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Monday, December 16, 2002

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Feds to Join War Against Out-Of-Control L.A. Gangs
..."Your gang situation in this city is unlike anything else in America," Bratton, a former New York Police Commissioner who been on the job in Los Angeles for less than two months. "It will devour this city. It scares the hell out of me how sophisticated, how entrenched they are. The federal government better recognize that and put the same resources into fighting this that they did with the (Mafia) crime families." -- "We are not going to surrender one inch of turf to the gangs," Hahn told the press conference. "The streets of Los Angeles belong to the law-abiding citizens." [Better get rid of Special Order 40 then, amigo.] [Last year, Mayor James Hahn (D) told meddling Mexican Vicente Fox that L.A. is a Mexican city.]

NorthFulton.com (Georgia)
Gang suspected in grocery heist
Forsyth County Sheriff's detectives working toward solving the Dec. 7 afternoon armed robbery of the Tienda Carniceria Grocery are considering the possibility the robbery was the work of a Hispanic gang. -- Five or six males described as Hispanic looking entered the store and ordered food from the grocery and sat at a table in the rear of the business to eat it before pulling out weapons and demanding money from the store manager and butcher. -- "At the time of the robbery there was only one customer along with the store manger and butcher inside the store," said Capt. Ron Freeman. "They reportedly threw the customer to the ground..."
Mercury News
State's budget crisis may lead to elimination of service for 'immigrants'
A statewide service that helps low-income immigrants navigate their way through the complicated citizenship process may be eliminated, as part of a number of proposed cuts intended to reduce California's ballooning budget deficit. -- Immigrants and their advocates across the state blasted Gov. Gray Davis' proposal to cut $2.9 million from the budget, saying that tens of thousands of immigrants in the Bay Area and across the state owe their naturalization to the program, which gives direct grants to small non-profit groups that help immigrants complete a long immigration form.

News Note 
Mercury News
State's budget crisis may lead to elimination of service for 'immigrants'
A statewide service that helps low-income immigrants navigate their way through the complicated citizenship process may be eliminated, as part of a number of proposed cuts intended to reduce California's ballooning budget deficit. -- Immigrants and their advocates across the state blasted Gov. Gray Davis' proposal to cut $2.9 million from the budget, saying that tens of thousands of immigrants in the Bay Area and across the state owe their naturalization to the program, which gives direct grants to small non-profit groups that help immigrants complete a long immigration form.

For Your Information
Allan Wall Launches New Website
To visit the new website of Allan Wall, an American in Mexico, click the headline above. For future visits, click the 'links' button on the left sidebar on this page.

Associated Press
Virginia AG seeks restrictions on illegals
Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore said Monday he will seek legislation aimed at preventing illegal aliens from obtaining Virginia driver's licenses or attending college at in-state tuition rates. -- Under the driver's license bill, only those with permanent resident alien status, U.S. citizens and holders of valid nonimmigrant visas will be eligible for Virginia driver's licenses. This will help prevent illegal aliens from obtaining fraudulent driver's licenses, Kilgore said, noting that seven of the 19 Sept. 11 terrorists had fraudulent licenses. -- U.S. Rep. Eric I. Cantor, R-7th, who sponsored unsuccessful legislation similar to Kilgore's license initiative in Congress this summer, joined the attorney general to announce the anti-terrorism initiative.


ID Cards
Miami Herald
Banks turning foreign lawbreakers into cash cows
...Undocumented immigrants are wary of taking their business to banks for fear they will be deported or that they lack the funds to keep accounts. But banks are eager to reverse this fear and penetrate the immigrant market. -- This year, Bank of America, Wachovia (formerly First Union), Citibank and SouthTrust began accepting the matrícula, a Mexican government-issued ID, so Mexicans without U.S. legal status can open accounts. -- ''It's safer to have the money there,'' said Juana Pérez, a Mexican immigrant. She opened an account with Bank Atlantic using her matrícula.

News Note 
INS not to extend deadline for Muslims
The Immigration and Naturalization Service said Monday that so far it does not plan to extend the registration deadline for visitors from 17 Muslim countries and North Korea. -- Under the National Security Entry Exit Registration System, launched on the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the U.S. government must maintain photographs and fingerprints of all male visitors from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Sudan. Another 13 countries were added to the list in October.

Gainesville Times Editorial
Driver's licenses should be a privilege for legal residents
If the debate over giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses were confined to the intellectual arena where all debates should occur, rational thought would have delivered a knockout punch to the movement in the first round. -- Giving legal driving privileges to illegal immigrants is an easy solution to a complex problem, but it would weaken the federal laws that govern the structured process of gaining permission to enter and live in the United States. ---- It is a violation of federal law to enter the United States illegally, and the guilty should not be rewarded with the privileges reserved for those who follow those laws.

Associated Press
News Ignores Hispanics
The booming U.S. Hispanic population has yet to be reflected in the news reports of the major broadcast networks and CNN, a new study shows. -- Out of about 16,000 stories on the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN last year, only 99 -- 0.62 percent -- were about Hispanics, according to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. -- The number was a slight increase over 2000, when there were 84 such stories, or 0.53 percent, according to the highly critical "Network Brownout Report" released Monday.
Omaha World-Herald  [Message board]  
Blacks, Latinos to share concerns
As she listened to jazz at a north Omaha club about 18 months ago, a question flashed through Josephine Ramos' mind: Why don't Latino leaders work with black leaders to solve problems that affect both communities? -- She met with John Pierce of Creighton University and Chris Rodgers, a mayor's assistant. As a result, the first Omaha African American & Latino Communities Reception will be held Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at Creighton's Lied Center for Performing Arts. -- Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is scheduled to join the meeting.

