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Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Case For The Prosecution
Malkin Indicts Bush and Congress

Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin
October 30, 2002
MALKIN:They have put all other political interests above the national interest for decades....
The Republican leadership has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to provide for the common defense....
O'REILLY: I don't want to use the word treasonous, but I don't know what to put on this....
MALKIN:People like me and my family who came here legally are watching our government sell out....
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ID Cards
Rocky Mountain News
Group alleges Denver policies violated federal law
The city's new policy of accepting identification cards issued by the Mexican Consul and a provision of $15,000 to a job center may have violated federal immigration laws, the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform alleged today. -- Group spokesman Mike McGarry delivered a letter to Mayor Wellington Webb outlining the group's complaints. He said the job center is known to serve illegal immigrants and said the consular identification cards are easily obtained by illegal immigrants. [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime]

News Note 
Eloy Enterprise (Arizona)
Investigation continues into Red Rock murders
"This case is being handled as a No. 1 priority," Pinal County Sheriff Roger Vanderpool says as a homicide investigation continues into a double murder last week near Red Rock.Two men were killed Oct. 16 when two suspected immigrant smugglers opened fire on a group of people that illegally crossed the border. -- No evidence was found indicating the survivors had left the scene on foot. There have been no leads indicating a "vigilante group" was involved, Vanderpool said (most likely to the chagrin of reconquista Mexican government agent Isabel Garcia).

Guardian Limited (UK)
Canada forces U.S. security flip-flop
Canada secured a small victory for neighbourly treatment yesterday with a promise from US immigration authorities that they would no longer require Canadian citizens born in some Middle Eastern states to be fingerprinted and photographed on arrival in the United States. -- But American officials said that while the rules had been made more flexible, they reserved the right to stop any visitor and fingerprint and photograph them if necessary.
Associated Press
Jeb Bush panders in Español
Calling on ''Reverendo Dios'' throughout his speech, Gov. Jeb Bush promised a throng of supporters that he would look out for their children. He bounced easily from English to Spanish referring to God in one language and pitching formulas for change in the other. -- This seamless shifting between languages serves the Republican governor well in a state where Hispanics make up nearly 17 percent of the population and are the largest minority group.

Fox News
Opponents Slam Gephardt's Support of Illegals
Republicans are calling Dick Gephardt's efforts to capture the immigrant vote blatant, last-minute grandstanding that is misleading because he offers a proposal that can't be achieved. -- Earlier this month, Gephardt earned applause at a Washington rally, which included scores of illegal aliens, when he implied that that the legalization of undocumented immigrants can be accomplished by putting Democrats in control of Congress. -- "If we want to get earned legalization passed, we need a new agenda in your House of Representatives," Gephardt exclaimed to the crowd. "Si se puede," he and those gathered chanted...

A Message from Hal Netkin and Bruce Boyer
Candidates for office in the new [possibly] San Fernando Valley City

News Note 
Portsmouth Herald
Shackles on extremely dangerous INS alienate top cop
This country is facing a tremendous security issue when it comes to illegal aliens. -- That's the message Police Chief Edward Strong sent on Wednesday after his department detained a Colombian citizen and a Bulgarian citizen on Tuesday. Both were found to be in the country after their visas had expired, but police were told by INS agents to release them, said Strong. -- "They just let them go," Strong said Wednesday.

So. Florida Sun-Sentinel  
Lack of security, incompetence a shock
The irony could not have been more complete. -- While shipping companies and security officials from across the globe gathered outside Washington on Tuesday to discuss counterterrorism strategies, and as the Customs Service prepared to unveil new anti-terrorist rules for cargo ships, a boatload of immigrants puttered into Biscayne Bay and landed in Miami. -- The Haitians who stormed Virginia Key posed no apparent threat to homeland security -- they were only looking for a better life. But their surprisingly easy arrival...
So. Florida Sun-Sentinel  
So. Floridians: Limit migration
The images from Biscayne Bay were searing: Haitian women clutching babies while leaping off a crowded boat, desperate men plunging through surf in a dash to freedom denied. -- "Too many people here already," said Lily Pagan of Boca Raton, a 28-year-old Puerto Rico native. "Just don't let everyone in here." -- For Jenniffer Waldman, 25, of Sunrise, it's an economic mistake to allow hundreds of Haitians to live in the United States. -- "They don't have any jobs, any education. They go on welfare...."

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform
Tancredo supports plan to ask Feds if mayor acted illegally
The Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform says that Denver's Mayor Wellington Webb may have violated federal immigration laws, including criminal statutes. Congressman Tom Tancredo has accepted an invitation to join CAIR spokespersons at a press conference to be held on the steps of the Denver City and County building at today. [Also see this item]

U.S. Department of State
Attorney General's Statement on Haitian Migrant Situation in Florida
The October 29 arrival by sea of illegal Haitian migrants in Florida is "of great concern" to the United States, says Attorney General John Ashcroft. -- In a formal statement issued October 30, Ashcroft noted that the Haitian migrants intercepted by Office of Immigration and Naturalization (INS) agents "are being treated fairly, appropriately, and humanely." However, he cautioned prospective migrants that "illegal migration by sea is perilous" and urged "anyone who is considering similar attempts to come to the United States in this manner to reject this hazardous voyage."

