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Monday, April 19, 2004

Invasion Surges Along the Border
See This Associated Press Story
AP Internal Use Only
Apprehensions Up 65% in Naco Station (Tucson Sector)

See larger map
    Ajo station:
      -   100 to 150 agents
      -   Responsible for 83 linear miles of border
      -   10,589 apprehensions October 2003 to March 2004, up 5 percent from previous year
    Naco station:
      -   300 to 350 agents
      -   Responsible for 37 linear miles of border
      -   53,580 apprehensions October 2003 to March 2004, up 65 percent from previous year
    Douglas station:
      -   400-450 agents
      -   Responsible for 31 linear miles of border
      -   48,065 apprehensions October 2003 to March 2004, up 31 percent from previous year.

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Bonds of Our Union - Part II -- The Video
CORPORATE GLOBALISTS: This segment focuses on corporations that support Hispanic separatists and reconquista organizations. Highlighted are Kaiser Permanente, Miller Brewing Company and Citibank.
Watch RealAudio-RealVideoReal | Windows | Get the Video


Should Illegals Get College Tuition Breaks?
Scroll down -- poll on left side of page -- Results

James R.
Portland Oregonian
The AgJOBS amnesty sellout
F arm worker leader Cesar Chavez's cause has been sold out. -- Chavez organized California grape pickers in the 1960s, using boycotts to force growers to boost wages and improve working conditions. -- In the 1980s, professor Philip Martin of the University of California at Davis has written, Chavez's United Farm Workers union recognized increased illegal immigration as a threat to legal farm workers... AP Internal Use Only

The Denver Channel
Three Boulder rapes linked to one suspect (a Mexican national)
Boulder police believe that they have identified the suspect responsible for a string of sexual assaults last year. -- DNA evidence has linked Efrain Rojas to assaults that occurred on Feb. 28, April 26 and Aug. 3, Boulder police said. -- In the most recent assault, a 21-year-old Boulder woman told police that she was gang-raped by three men ... AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Border Patrol
Douglas (Arizona) Dispatch
BP seizes smuggling vehicles, adds more resources to sector
The Border Patrol has seized 3,406 vehicles from migrant smugglers during the agency's fiscal year. -- During the month of March the agency seized 903 vehicles for the entire Tucson sector, said Andy Adame, a spokesman for the Border Patrol's Tucson sector. -- Adame said that about $20.4 million has been seized in assets by Border Patrol. AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
'Save Our State' Petitions Ready for Downloading Now

See the Save187.com website home page for other pertinent information on this "Son of 187" initiative. Read all instructions carefully. This initiative also ends the threat of invaders getting driver's licenses in California once and for all. All petitions must be in the SOS office by April 25.

Señor Sellout - Worst President in U.S. History
The Daily Citizen -- Searcy, Arkansas
Useless Feds: Illegal aliens suspected of fraud go free
Four illegal aliens suspected of felony crimes walked free from White County Sheriff's offices Wednesday after federal immigration officials explained the U.S. government cannot automatically expel the men just because they are illegal. [The perps, all Mexican illegals, were busted on misdemeanor offenses and later found to be in possession of suspected fraudulent identification documents.... and the feds won't toss them back into Mexico.] AP Internal Use Only

KGTV -- San Diego
SUV full of invaders crashes into embankment
El Centro -- Two passengers were seriously injured when a sports utility vehicle believed to be carrying about 13 illegal immigrants slammed into a rocky embankment, the California Highway Patrol said. --- The U.S. Border Patrol found 13 passengers nearby about 12 hours after the incident, the CHP said. AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Reader Submission -- Hereford, Arizona
High speed chase of drug suspects ends in crash
These photos [see article] were taken at 8:20 A.M. 4-19-04 on Highway 92 across the highway from, San Pedro Feed And Hardware Store [Hereford, Arizona]. It was reported that U.S. Customs was in pursuit of one or 2 suspected drug runners that had entered the U.S from Mexico and speed up Smith Road...