Thomas D.
Sierra Times
Border Security, Can It Become A Reality?
...Our government cannot even tell us how many illegal aliens are now in the United States. You can pick any number between five and 15 million people, and your count would be just as meaningful as those reported from Washington. We do know people are making illegal border crossings from both the north and south. We know they are arriving here by sea. We know they enter by air using false documents and we know thousands upon thousand enter legally on tourist or student visas, and then disappear...

The Arizona Republic
Your tax dollars at waste: Law would require immigrant workers to use center
It will soon be a criminal offense in certain parts of north Phoenix to stand on the street and ask for a job. -- The city of Phoenix wants to ensure its new Day Labor Center has a monopoly on the informal cash-for-sweat marketplace that thrives in the mornings along Bell Road. -- The City Council is expected to approve a law Wednesday that would make it a misdemeanor to solicit work on a public street within a three-mile radius of the work center near 25th Street and Bell Road, scheduled to open within a month.

Tucson Citizen
Media has mislead public about Tombstone group
...Why do we vote? I thought it was to choose people as public servants - good-hearted folks who told us they would represent us. We elect them based on their sincerity; they stroke us into believing in them, enough to entrust them to enforce the laws of the country. -- What a scam! -- Government does not enforce the basic laws that provide for our national security. For a year, my president and yours has been asking us to be vigilant in defense of our country.....

U.S. gets a better handle on who's entering country
There are immigrants, nonimmigrants and illegal immigrants. There are criminal aliens, political asylum seekers, and refugees. Now, the nation's complex immigration system has added another category by which to classify new arrivals: "special aliens." -- They are male visitors from 18 Middle Eastern nations that the U.S. government believes may harbor terrorists.
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
Gangs 'a community problem'
While police estimate that the great majority of gang members in Sonoma Co. are Latino, residents and community leaders say it's an issue that needs to be addressed communitywide and across ethnic and racial lines. -- "My reaction is that even though 80% of the gangs, if that's correct, and I think it probably is, are Latino, it's not a Latino problem -- it's a community problem," said Flavio Velez, who teaches parenting classes to Spanish- speaking residents.

News Note 
San Antonio Business Journal
Hutchinson's record with Hispanics is drawing fire
Allegations that the U.S. Customs Service has a track record of discriminating against its Hispanic agents seem to have hit a nerve in the Hispanic law enforcement community nationwide. -- The discrimination charges are raised as part of a pending class-action lawsuit filed this past spring by a group of Hispanic Customs agents. -- That tension is now being focused on a recent nominee for a high-level post at the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Asa Hutchinson, who is currently the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Karl Rove Call Your Office! Amnesty Triggered Immigrant Baby Boom
Now that the election is over, the White House is again hauling out an unpopular idea it had kept under careful wraps while the voters were paying attention: amnesty for Mexican illegal aliens. But new evidence suggests the idea is even worse than it seemed. -- Karl Rove's new ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, described to reporters in Mexico City a rough plan that actually sounds like Rove's learned a little about why so many GOP Congressmen rebelled against his first plan back in the summer of 2001.

The Arizona Republic
Taxi industry in Arizona unchecked, uninsured
The taxi that hurtled into Phoenix police Officer Jason Schechterle's cruiser last year and turned it into a fireball was driven by an undocumented immigrant with a history of epileptic seizures who lied about his illness when applying for a driver's license. -- In New York, Boston, Los Angeles or San Francisco, where taxicabs are strictly regulated, chances are better that Rogelio Gutierrez wouldn't have been behind the wheel of a taxi, or that the uninsured taxi he was driving wouldn't have been on the road.


ID Cards
The Enquirer
Battle Creek may accept Mexican sham IDs
The city of Battle Creek would recognize Mexican identification cards as a form of identification for Mexican nationals if a resolution is approved Tuesday by the city commission. -- The "matricula consular" issued by Mexican Consulate offices across the United States is a laminated, wallet-sized card that identifies Mexican citizens living in America by a photograph and number. They're used across the country, and banks and police departments are increasingly accepting them as valid forms of ID. [Visit FILE]

Arizona Daily Star Border Edition 
No slowdown in influx of Mexican patients
Immigration inspectors are trying to limit the number of poor Mexican patients they wave across the border to Arizona hospitals, but there's no evidence the effort is working. -- Tucson Medical Center is on pace this year to treat more patients given medical waivers -or, humanitarian parole - at the border than it did last year. -- The hospital treated 25 such patients last year at a cost to TMC of $1.5 million, said Robert Guerrero...
The Age - Australia
Vigilantes revive West's wild ways
...More than one million illegal immigrants are expected to be detained this year along the Mexican border but up to three times as many are predicted to get through. Mr Simcox says he has seen numerous groups pass Tombstone at night, and says that people have had enough of government inaction. -- In the Sierra Vista, a group known as the American Border Patrol has set up its own surveillance equipment.

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