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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Illegals Stroll Past ABP Headquarters
No Border Patrol Agent Within Thirty Miles

Spencer Tapes Group Passing Headquarters
Sierra Vista, Ariz. -- Nov. 14, 2003 -- As has happened many times before, Glenn Spencer spotted a group of suspected border intruders (SBIs - later determined to be illegal aliens), on or near the headquarters of American Border Patrol. The incident occurred this morning at 6:40 am, Mountain Standard Time. Spencer, who was playing with his dog Star at the time, grabbed a camera and taped the group of six as they passed ABP's headquarters.

Border Patrol Humvee Arrives Late
Spencer notified the Border Patrol at about 6:41 a.m. but was told that they were already aware of the group. He followed the group about a mile until they reached Arizona state route 92 where they sat and waited. A Border Patrol Humvee finally appeared at 7:20 am., leaving plenty of time for the group to have been picked up by a "load vehicle" had Spencer not been observing. "We had thirty miles of border open to anyone who wanted to cross this morning," Spencer said.

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Osama Bin Gomez
Editorial -- New York Times (Free Registration)
Paper says Schwarzenegger needs to reward invaders
...Once the Legislature has repealed the Davis law [SB60], Mr. Schwarzenegger needs to produce and sell a reasonable compromise plan to start licensing the illegal immigrants already driving in his state. Then he should join with other governors and legislators from border and coastal states and demand that Congress get serious about rationalizing the entire immigration issue. AP Internal Use Only

Bogus IDs
Indianapolis Star
Illegals easily obtain Indiana licenses
Authorities said Monday they are investigating license branches throughout Marion Co. after the arrest of a former state employee and six other Chinese foreign nationals in an identity-fraud scheme. -- An undercover probe at the Speedway Bureau of Motor Vehicles found at least 100 foreign nationals have obtained Indiana driver's licenses with phony visas...AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Fox News
Ariz. Lawmakers Split Over Services for Illegals
Congressional and state Republican legislators in Arizona are divided over what rights and services to offer thousands of illegal immigrants in the state. -- Arizonans are overwhelmingly backing a measure, modeled after California's Proposition 187, that would block illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits.AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Rep. J. D. Hayworth -- Human Events
Bush Must Act to Stem 'Invasion' from South
...Fox sugarcoats his countrymen's illegal invasion of Arizona and the United States by mislabeling it a "migration." He openly encourages more Mexicans to head north, not only breaking our immigration laws, but also trampling the spirit of citizenship and assimilation those laws were designed to foster.... AP Internal Use Only

Repeal Absurd SB60 NOW
Associated Press
Assembly committee votes to repeal license law
The rush to repeal a law allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license -- set to take effect Jan. 1 -- continued Tuesday as a key Assembly committee voted 15-0 to kill it, setting up a full Assembly vote next Monday. The Assembly Transportation Committee's action followed a 33-0 Senate vote Monday...AP Internal Use Only

The Struggle To Report Illegal Aliens: A Status Report
The battle continues-namely, the battle to get the federal government to do its job and actually take reports of illegal aliens from the American public. -- As is painfully evident from its web site, getting and acting upon illegal immigration tips from the millions of patriotic citizens and law-abiding foreign nationals remains a non-existent priority... AP Internal Use Only

Press Release
SB60 Repeal: A Change in Tactics, Not a Change of Heart
Action by the California legislature to repeal the illegal alien driver's license law it passed last summer is a tactical move designed to thwart a voter initiative to bar illegal aliens from obtaining licenses, charges FAIR. The repeal of SB 60 by the Senate and the anticipated repeal by the Assembly is a clear effort to stop the voters... AP Internal Use Only

Importing Disease
Knoxville News
Hepatitis outbreak a sobering reminder of vulnerability
The hepatitis A outbreak that has killed three in Pennsylvania has provided a sobering reminder of just how vulnerable the world's food-distribution system is to either intentional or inadvertent tainting. -- "Can (food terrorism) happen? Yes," said Ted Labuza..... AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of Texas
Houston Chronicle
Pandering politico tries late push for migrant vote
Mayoral runoff candidate Orlando Sanchez on Monday unveiled a plan to address immigration issues in the city at a time when he is trying to lure Hispanic voters through beefed-up advertising. -- During a news conference near a site where illegal immigrants from Latin America often gather to find work... AP Internal Use Only

