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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Arizona Initiative to Get Boost at
March 6 Rally in Tucson
National Group to Support Arizona Initiative

Protect Arizona Now
American Patrol has learned that a major national organization will announce support for the Protect Arizona Now initiative at the rally this Saturday in Tucson. Many believe this support will help assure success and place the initiative on the November Arizona ballot
The citizens' initiative:
1. Requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote.
2. Requires proof of identity when voting.
3. Requires proof of eligibility for non-federally mandated public benefits.

Tucson Rally - March 6
Click here for petitions (good in all states),
official logo, and for complete rally information

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Tom Tancredo on Lou Dobbs - CNN - TONIGHT
Segment will air at about 8:40 pm Pacific - Wednesday

Nemko, PhD
The Overwhelming of America
I don't fit the profile of someone who worries about uncontrolled immigration. My parents are immigrants, I know that immigrants of all races have contributed mightily to America, and I'm no American flag waver. I am ashamed, for example, of America's international hubris, environmental callousness, obscene materialism... AP Internal Use Only

Stop Foreign Criminals
KOLD-TV -- Tucson
Murder Suspect Brought to Tucson From Mexico
The man accused of murdering a Border Patrol Agent back in 1998 is here in Tucson to face charges. -- Juan Manuel Umares-Rivas made his initial appearance in Federal Court Wednesday. He's accused of taking part in the murder of Alexander Kirpnick. -- The Border Patrol agent was shot while trying to arrest four marijuana smugglers... AP Internal Use Only

Fox News
Border State Candidates Support Immigration Enforcement
This election year, the president will campaign on a promise to amnesty millions of illegal aliens and institute a guest worker program, while leading Democrats insist that our country should simply grant citizenship to every illegal alien here. -- Voters who seek stronger enforcement of our immigration laws (some 85 percent of Americans, according to a recent poll) have nowhere to go.  AP Internal Use Only

Tom Tancredo
Denver Post
Columnist churns out vicious Tancredo hit piece, touts challenger
...Even conservatives say Tancredo is living in his own private Idaho with those outlandish proposals of his. -- Tancredo once suggested that the U.S. put a wall of soldiers along the southern border to keep Mexicans out. -- Last year, he asked the local office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to keep agents stationed outside of the Mexican consulate in Denver... AP Internal Use Only

Illinois Invader License
Associated Press
Committee approves driver's licenses for foreign lawbreakers
A plan to let illegal immigrants [criminals] obtain special Illinois driver's licenses, rejected by lawmakers last year, moved back on track Wednesday in the Legislature. -- The House Executive Committee voted 10-2 to allow the licenses for an estimated 200,000 undocumented immigrants who would be eligible in Illinois. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Court says bomb plot to be considered in citizenship request
The involvement of two Armenian men in a 1982 bomb plot may be considered in deciding whether to grant them U.S. citizenship, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. -- An 11-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision granting Viken Yacoubian and Viken Hovsepian citizenship four years ago without factoring in the bomb plot. AP Internal Use Only

Jim Hahn's 'Mexican City'
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) 
More on L.A.'s 'Office of Immigrant Affairs'
Houston, San Francisco and New York did it first. But on Tuesday, finally, the 42% of Los Angeles residents born in other countries got an office in City Hall to call their own. -- Following the lead of cities around the U.S., Mayor James K. Hahn and the Los Angeles City Council created an Office of Immigrant Affairs. AP Internal Use Only

Bush Betrays Border Patrol
The Christian Science Monitor recently published a report that noted that U.S. Border Patrol agents are demoralized and feeling betrayed by their own government. -- This is because President Bush ­ the Enron Kid, as I call him (Enron had contributed more than $600,000 to his political aspirations) ­ has increased the incentive for more illegal immigrants to cross our borders with his proposed stupid guest-worker program. AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
Save Our State
'Save Our State' Petitions Ready for Downloading Now
See the Save187.com website home page for other pertinent information on this "Son of 187" initiative. Read all instructions carefully.

