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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Mexifornia - A State of Becoming
Author Victor Davis Hanson Talks to Buchanan

Buchanan and Press - June 25, 2003
Why is it that all of the politicians, or most of them, are seemingly paralyzed when dealing with what is an invasion from Mexico?
Hanson: I don't know, it baffles me. When you talk to people privately, Californians want it stopped.

84% Want Troops on the Mexican Border
CNN Poll Shows Shows Americans Want Action Now

Lou Dobbs Show - June 25 Watch

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Migration to the U.S. affects 96% of Mexican municipalities
Mexico City -- Migration to the United States affects some 2,350 Mexican municipalities, or 96 percent of the total, according to a new study. -- This most recent research on migratory flows confirms that emigration no longer exclusively occurs in regions traditionally associated with this phenomenon but has spread "to a greater or lesser degree, to virtually the entire national territory." AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Times-Record News
Feds move to develop guidelines for fallacious foreign IDs
The federal government is working to create guidelines on how to deal with the consular identification cards that foreign governments issue to their citizens living in the United States. -- The identification cards... have found a new purpose - state and local governments have begun considering them valid identification. [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime]AP Internal Use Only

Cybercast News Service
New study urges immigration law enforcement by local police
Getting local police officers more involved in the enforcement of immigration laws would increase homeland security, according to a Washington think tank, but the group's latest study concludes that "these lawmen largely remain an untapped human resource." -- On Thursday, members of Congress will hear more about the report at a panel discussion being sponsored by the Center for Immigration Studies. AP Internal Use Only

L.A Times (Free Registration) 
FBI criticizes ridiculous Mexican sham ID cards
The FBI told a congressional panel today that the Mexican consular identification card used by more than 1 million immigrants in California and elsewhere is prone to fraudulent use by criminals and possibly terrorists. -- "The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the matricula consular is not a reliable form of identification," said Steven McCraw... AP Internal Use Only

Fort Mill (South Carolina) Times
Police: Latino found dead may have been gang member
Police have a few more leads about the body of a Hispanic man found in a field, but still no suspects. -- Investigators with the York County Sheriff's Department say they believe the man, Jose Lucas Garcia-Rosales, of Charlotte, N.C., might have been a member of or associated with a Latino gang-- the Southside 13 or "SS 13" from Los Angeles. AP Internal Use Only

KSL-TV -- Salt Lake City
Hotline to Assist 'Immigrant' Families (Anchor baby nightmare)
A new hotline is being set up to help families who have been broken up as a result of federal immigration raids and deportations. -- The goal? To help those left behind in Utah, often mothers and children, get services so they can stay afloat. -- Luz Robles, Raz-Pac: "Children, what if they were born here? They are citizens just like any other U.S. born kid. They have the same rights as any other person in this country..." AP Internal Use Only

Rumor Mill
American Patrol
Mexican who attacked Border Patrolman has long criminal history
The Mexican chief of police of Aqua Prieta (the Mexican town across the border from Douglas, Arizona) said that Ricardo Oliverez-Martinez, the illegal alien who was recently shot and killed by a Border Patrol Agent, had a history of theft. The police chief said that his family also had a history of criminal activity....

Associated Press
Napolitano vetoes bill to require voter ID at polling places
Phoenix - Gov. Janet Napolitano on Thursday used an appearance before a largely Hispanic audience to veto a bill to require Arizona voters to show identification to cast regular ballots at polling places. -- Republican supporters of the bill said it would prevent voter fraud, but Napolitano told NALEO [major illegal immigration cheerleaders] that it would deter voter participation [especially that of illegal aliens]. AP Internal Use Only

Rocky Mountain News -- Denver
Chat with Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson is a classics professor who has written widely on the unique contributions of the Greeks to Western history. He is also a reknowned military historian with such widely quoted works as An Autumn of War, Carnage and Culture, and The Soul of Battle to his credit. In the past two years Hanson has given separate private briefings on military affairs to Vice President Dick Cheney... AP Internal Use Only

Fort Mill (South Carolina) Times
Police: Latino found dead may have been gang member
Police have a few more leads about the body of a Hispanic man found in a field, but still no suspects. -- Investigators with the York County Sheriff's Department say they believe the man, Jose Lucas Garcia-Rosales, of Charlotte, N.C., might have been a member of or associated with a Latino gang-- the Southside 13 or "SS 13" from Los Angeles. AP Internal Use Only

The Daily Record -- Parsippany, New Jersey
Judge delays ruling in murder case involving Honduran illegal
A car wash attendant accused of striking a Dover man and leaving him to die last year, face down in the Rockaway River, told police the victim threatened to rape and kill him, according to his videotaped confession aired at a pretrial hearing Wednesday. -- Murder suspect Jose Lopez gave police a nontaped interview and then a videotaped confession on March 21, 2002, during questioning about the death March 17, 2002, of Luis H. Rendon. AP Internal Use Only