The Governator
Los Angeles Daily News Editorial
Schwarzenegger offers common sense on SB 60
There seems to be, at long last, a voice of reason in Sacramento -- and it speaks with an Austrian accent. -- On the heated and divisive issue of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, on which Democrats have shamefully played the race card and Republicans have stubbornly played the role of intractable opposition, Schwarzenegger has been among the few to push for a reasonable compromise... [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

Gray's Folly
Orange County Register -- Santa Ana (Free Registration)
More on impending demise of invader license law
Democrats in the Senate reluctantly joined their Republican colleagues Monday and provided the necessary votes to repeal the law that would have allowed up to 2 million undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. -- It appeared the repeal would pass the Assembly sometime after Thanksgiving... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald Review
Invaders in waiting pushing the community's resources
Naco, Sonora, Mexico -- Mayor Vicente Torres Bracamonte said Monday that his Mexican border community needs financial help from the Sonora state government and the Mexican federal government because of the impact of people who come to Naco to try and cross the border into the United States. AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of Texas
Houston Chronicle
Task force targets higher Hispanic graduation rate
Hoping to capitalize on increasing scrutiny of the methods Houston schools have used to evaluate dropout rates and test proficiency, local Hispanic groups said Monday they plan to work with schools and businesses to help more Hispanic students graduate from high school. [Also see this feature item] AP Internal Use Only

State of Tijuana Norte
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
Unlicensed drivers in 1 of 5 fatal county crashes
Unlicensed drivers, many of them recent immigrants and some undocumented, have been involved in about one in five fatal accidents on Sonoma County roads over the past four years, an analysis of CHP data and other public records shows. -- The findings offer a rare window into the state's most fractious immigration issue in a decade... AP Internal Use Only

D A King
D.A. King
Deport The Marietta Three! One Citizen's Crusade
In September I reported in VDARE.COM my experiences concerning my efforts to report three illegal aliens in my hometown-Marietta, Georgia. I learned of these citizens of Mexico from the front page (complete with photos and smiles) of my local newspaper, the Marietta Daily Journal, August 24, 2003. -- Adios, law-Hola, anarchy. AP Internal Use Only

Strip mining America
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Hispanics send billions to kin (encouraging more immigration)
The amount of money that Hispanics living in the United States send to relatives in Latin America and the Caribbean could top $30 this year and may encourage more Hispanics, especially Mexicans, to immigrate to this country to lift their families from poverty, a survey released Monday shows.... AP Internal Use Only

Jacko Under Siege, Illegals Alright, Thank You
...If Jackson is found guilty by the jury, which still remains to be seen, his punishment should be commensurate with the uncompensated harm to the society, as well as to Gavin Arvizo, that were caused by his allegedly criminal acts. But compared to the irreparable damage the illegal aliens are inflicting to this nation and to billion of dollars of taxpayers' money they consume... AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  Arizona
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Suspected smuggler charged
A suspected smuggler held a gun to a pregnant woman's head Saturday and threatened to harm her unborn baby if she did not submit to sexual advances, according to court records. -- Jorge Luis Rodriguez-Rodriguez, 28, of Mexico, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and people smuggling, authorities said. AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune
51 Utah-bound illegals caught on charter bus
Border patrol officials in Temecula, Calif., intercepted 51 undocumented immigrants headed for southern Utah on a charter bus Friday, customs officials report. -- Agents at the checkpoint on Interstate 15 outside of San Diego randomly flagged two Golden State Charter buses for inspection around 8 a.m., according to Richard Kite... AP Internal Use Only

Catch and
Sun Herald -- Gulfport, Mississippi
Stop nets drugs, 17 illegals (who the INS was too busy to deal with)
Brookhaven, Miss. - Four people were being held Monday in Lincoln County after a weekend traffic stop led to the discovery of drugs and illegal aliens. -- Due to manpower shortages, INS officials were unable to come to Lincoln County. 14 illegal aliens were escorted to a bus station to purchase tickets to Atlanta. AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  North Carolina
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Poll: N.C. residents believe U.S. admits too many immigrants
The vast majority of residents of North Carolina -- which had had the nation's fastest-growing population of immigrants in the 1990s -- think the United States admits too many legal immigrants, a poll shows. -- The poll, commissioned by The News & Observer of Raleigh, showed that three-fourths of North Carolinians believe there are too many legal immigrants in the country. AP Internal Use Only

Repeal Absurd SB60 NOW
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) 
License Law Repealed by Senate Vote
In a victory for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senate Democrats joined with their Republican counterparts on Monday to repeal a controversial law that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses. -- The Senate voted, 33-0, to repeal the law after only four minutes of debate. AP Internal Use Only

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