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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Arizona Assemblyman Randy Graf
to Speak at Tucson Border Rally
Graf To Stand With Americans To Demand Border Enforcement

Randy Graf

Rep. Randy Graf, Arizona State Assemblyman from the 30th District, will be a featured speaker at the March 6 Rally for Military on the Border being sponsored by American Border Patrol. Graf joins former Chief U.S. Border Patrol Agent Bill King, talk show host Terry Anderson, D.A. King, and Yeh Ling Ling of the Diversity Alliance in calling on our government to protect the United States.

More than 100,000 petitions demanding the use of the military to control the border will be delivered to the Tucson Federal Building following the rally.

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Tom Tancredo
House of Representatives
Transcript: Rep. Tancredo's Special Order Speech of Feb. 24
...New residents continue to wash over California's borders, but the State is neither attempting to restrain growth nor building adequate infrastructure to accommodate it. And the boat continues to fill. During the last half of the last century, an epoch encompassing most of the baby boom and, a generation later, all of the boom's echoes, the State population grew by more than 24 million...

No Cheap Tuition for Invaders
Associated Press Via WVEC-TV (Free Registration)
Judge: Va. Colleges can deny admission to foreign invaders
Colleges are within their rights to deny admission to illegal immigrants [criminals], a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a lawsuit against Virginia public universities. -- The ruling by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III dismisses the core claim of an immigrant-rights coalition that filed suit against the schools. AP Internal Use Only

Time For A Round-up
Tri-Town News -- Howell, New Jersey
Federal agents nab nine migrant sex offenders
Nine Monmouth County sex offenders were arrested on Feb. 11 by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. --- The following arrests were made - in Long Branch, Joaquim Baptista, from Portugal, and Jose Hernandez, from El Salvador; in Ocean Township, Edgar Bernard, from Costa Rica, and Laercio Ducarmo, from Brazil; in Red Bank, Armando Hernandez, from Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

WSOC-TV -- Rock Hill, South Carolina
Driving Illegally In Charlotte (Invaders flout even more laws)
More Latino residents in Charlotte (NC) are driving without a driver's license. -- It's a dangerous and costly fallout from a new state law that requires immigrants to prove they're in the country legally before they can get a license. -- "I don't have a license so I have to drive," said one man..... AP Internal Use Only

Panel to probe Englewood home inspections
Englewood, NJ - Mayor Michael Wildes has formed a task force to investigate complaints by Latino immigrants that they have been targets of heavy-handed housing inspections. -- He named Remberto Perez, a Tenafly insurance agent, as chairman of the task force. Perez, of the Cuban American National Foundation - the nation's most influential lobbying group on U.S.-Cuba policy - will fill the rest of the five-member committee. AP Internal Use Only

Mexicans Chant, Americans (Mostly) Cower
"Osama! Osama!" -- That's what Mexican soccer fans chanted in unison at the American squad that had just lost 4-0 to Team Mexico in an Olympic Qualification Soccer Match in Guadalajara on February 10. -- The game had begun with Mexican fans nearly drowning out the U.S. national anthem with their booing. AP Internal Use Only

Richard Ruelas -- Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
More grousing over bills aimed at foreign invaders
At least Reps. Russell Pearce and Randy Graf show they have more than one way of wrongly attacking illegal immigration. This time the two Republicans are not proposing a law that pretends to hurt undocumented workers. No, this time they are proposing a law that pretends to hurt businesses. [Visit the Protect Arizona Now website] AP Internal Use Only

Marin and the L.A. Daily News Demonstrate The Mexican Effect
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column pointing out that even though I had sent many emails to senatorial candidate Senora Rosario Marin's campaign headquarters asking if Marin and her family entered the U. S. legally or not, I had not been honored with a reply..... AP Internal Use Only

Jon Dougherty -- NewsMax.com
Exporting Jobs, Importing Cheaper Wages
Our political elite have consigned American workers to perpetual wage stagnation, thanks to their pursuance of self-destructive "free-trade" policies which essentially have forced employers to export good-paying jobs while importing cheaper wages. -- Conspiracy theories aside, the much-heralded free-trade policies embraced by both major parties... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Club
Al Knight -- Denver Post
A reality check for the Sierra Club
Elections to name board members to environmental organizations, even premier groups like the Sierra Club, are normally of zero public interest. -- Not anymore. -- Since the mid-1990s, board elections at the Sierra Club have become contentious, precisely because the club has been so determined to avoid recognizing the effect that high levels of immigration continue to have on the environment. AP Internal Use Only

Day Laborer Pests
News-Transcript -- Colts Neck, New Jersey
Day laborer hangout 'test' irks Freehold officials
At first glance it appeared the old muster zone on Throckmorton Street in Freehold Borough was once again open for business - then again, first glances can be deceiving. -- About 15 day laborers did, in fact, line up on Throckmorton Street at the site of the borough's original muster zone on Saturday morning. They appeared ready to seek employment.... AP Internal Use Only

