AP Internal Use Only

National Park Service
Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald Review
Invaders follow visit by National Park Service director
Coronado Nat'l Memorial, Ariz. - The same day that the National Park Service director visited this border memorial nearly 100 illegal immigrants were apprehended within hours after Fran Mainella left. -- According to U.S. Border Patrol and memorial officials two National Park Service rangers and a Border Patrol agent were patrolling near the vehicle barrier along the border when they came upon a large group of illegal immigrants. AP Internal Use Only

No Vacancy
I am not against immigration. As a matter of fact, I am very much in favor of it. Being an immigrant (legal, that is) myself, I can see on my own example how much this country can benefit from the immigrants. Well, not from all kinds of immigrants, but from the right kind of immigrants: law abiding, highly skilled individuals... AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
New Report Shows Shrinking Middle Class
The 2000 Census data shows that during the previous decade the share of middle-income U.S. households fell to below one-third of all households. The less than 30 percent of households that were in the $35,000 - $67,000 income range was a decline from about 34 percent of households in the comparable $25,000 - $50,000 range in 1990. AP Internal Use Only

Re: The justice system failed Mary Cortez
If there's anything I can't stand, it's an editorial saying "we're all guilty" -- in this case for the tragic death of Mary Cortez. -- On the contrary, every poll shows that the American people want immigration to be legal, controlled and reduced. Citizens want alien criminals thoroughly punished and then deported across fortified borders. AP Internal Use Only

Round 'em up, move 'em out!
Christian Science Monitor Editorial
Monitor endorses local immigration law enforcement
The hunt for terrorists lurking in the US has started to break down an old and needless wall in law enforcement. These days, local and state police increasingly are helping federal agents locate or catch illegal aliens. -- Before Sept. 11, most police wanted little or nothing to do with enforcing the nation's immigration laws.... AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Lowell Sun
Traffic stop nets criminal absconder
Pelham, Mass. -- A traffic stop early Saturday morning on Gage Hill Road led to the arrest of a Medford man wanted for deportation. -- Police stopped three Massachusetts cars after they were spotted driving erratically in the area of Camp Runnels Girl Scout camp.... AP Internal Use Only

News About Foreign Gangsters
Albuquerque Tribune
Complaint: Revenge was motive
Fresh out of jail, Vicente Gutierrez was looking to settle a score with the person he thought helped to put him behind bars, authorities said. -- Gutierrez, a 25-year-old caught last week in El Paso, is the sought-after suspect tied to numerous drive-by shootings and gang unrest in the town of Bernalillo, authorities said. -- Border Patrol agents finally caught up with Gutierrez, who fled to Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Citizenship
Official Subcommittee Hearing Notice
The Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship will hold a hearing on Thursday, April 22, 2004, at 2:30 p.m. in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, on "State and Local Authority to Enforce Immigration Law: Evaluating a United Approach for Stopping Terrorists." [Committee Members | Senate Directory] AP Internal Use Only

Mara Salvatrucha
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Feds to keep patrolling Palomino on gang watch
Federal authorities said Monday that they will continue to patrol the Palomino neighborhood [of N.E. Phoenix] for undocumented gang members despite earlier complaints from activists who say law enforcement officials are unfairly targeting the area. -- But some Palomino residents welcome the extra patrols, saying gangsters need to be picked up and shipped out. AP Internal Use Only

Liberal Loser
KELO-TV -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Attack Ads Join Campaign 2004
It's not a severe weather alert, but a legislative alert that one Washington-DC based political group [CFAW] is calling an ad campaign against Senator Tom Daschle. -- The new ad criticizes legislation Daschle proposed dealing with immigration. [The Coalition for the Future American Worker has also gone after Rep. Cannon and Rep. Frost recently] AP Internal Use Only

News About Foreign Gangsters
Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)
Latino murder cases prove most elusive
...In Aurora over the last four years, investigators cleared 34 percent of Hispanic homicides, compared with 61 percent for blacks and 53 percent for whites. --- The reasons vary. In cities such as Chicago and Aurora, where the majority of Hispanic homicides are gang-related, a code of silence cripples investigations. -- Cultural and language barriers also can stump investigators. AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
'Save Our State' Petitions Ready for Downloading Now

See the Save187.com website home page for other pertinent information on this "Son of 187" initiative. Read all instructions carefully. This initiative also ends the threat of invaders getting driver's licenses in California once and for all. All petitions must be in the SOS office by April 25.

Buh bye!
Long Beach Press Telegram
Booted Mexican criminal sneaks back to kill
...In this case, [murder victim Mary] Cortez's ex-boyfriend Manuel Castenado Banos got out of jail after serving only a third of his 12-month sentence for felony domestic abuse. -- Upon his release, he was deported to his native Mexico as an illegal immigrant but that didn't stop him for long. He was soon back in the United States and Cortez was calling Burbank police for help. AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen
Invaders race to sneak into Arizona by June 1
Sasabe, Son. - Rodolfo Lopez vows that no number of planes, helicopters, trucks, sensors or Border Patrol agents will stop him from sneaking into the United States. -- Neither will fear of death. -- Despite the U.S. Border Patrol's preparations for its boldest attempt yet to seal the Arizona-Mexico border, Lopez was looking for a smuggler last week. He knows that by June 1, more obstacles will stand in his way. AP Internal Use Only

RINO Cannon
Project USA Update
Cannon, ProjectUSA clash on talk radio
The ongoing battle in Utah's Third Congressional District to clarify Congressman Chris Cannon's position on amnesty for illegal aliens took an unexpected but interesting turn last Tuesday when a supporter in Utah sent ProjectUSA the following email: -- "Chris Cannon is on KSL Radio (801) 575-8255 and just accused you of being a liar to all of the listeners..." [Dump Cannon -- Throckmorton for Congress] AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Religious leaders seek reform of immigration law
Religious leaders representing about 1.5 million members of seven faiths in Arizona called Monday for immigration reform and opened their arms to migrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. -- Led by Bishop Gerald Kicanas of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson, the group met at the state Capitol and called on government officials to:... AP Internal Use Only

Foreign Invaders
USA Today
Border fence plan runs into a barrier
A corrugated metal fence that separates the USA from Mexico starts near here at the Pacific Ocean and runs 14 miles inland. It's a stained and rusty reminder that San Diego was once the place along the U.S.-Mexico border most often crossed by illegal immigrants. -- The government decided in 1996 to add two more fences with roads and stadium-style lights... AP Internal Use Only

Felon Fife
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson
Volunteers (including felonious Fife) plan to aid and abet invaders
...The "Arks of the Covenant" desert camps, which will provide water, food and medical help, are part of a larger effort by Arizona's religious groups to curb what has become a crisis of migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border on foot only to die of heat exposure and thirst. -- "All our efforts are within the federal provisions of humanitarian assistance," said the Rev. John Fife... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Stalinists Take Note: Laws Against Polygamous Drug-Addicted Immigrants Are Still On The Books! (They're Just Not Enforced.)
Drug-addicted polygamists beware: you are not allowed to enter the United States. And even if you manage to slip in, you could be subject to deportation at any time! -- Please let me explain this dire warning... AP Internal Use Only

End Job Exportation
Christian Science Monitor
One man's crusade against outsourcing American jobs
Longwood, Fla. - Michael Emmons had logged almost six years as a software developer when he and more than a dozen colleagues received bad news: Their employer was replacing them with workers from India. -- And instead of outsourcing the jobs to India, Siemens ICN had a plan that was every bit as controversial - importing Indians to do the work here... AP Internal Use Only

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