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Monday, April 7, 2003

Red DotMcCain Endorses Reconquistas
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American Blacks (And Whites, Of Course) Displaced In Miami
One likely result of the war with Iraq will probably be the further glorification of the multicultural, multiracial America that the architects of the New World Empire seek to build, with the country's multicultural, multiracial army held up as a model of what American society can, will and should become...

Rumor Mill
American Patrol
Who is this guy?
The man who called Glenn Spencer an asshole is Jim Cooper. He lives in St. David, Arizona. Some say he is a communist. [Cooper is apparently involved with groups that aid and abet invaders]

Bergen Record
New Jersey borough defies minority hiring order
Bogota, NJ - Local officials have said they will not comply with a state order to institute an affirmative action program that was prompted when a treasury inspector last month found that seven borough contractors did not follow state laws on hiring minorities. -- The Borough Council unanimously approved a resolution Thursday night denouncing affirmative action and stating that "racial preferences constitute and perpetuate discrimination."

Conference ponders immigration in an era of terrorism
Balancing the economic benefits of a productive immigrant workforce with security fears about foreign terrorists was a major point of discussion at a conference last week at St. Peter's College. -- Throughout history, periods of increased immigration have always been followed by periods of general economic prosperity, said Daniel Griswold of the Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Neoconservative clout seen in U.S. Iraq policy
Question: Why are we in Iraq? -- Answer: The neoconservatives made us do it. -- The buzz in Washington and beyond has been that President Bush's attack on Iraq came straight from the playbook of the neoconservatives, a group of mostly Republican strategists, many of whom have gotten funding from Milwaukee's Bradley Foundation.

We Get
Border Patrol asleep at the wheel?
Sierra Vista, AZ -- Friday afternoon, at about 4:30, I spotted a suspected border intruder catching some shade under the large "Welcome to Sierra Vista" sign on Buffalo Soldier Trail between Fort Huachuca's Main and East gates. He was sitting there with his pack and a dirty jug of water. I immediately used my cell phone to call U.S. Border Patrol to report the sighting....

Letters to
the Editor
San Diego Union-Tribune 
No driver's licenses for illegal aliens
Once again, state Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, has introduced a bill (SB 60) to grant California driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. This bill clearly is designed to reward illegal activity, much like granting in-state tuition status to illegal immigrants. No state should ever go down the path of overtly or tacitly rewarding those who have violated our immigration laws.

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration) 
Foreign drivers policy revised
A state policy that has prevented thousands of foreigners from getting Illinois driver's licenses since Sept. 11, 2001, will be lifted temporarily by the secretary of state's office. -- The policy change will allow foreigners with legal residence papers to apply for licenses by appointment on six days in April and May.

Longmont Daily Times-Call  [Very Short-lived Link]
Even since 9/11, deportation of immigrant cons is spotty
Immigration officials seem to have taken a get-tough attitude with immigrants convicted of crimes since being taken under the wing of the Department of Homeland Security. -- But deportations are still inconsistent at best and might result in white-collar criminals being forced to leave the country while violent criminals are allowed to stay.

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)  POLL ON PAGE
Congress takes on H-1B visas
...As Congress prepares to reauthorize the controversial program for another three years in the fall, foes are calling for safeguards to stop the wholesale replacement of U.S. workers. They also want the annual cap on H-1Bs to return to the 65,000 limit established in 1990. The tech industry successfully lobbied for an expansion to 195,000 in 2000.

Wall Street Journal
Fox's Global Strategy Doesn't Impress
Mexico assumed the presidency of the U.N. Security Council this week and Mexican President Vicente Fox apparently thought it appropriate to reiterate his rhetoric against the U.S.-led war in Iraq. --- There can be little doubt that the Fox policy on the war is driven by some combination of the president's personal views about how best to foster peace and a response to Mexican popular opinion against its adversary from 1848.

Rumor Mill
American Patrol
Border Patrol out to lunch?
4/7/03 -- At approximately 9:20 AM, Glenn Spencer spotted 3 suspected border intruders wearing backpacks walking toward town on State Route 92 in front of the Sears store in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He called the Border Patrol's station at Naco to report the sighting and there was no answer.

Cal News
Pitfalls created by lax immigration policies
Nineteen months have passed since 9/11. Despite the magnitude of that tragedy, the U.S. still hasn't taken a firm hold on the pitfalls created by lax immigration policies. -- Shortly after the 2001 terrorist attacks, most political analysts predicted that the U.S. would tighten its immigration laws and make major strides toward slowing the flow of human traffic across the northern and southern border.

Associated Press
Repeal of Racist Law in Doubt
Tallahassee, Florida -- A state senator said he might abandon his effort to repeal a defunct Florida law banning Asian immigrants from owning property because other lawmakers want to use the opportunity to ban another group of people from land ownership: illegal aliens.

Business Week
Mending Fences South of the Border
It's a good thing that Tony Garza, the new U.S. ambassador to Mexico, is a career politician. His skills as the former chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission and longtime confidant of President George W. Bush will come in handy as he navigates the chilly waters of U.S.-Mexico relations. -- When Bush took office in early 2001, he proclaimed that no bilateral relationship was more important than that with Mexico....

We Get E-Mail
Georgia State Rep. Pedro Marin: Mexican Agent
According to the federal Foreign Agent Registration Act, Georgia State Rep. Pedro Marin appears to fit the legal definition of a foreign agent and should be registered -- which, of course, he is not. The following is a letter of mine to the appropriate unit of the Dept. of Justice which has jurisdiction. They have acknowledged receipt of my complaint and will only say that it is under review.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Scofflaw driver's license bill comes up today
A proposal that would give many illegal immigrants in Georgia some driving privileges is scheduled to be debated in the Legislature today. --- Rep. Pedro Marin and Sen. Sam Zamarripa have each proposed bills that would grant restricted driver's licenses to all people -- regardless of citizenship status -- from countries participating in [an intrernational] trade pact... [This is not only absurd, but most likely unconstitutional]

Washington Times
Terrorists said to seek entry to U.S. via Mexico
A group of al Qaeda terrorists is attempting to infiltrate the United States from Mexico to conduct attacks in the country, The Washington Times has learned. -- At least 14 al Qaeda members are said to be in Mexico, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The al Qaeda members are working with Mexican organized crime groups, such as drug-trafficking organizations, in an attempt to enter the United States covertly, the officials said.

Arizona Daily Star
Open-borders crowd wants action on 'vigilantes'
The heat is rising along Arizona's border with Mexico, and not just because it's April. -- A Tucson-based border watchdog group will urge Attorney General Terry Goddard to crack down on vigilante groups it claims are operating outside the law. -- In December, the network [along with CongressMechista Grijalva] called on Goddard's predecessor to investigate the possible ties of vigilante and militia groups to national racist and anti-immigrant [read: illegal alien] movements.

The Independent (UK)
Packed with illegals, Calif. schools to lay off 25,000
California may fancy itself as the fifth largest economy in the world, but when it comes to funding its school system it is a calamity. Across the state, 25,000 primary and secondary school teachers ­ 20 per cent of the total ­ have just been notified that they will be out of work from September. --- The reason for this is simple: the state is broke. [Not a peep about immigration in this article]

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