Costly Invader Schooling
Edwin S. Rubenstein -- VDare.com
Educating Illegals Costs $900 per American Child
Because illegal aliens typically earn so much less than natives, their economic contribution is much less than their numbers would suggest- and immigration enthusiasts incessantly claim. -- But illegal aliens' cost to the American taxpayer is another matter. For example, the children of illegal aliens are currently being educated at American taxpayer expense... AP Internal Use Only

Hasta la vista baby!
Daily Nonpareil -- Council Bluffs, Iowa
Drug smuggler sentenced to long prison term
Des Moines -- A California man was sentenced to 25 years in prison in connection with a drug bust made by the Iowa State Patrol two years ago. -- Santiago Gomez-Otero of California was sentenced to 300 months imprisonment for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, according to U.S. Attorney Stephen Patrick O'Meara's office. AP Internal Use Only

Immigration - What's The Real Agenda?
Throughout Europe and North America immigration is under discussion, be it Mexicans crossing the border illegally into the US, immigration 'amnesties' or the fears that Britain and other Western European nations will be flooded with people looking for work from the Eastern European countries about to be absorbed into the European Union and thus allowed free movement across former borders.... AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune
Mexican faced earlier charges, but was deported in error
A federal investigation has concluded that Border Patrol agents accidentally relea sed a Mexican citizen who later was arrested and accused of killing Oceanside police Officer Tony Zeppetella. -- The report blames a flawed prisoner-tracking system for the release of Adrian Camacho, who was returned to Mexico on Feb. 4, 2002, instead of being jailed in San Diego. AP Internal Use Only

Cedillo's Folly
Contra Costa Times
Murder case used in shameful attempt to justify licenses for invaders
The unsolved slayings of two women violently attacked while walking to work earlier this month has become a rallying cry for supporters of a movement to allow illegal immigrants the right to obtain driver's licenses. -- But license opponents accuse them of memorializing the victims, who were living in the country illegally, for the wrong reasons. AP Internal Use Only

U.S. Border Patrol
Arizona Range News -- Willcox
Border Patrol Station - Feds accept Willcox land donation
"It looks positive for Willcox," said City Manager Gilbert Davidson about the construction of a new Border Patrol station in the city. -- Davidson told the city council earlier this month that the federal government received the city's proposal and accepted the land donation... AP Internal Use Only

The Klan with a Tan
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Immigration alone won't carry Hispanics
Democratic and Republican candidates must move beyond the immigration issue to win over the 8 million Hispanic voters expected to go to the polls in November, according to a report issued Tuesday by the country's largest Hispanic civil rights organization [the notorious National Council of La Raza (The Race)]. AP Internal Use Only

Absurd Mexican ID
Rolly & Wells -- Salt Lake Tribune
LDS tract pulled into dispute over bogus Mexican IDs
The Hispanic Legislative Task Force has forwarded concerns to officials of the LDS Church that the church's name and doctrine are being used by opponents of the Mexican Consulate's Matricula ID card that would be invalid in Utah if House Bill 109 passes... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Filthy Phoenix area house packed with invaders
Immigrant smugglers increasingly are renting houses in upscale Valley neighborhoods to harbor undocumented immigrants, authorities said Tuesday after another so-called drop house was found in northeast Phoenix. -- At least 10 drop houses have been discovered in the past two weeks in the Phoenix area... AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
Save Our State
'Save Our State' Petitions Ready for Downloading Now
See the Save187.com website home page for other pertinent information on this "Son of 187" initiative. Read all instructions carefully.

U.S. Border Patrol
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Terror ties? No, but U.S. detaining Brazilians
Attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice are using an executive order signed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to override immigration judges' decisions and hold scores of undocumented immigrants from Brazil, despite acknowledging the detainees have no terrorism ties. AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)
Oberweis ads called racist, misleading by usual suspects
A pair of controversial new campaign ads from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis has enraged immigrant rights advocates, who contend the message decrying illegal immigration is racist and relies on misleading data. -- In the spots, which began running on television stations statewide this week, Oberweis warns that the nation is being overrun by illegal immigrants. [Related item]AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

PR Newswire
Montgomery County Executive Encourages Illegal Immigration
"Montgomery County [Maryland] Executive Douglas Duncan is espousing a policy regarding illegal immigrants that is both legally questionable and intellectually dishonest," charged Dan Stein, executive director of FAIR. "The Duncan Doctrine is that enforcing immigration laws is strictly a federal matter, but helping illegal aliens get away with violating immigration laws is a county matter...." AP Internal Use Only

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