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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Park Ranger Cites Hispanic Heritage for Opposing Border Enforcement

Eyewitness confirms statement
Hereford, AZ (ABP - Jan 27, 2003) Last Saturday a Park Service Ranger admitted a bias against border enforcement when apprehending a border activist on the Coronado National Monument. According to former law enforcement officer Henry Harvey, the Park Ranger told Chris Simcox of the Homeland Civil Defense Organization, "I am Hispanic and I don't like what you're doing." According to press reports, Simcox was arrested and cited for carrying a loaded firearm on national park lands and for an unauthorized "border patrol." In an exclusive interview with American Border Patrol, Harvey says the encounter suggested that someone in the Park Service was out after American Border Patrol. [Other media reports]
 See interview | Photos of SBI encounter referred to during first part of interview

From left, William Door, Chris Simcox and Park Ranger.

Watch for a Special Presentation about ABP on KSAZ-10, Phoenix Feb. 4

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ID Cards
Reuters / Forbes
Bogus Mexican ID card ignites controversy in U.S.
Immigration opponents Tuesday blasted a popular Mexican ID card as unsafe and threatened legal action against banks and other public institutions that accepted the document as proof of identity. -- Immigration opponents charged at a news conference that the card was a backhanded way for Mexico to secure quasi-legal status for the 3 million to 5 million immigrants illegally residing in the United States. -- The so-called Matricula Consular, a wallet-sized ID card, is increasingly accepted in the United States by everything from hospitals to banks.

Fox News
Critics Slam Sham Mexican ID Card
Lawmakers and immigration reform groups blasted the Bush administration Tuesday for quietly allowing Mexico to distribute thousands of identification cards to Mexican nationals to help them reap the benefits offered in the United States. -- Matricula consular cards are being doled out by the Mexican government at $25 a pop and are good for five years. All a Mexican national needs is a birth certificate and a photo ID issued either in the United States or Mexico, and he or she can use the card to obtain social services in the United States...

San Diego Union-Tribune 
Mexican colonization panel starts with sputter
Salinas, Calif. -- Members of an advisory council of immigrants recently formed by Mexico arrived for their first meeting ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. But they quickly discovered they lacked the basics to get started, such as operating funds or even a way to communicate among themselves. -- Their greatest frustration, however, was finding that President Vicente Fox's administration, which created the council, to advise it on issues of importance to immigrants, was not ready to make the panel official.

News Note 
Colorado Daily
Tupa wants to give Colo. driver's licenses to invaders
State Sen. Ron Tupa introduced a bill Monday that would allow the Colorado Department of Revenue to issue driver's licenses to foreign nationals - even if they cannot prove that they are in the United States legally. -- The Boulder Democrat's bill instructs the revenue department to use identification numbers issued by foreign consulates in lieu of Social Security numbers on state licenses.

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize Mexico's Theft of Water
Nearly 2,000 federal aid checks totaling $10 million are being mailed this week to south Texas farmers affected by Mexico's failure to release irrigation water into the Rio Grande, a state agricultural official said Tuesday. -- The 1,862 checks are for losses suffered in 2001 because of a lack of sufficient irrigation water due to Mexico's non-compliance with a 1944 U.S.-Mexico Water Treaty that regulates flows in the river, state Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs said.

Something for nothing (over my dead body)!
Mexicans are very fortunate people. Rather than using our generosity as a bargaining chip to better protect our national interest, or to encourage them to be more cooperative, we keep giving them something for nothing, just because, I suppose, it makes some bleeding heart liberals feel good. They collect everything that we bestow on them, with not as much gratitude as a simple "Thank you", and they keep demanding more.

News Note 
N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
Trying to Put Mexico First, With No U.S. in the Way
U.S. out of Mexico! -- This is, in so many words, the cry rising in this country's Congress, where some are trying to change the nation's official name. That name is the United Mexican States. They prefer plain old Mexico. --- Mr. Burgoa, the constitutional scholar, said the idea's time had come. -- "We are subordinated economically, politically and socially to the gringos," he said. "Nevertheless, the name must change. Legally, by definition, it is the wrong name."

Daily Oklahoman
State legislator vows to fight proposed 'English only' law
A state lawmaker Monday told members of the Governor's Advisory Council on Latin American and Hispanic Affairs he will make every effort to thwart "English-only" legislation. -- Rep. Al Lindley, D-Oklahoma City, said House Bill 1020, introduced by Rep. Ron Kirby, D- Lawton, will likely go to the House Rules Committee. Lindley and Kirby serve on the committee. -- "I'm disheartened that this would come up again," said Lindley, whose district has a large population of Spanish- and Vietnamese-speaking residents. -- Members of LULAC spoke out against the legislation.

Cox News Service
Bush Administration Buys Ads Aimed at Hispanics
The Bush administration is spending $800,000 on an ad campaign to urge eligible Hispanic immigrants to sign up for a soon-to-expire legalization program. -- Michael Garcia, acting commissioner of the INS said Monday that his agency is buying radio and TV spots as well as street signs in Spanish to encourage more participants. -- The program is "not a general amnesty," Garcia told a news conference. -- An estimated 200,000 illegal residents...
L.A Times (Free Registration) 
As state melts down, illegals get free health care in bay area
...The Healthy Kids Initiative, funded partially by the Proposition 10 tobacco tax, will provide comprehensive medical, dental and vision services for the area's 31,000 uninsured children who do not qualify for the Medi-Cal or Healthy Families programs. The initiative will also cover children who are undocumented immigrants. --- "What we're talking about today is giving these children a huge leg up in terms of succeeding in life," said Rob Reiner...