Des Moines (Iowa) Register
Spanish language radio show focuses on 'immigrants' and the law
A new radio show ("Us in America," or "Nosotros en America") in Des Moines will give Spanish-speaking Iowans an opportunity to call in with questions or concerns regarding immigration and legal matters. -- Today's show will feature Jose Cuevas, Mexican consul for Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Cuevas will talk about programs the consulate is offering to immigrant families... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Man found guilty of transporting illegals
Laredo, Texas -- A federal jury on Wednesday found a San Antonio man guilty of three counts of transporting illegal immigrants by motor vehicle for private financial gain. -- Charles Edward Collins was arrested at a checkpoint 15 miles north of Laredo on Feb. 6 after 21 illegal immigrants were found in the back of a tractor-trailer he was driving. AP Internal Use Only

Tucson Citizen Guest Opinion
Writer claims illegally sneaking into the U.S. isn't a criminal act
Anna Ochoa O'Leary of the U of A's Mexican American Studies and Research Center writes: "...Most people, for example, do not know that the land we currently inhabit belonged to Mexico until 155 years ago. Most people do not know that streams of migrants have moved along a north-south-north trajectory for several hundreds of years, and the economic forces that continue to drive these streams today will not be contained by a fence or wall," among other things. AP Internal Use Only

San Bernardino County Sun
Illegal alien truck driver hopes Davis signs dangerous bill
Anacleto Aguilar is hoping for a birthday present from the state of California. -- Aguilar, a self-employed truck driver, wants the Legislature and Gov. Gray Davis to approve a bill that would let undocumented immigrants such as himself [criminals] get driver's licenses. "Guess what? The immigrants are already here. I welcome them. I hope they keep coming," said state Sen. Nell Soto... [The September 11 killers also had licenses] AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix
Councilwoman is focus of recall for her role in day labor center
Opponents of a taxpayer-funded day labor center in northeast Phoenix today launch a recall campaign against Councilwoman Peggy Neely, whom they blame for bringing the center into their neighborhood. -- Frances Emma Barwood, a committee adviser and former District 2 council member, believes elected city officials are "violating their oaths of office" by giving money to a project that could encourage illegal immigration. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press
Arizona taxpayers to pick up bigger tab for illegals
The Arizona Department of Corrections this year expects to receive less of the federal money it counts on to help offset the costs of incarcerating illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, a prison official says. -- The department submitted a grant application this month that probably will yield only half the amount the state received in 2002... AP Internal Use Only

Sham IDs
Riverside (California) Press Enterprise (Free Registration)
Meddling Mexican pushing sham ID in Perris
Perris, California -- ..."The only people who need these cards are illegal aliens, and they should be deported," said John Keeley, spokesman for the Center of Immigration Studies, a think-tank in Washington, D.C. "When you make life easier for illegal immigrants, you diminish the integrity of legal immigration." -- California's economy relies on immigrant workers from Mexico, said Carlos Giralt-Cabrales, Mexican consul... [Actually they are a major reason why the state is broke.] AP Internal Use Only

The Desert Sun -- Palm Springs, California
Cathedral City OKs insecure, bogus Mexican ID
Residents in Cathedral City will be able to flash the matricula consular as a valid form of identification thanks to an ordinance passed Wednesday by the City Council. -- The identification cards, issued to Mexican nationals through the Mexican Consulate, received a nod from four of the five council members. AP Internal Use Only

Grijalva Watch
Gannett News Service
Usual suspects push Latino citizenship effort
Washington - A group of Hispanic Democrats, including two from Arizona, launched a national campaign on Wednesday to encourage millions of foreign-born Hispanics to become U.S. citizens, a move they hope will boost the political clout of the nation's largest minority. -- "Our goal is to ease a process that can otherwise be intimidating, overwhelming and frustrating and help lead thousands of men, women and children on the path toward citizenship," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.... AP Internal Use Only

Calls to Your Congressperson Needed Now!
Hearings on acceptance of the bogus Mexican ID cards have been going on for a while, and an insider has told us they have been getting few calls on the matter. Please call your Rep. and ask that he or she cosponsor H.R. 687, to prevent the matricula consular ID card from being accepted as valid identification by U.S. government agencies and banks. Toll Free: (800) 648-3516, (877) 762-8762, or click here to find your Rep.

Washington Times
Effort to punish 'sanctuary cities' on immigration fails
The last amendment to the $30 billion homeland security bill approved Tuesday by House lawmakers would have denied federal money to so-called "sanctuary cities" that have passed ordinances freeing law-enforcement officials from reporting illegal immigrants. AP Internal Use Only

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