Mara Salvatrucha
MS13 Gang
The Gazette (Maryland)
Gang task force formed
Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson and Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan have created the Bi-County Task Force on Gang Activity, and hope eventually to pull in officials from the District to join them. -- "At some point we will need to bring the District of Columbia in and address this as a regional problem," Johnson said... AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista, baby!
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
About 200 invaders found in S. Phoenix drop house
More than 200 undocumented immigrants [criminals] were found Wednesday morning at a large uspcale home in south Phoenix, authorities said. It's at least the 12th discovery of such a stash-house for border crossers in the Phoenix area within the last month. -- Police said they found an estimated 150 undocumented immigrants... AP Internal Use Only

Jim Hahn's 'Mexican City'
La Opinion  (Roughly translated by Google.com)
L.A. Council approves creation of aiding & abetting office
The Council of Los Angeles approved yesterday unanimously the creation of the Office of Subjects of the Immigrants in whom legal consultant's office will offer the foreign residents that do not know the system of local government, helps in legal subjects and information on education programs. [Councilman Ed Reyes is adamant about the L.A.P.D. not cooperating with immigration authorities as well]. AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Associated Press
Invader delivers jackpot baby while sneaking into U.S.
A 36-year-old woman gave birth in the desert while entering the United States illegally, authorities said. -- Rosalva De-Alba was traveling with a group near the Barry M. Goldwater Range on Tuesday when she went into labor. Minutes later, she had a daughter, she told The Sun in an interview. AP Internal Use Only

Importing Disease
New York Daily News
Pols fret over illegal alien health care
The borough presidents of Brooklyn and Manhattan have joined forces to find ways to stem the rise of chronic and life-threatening diseases in minority communities. -- Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and Manhattan Borough President Virginia Fields, along with Brooklyn's City Council members, gathered Monday night to study the problem. AP Internal Use Only

Day Laborer Pests
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Day labor center gets mixed reviews in report
The Macehualli day labor center has successfully attracted workers and employers, helped lower crime and spurred sales with nearby businesses, according to the city's long-awaited evaluation of the controversial center. -- But the 11-page report, released Feb. 26, also details "continued challenges" that will affect the future of the center. AP Internal Use Only

Click for DUI Info
Previously deported Mexican invader gets 4th DUI conviction
An illegal immigrant pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of intoxicants for the fourth time in four years. -- Andres Lopez-Cortes, 31, has been deported at least once to Mexico, but returned to the Seattle area where he slammed into a car driven by a 17-year-old who was stopped at a traffic light Dec. 31, the local King County Journal reported. AP Internal Use Only

News About Foreign Gangsters
KTVB-TV -- Boise (Free Registration)
Officer shot by previously booted Mexican illegal doing better
Boise's mayor and police chief are rallying behind a fallen officer and praising his bravery after being shot during a traffic stop on Saturday. -- Officer Derek Whipps had been in critical condition, but was upgraded to serious condition Monday. -- Ada County Prosecutors say an illegal alien shot officer Whipps... AP Internal Use Only

Los Presidentes
Meddling Mexicans examine relations with U.S.
With two years left in the administration of Vicente Fox, and just days from his (March 5-6) meetings with George W. Bush, the Mexican government is initiating a new stage in its relations with the U.S. As such, it will submit a series of bills in coming weeks in order to "successfully" face the time remaining with regards to the relationship with Washington. AP Internal Use Only

Protect Arizona Now - Click Logo
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Commission to hear anti-invasion group
Gilbert, Ariz. - The Gilbert Human Relations Commission tonight will hear from a Valley group pushing for measures to clamp down on illegal immigration. --- The Gilbert committee voted unanimously in December to recommend that the town adopt a matricula consular card, which is issued to Mexican nationals living in the United States and affords them a valid form of identification. AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Club
Tom DeWeese -- MichNews.com
The Sierra Club's Immigration Wars
My recent commentary, "What part of 'illegal' don't Americans understand?", generated a lot of flack. Several responses called me a bigot. Others called me a Nazi. Most of the negative comments parroted the pro-amnesty party line that says illegal aliens are really just hard working, honest folks looking for a better life... AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Border Patrol
Chicago Sun-Times
Border Patrol can't access millions of FBI fingerprints
The United States remains vulnerable to infiltration by known criminals and terrorists because of chronic delays in making millions of FBI fingerprints available to the Border Patrol, Justice Department investigators reported Tuesday. -- It probably will take at least four years for the FBI and Border Patrol... AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Arizona Daily Star Border Edition
Drop house not likely a trend, officials say
When authorities found 50 illegal entrants at an Avra Valley home late Monday, officials say the scene that unfolded was more reminiscent of Phoenix - where hundreds of people were found in similar situations just last month - than Tucson. -- But officials say the discovery doesn't mean the ways and means of people smuggling are changing in Arizona.... AP Internal Use Only

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