Snake Oil
Denver Post
Hiring of Hispanics enriching, firms say
PlastiComm Industries heavily recruits Hispanics - recent immigrants in particular - because they are loyal and hardworking. -- Those traits help boost profits, even if it means the Denver telecom gearmaker must invest more time and effort upfront. -- PlastiComm executives say the company invests in its employees with job training and language instruction... [Contact this company] AP Internal Use Only

Repeal Absurd SB60 NOW
Cedillo reschedules meeting to push for licenses for invaders
Reconquista Calif. Senator Gil Cedillo is said to have rescheduled a previously canceled soiree in San Bernardino to push his absurdly reckless bill that would allow foreign invaders to get driver's licenses. This one will supposedly be held on Sunday, May 23 [Click here for more information, map, phone number at meeting place]

Mexican Mafia
San Diego Union-Tribune
Mexican Mafia case garners guilty pleas
Three months ago, authorities hailed what they called the breakup of a violent conspiracy by a prison gang to rob people, smuggle drugs, extort drug dealers and kill witnesses and a law enforcement officer. -- Defense lawyers and relatives complained that many of the nearly three dozen charged were not part of the notorious prison gang -- the Mexican Mafia.... AP Internal Use Only

No Cheap Tuition for Invaders
No Illegals!
Cybercast News Service
'Nightmare' Act: Lawless invaders demand cheap tuition & more
Undocumented high school students [criminals]... are coming to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to support legislation that would give them in-state college tuition breaks and "provide a pathway" to legalization. -- An activist group called the Center for Community Change said some of the students will risk deportation by taking part in a mock graduation ceremony... AP Internal Use Only

RINO Chris Cannon
RINO Cannon
Frank Pignanelli -- Deseret News -- Salt Lake City
Cannon cheerleading columnist attempts hatchet job on reformers
Utah County has a humorous reputation for a unique flavor of politics and other idiosyncrasies. But recent election activities in the 3rd Congressional District have cast a not so comical, malicious blemish on "Happy Valley." -- Congressman Chris Cannon is a true soldier for the GOP.... [Dump Cannon -- Throckmorton for Congress] AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page]
Immigrants contributions are ignored
Immigrant rights groups highlight the "immeasurable" support that immigrants offer and adamantly deny statements that millions of them are a "burden" on the country. -- "That cheap manual labor benefited the employers and communities where immigrants settled," said Eugenio Arene, the executive director of the Council of Latino Agencies.... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Dispatch
Immigration's Riveting Question to Americans
Senator Teddy Kennedy, Orin Hatch, John McCain, Wayne Allard, Ben Campbell -- aid and abet illegal immigration by doing nothing to stop it. Representatives Mark Udall of Colorado, Kolbe of Arizona, Chris Cannon of Utah, Flake of Arizona, Degette of Colorado and hundreds of other elected American leaders support illegal and legal immigration without end.... AP Internal Use Only

The Limits Of Libertarianism: Southern California's Catastrophe
...Subtle but important social differences emerged between Southern and Northern California. Which was the better mode was arguable-until recently. -- Now, however, it has become clear that Northern California's traditional elitism has helped it withstand the onslaught of illegal immigration better than Southern California's traditional populist libertarianism. AP Internal Use Only

The Governator
Adam Sparks -- San Francisco Chronicle
The Guv Is Driving Californians Nuts
During the gubernatorial recall campaign last year, a desperate Gov. Gray Davis signed into law a bill granting California's approximately 2 million undocumented residents the right to obtain a driver's license, a move he said would make the state's roads safer. However, Californians understood that he was merely pandering to the large Hispanic voting bloc. AP Internal Use Only

Chuck Muth - OpinionEditorials.com
Selling Out Principle Backfires on GOP
...How about that illegal alien amnesty program the president proposed in January hoping for a political payoff from Hispanics in November? Major backfire. Instead, he's lost considerable support from segments of his base which cleave to the radical notion that if you reward illegal behavior you get...well, even more illegal behavior. Go figure. AP Internal Use Only

SEIU Mexican Gang
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Part two of a series: Uniting he stands (SEIU and the invasion)
Though he stands under five-and-a-half feet tall, Mariano Espinoza exudes an air of efficient authority. The 40 Hispanic janitorial workers crowded into a southeast-Minneapolis basement watch and listen intently as he outlines a complaint the group plans to file against the management of their union chapter, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26. AP Internal Use Only

Voting and Fraud
Houston Chronicle
Immigrants' voting rights becoming a major issue
It's pretty basic: You have to be a citizen of this country to vote, right? Not necessarily. -- A movement is growing in New York City to grant the vote in local elections to legal immigrants. And the debate is growing loud enough to become a major issue in the city's next mayoral election. AP Internal Use Only

Stop Foreign Criminals
Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Fake residents, real woes
Nogales, Ariz. - A criminal complaint filed with police by the Nogales school district over a student's questionable enrollment is the newest method to deal with an old problem: Mexican youngsters who cross the border with fake addresses to get into American public schools. AP Internal Use Only

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