Bush makes Slick Willie look like an amateur
As the nation prepares for Tuesday's State Of The Union address, the president is making ready for another sales pitch for his war on Iraq. --- President Bush will not, or if he does it will only be in passing, mention the paramount issue of protecting the borders of the United States. Even after illegal aliens changed history forever by attacking the United States on September 11th 2001 the Bush administration simply refuses to police the borders. Instead it has opted for creating a police state.

News Note 
Associated Press / KING-TV (Free Registration) 
Seattle adopts 'don't ask' police policy on immigration
A newly adopted Seattle ordinance bars police from asking about the immigration status of people with whom they come in contact. -- The City Council voted unanimously Monday to adopt the measure, which strengthens policies that have been in place for more than a decade. -- The ordinance directs that no municipal employee shall "engage in activities designed to ascertain the immigration status of any person," but there are two exceptions....

Center for Immigration Studies
Study: Sham ID advances Mexico's immigration agenda
"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." -- These are the words of a top official in Mexico's foreign ministry, describing his government's piecemeal approach to securing an amnesty for the 3 to 5 million Mexican illegal aliens in the United States, a strategy adopted in the wake of the new security environment in the U.S. after 9/11. The foremost tool in this strategy is the "matricula consular," or consular registration card, that Mexico hopes will be accepted by governments and businesses across the United States...

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Phyllis Schlafly
Why health care is so costly
While Americans without health insurance struggle with the problem of how to pay for medical care, Mexicans don't have that problem. They just ride in a Mexican ambulance across the border to a hospital in Arizona, New Mexico, California or Texas, and get free medical treatment. -- The costs are currently paid by a combination of socking the taxpayers in those four border states plus inflating prices for patients who pay their own bills, insurance companies and Medicaid. This ridiculous situation is caused by a combination of U.S. officials allowing the Mexican cars to cross our border...

Open Letter from a Reader
Why does B of A accept sham Mexican IDs from scofflaws?
...Southern California in particular has become a Mecca for Mexican and other alien criminals, who made up 23 percent of County inmates in 2000, the last year for which there are statistics. That percentage has doubled over the last decade, costing county taxpayers more than $150 million annually. -- However unintentional B of A's reason(s) for accepting the "Matricula Consular" may have been, there's no getting away from the reality that your bank is aiding and abetting a very serious domestic problem... 

Washington Post
Group Lobbies on Behalf of Hispanics in High Finance
...While traditional Hispanic advocacy groups such as the National Council of La Raza, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund focus on civil rights, the New America Alliance is pushing to get Latinos in positions of power in the capital markets -- at groups that invest, regulate the markets and are in top corporate positions. -- Even the alliance's philanthropy has a business focus.
National Post - Canada
Fox sees more Mexicans moving to Canada
Vicente Fox hopes that as many as 125,000 Mexicans each year will be able to immigrate to Canada in future, or half of the annual immigration target. -- "Mexico would gladly like to supply Canada with up to half of that [250K annual target]. Very gladly," he said in an exclusive interview with the Financial Post during his attendance at the World Economic Forum. "I was not aware that Canada is bringing in that many immigrants a year. I will take the immigration issue up. It's very, very interesting."

We Get
From a Border Patrol Agent in Imperial Co., Calif.
Few Changes Made in BP Operations
This was written a year ago. The only thing that has changed as far as I know is the two El Centro checkpoints have been re-opened and staffed by the Indio, CA agents....

Palm Beach Post- January 28, 2003
Paper claims bogus Mexican IDs are "a boost for security"
The inability of the U.S. and Mexican governments to make substantive progress on immigration issues has intensified the conflicted feelings Americans have about illegal workers.-- And -- For too long, a U.S. policy based on denial and political expediency has kept Mexican workers in the shadows. The matricula consular is one way of bringing this population into the light. The cards are a first step toward dealing openly with complex migration problems that demand sensible measures to acknowledge realities rather than ignore them. [Send a letter to the editor]

The Orange County Register
Illegal-immigration foes, lawmakers fight official use of sham IDs
U.S. lawmakers and advocates of stricter immigration enforcement want to make it illegal for government agencies to accept the Mexican ID card, a document that has allowed thousands of illegal immigrants gain access to banking and other mainstream activities. -- A report to be released today criticizes the Mexican government for promoting the card, saying, "Mexico decided to try to turn the matricula consular into a vehicle to achieve quasi-legal status for its undocumented population."

Arizona Daily Star Editorial
Paper accuses lawmakers of discriminating against 'minorities' (read illegals)
Certain Arizona legislators have begun an immigrant-bashing campaign. They should be stopped. -- When did it become open season on minorities? When did it become acceptable to attack the poor and minorities under the guise of fairness and equity? The latest political offensive comes from the State Legislature, where some House members are targeting illegal entrants, i.e., Mexicans and other Latin Americans. -- They propose denying services such as higher education, medical care and use of consulate-provided identity cards. They also want the National Guard to patrol the border as a deterrent to crossers.

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