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration) 
Migrants hassle Jeb Bush over illegals
Haitian-Americans angrily protested and berated Gov. Jeb Bush on Wednesday over the detention of more than 200 Haitian migrants who jumped from a grounded boat off Miami in a bid to reach the U.S. -- 'Community leaders' charged double standards in immigration policy, saying that while Haitians are routinely detained and returned to Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, Cubans who reach land are usually allowed to stay. -- 'Community leaders' took their complaints straight to Bush...
Associated Press
Detained illegals draw rally
Gov. Jeb Bush's Democratic rival and hundreds of Haitian-Americans called on lawmakers to help the more than 200 Haitian migrants who remained detained Thursday, two days after the nation watched them jump from a crowded freighter and struggle ashore. -- For a second night, crowds of Haitian-Americans waived flags and held signs reading "Free Haitians Now'' Wednesday outside the Miami headquarters of the INS, demanding the group be treated like others who reach U.S. soil.

News Note 
Grand Island Independent
Two Mexicans charged with drug possession
A man and woman from Mexico were charged Tuesday in Hall County Court with possessing more than 11 pounds of amphetamine after they were stopped on the interstate for speeding. -- Guadalupe S. Labrada and Jose E. Rivas were each charged with possession of more than 16 ounces of amphetamine with the intent to distribute and not having a drug tax stamp. -- The Immigration and Naturalization Service also has holds on Labrada and Rivas.

Houston Chronicle
Sanchez backers blast new ad by Perry as 'racist' and 'sleazy
Democrat Tony Sanchez's supporters Wednesday slammed Republican Gov. Rick Perry's television attack on Sanchez as sleazy, shameful and racist. -- The commercial features two former DEA agents linking Sanchez's Tesoro Savings and Loan of Laredo to drug money laundering and the 1985 murder of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. -- Perry defended his advertisement, saying it is meant to appeal to a law and order mindset, not a racist mindset. -- "Perry's commercial, which stated that Tony assisted drug dealers who tortured and killed the DEA agent, is outrageous," said State Sen. Mario Gallegos, D-Houston.


ID Cards
Grand Island Independent
Guatemala jumps into sham ID free-for-all, feds say nothing
Officials with the Guatemalan Consulate in Houston will be at the Salvation Army on Nov. 8. -- Officials will help Guatemalan immigrants with passports and identification cards among other documents, according to Rudolfo Molina, president of the El Salvadoran Committee of Grand Island. -- Officials will help Guatemalan immigrants with passports and identification cards among other documents, according to Rudolfo Molina, president of the El Salvadoran Committee of Grand Island. (Most cities that accept Mexi-sham IDs also accept unverifiable bogus Guatemalan cards)

L.A Times (Free Registration) 
Candidate wants illegals booted
Bruce Boyer, a candidate [for mayor of the possible L.A. valley city] who sported a white cowboy hat (and a black eye from a football game), said if elected he would urge police to crack down on "illegal alien criminals," even those caught tagging a wall with graffiti. "Instead of arresting the same guy 10 times and letting him go, let's get him out of the country," Boyer, an alarm company manager, said at a news conference outside the Van Nuys courthouse.
Haitians charged with smuggling
Six Haitian men were charged Wednesday in federal court with smuggling 214 people to Miami from Haiti after a four-day voyage aboard a 50-foot wooden coastal freighter. -- An affidavit signed by Nicholas W. Economou, a special agent for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, said 200 Haitians were taken aboard the boat Thursday in Shu Shu Bay in Haiti and about 20 more were taken aboard during a stop at La Tori, Haiti, the next day.

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
National Review
Just a Number -- The Malvo age issue
Just wondering: How old is Lee Malvo, really? -- According to Immigration and Naturalization Service records, illegal-alien sniper suspect Lee Malvo told Border Patrol agents in Bellingham, Wash., that his birth date was February 18, 1985. That would have made him 16 years old at the time of his immigration- related apprehension in December 2001 - and five months shy of his 18th birthday when he left a fateful fingerprint at the liquor-store murder scene in Montgomery, Alabama on September 21, 2002.

San Diego Union-Tribune  
U.S. puts down smaller welcome mat at border -- Visa loophole being tightened up
Thousands of Mexican medical patients and schoolchildren who cross the border each year without U.S. visas won't have that option any longer because of a change in immigration policy. -- For more than 20 years, the INS has allowed foreigners to enter the U.S. without visas for humanitarian and medical reasons. -- Last month, however, the INS headquarters in Washington, D.C., ordered its inspectors to narrow their interpretation of the law, as part of an effort to close immigration loopholes in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

News Note 
L.A Times (Free Registration)  
Licenses for illegals? 2/3 of likely Latino voters say NO
...Davis has come under fire among Latino leaders in the state like reconquistas Gil 'MEChA Boy' Cedillo, Marco 'Discount Tuition for Foreign Scofflaws' Firebaugh, and their ilk] for vetoing legislation which would have allowed illegal immigrants to receive driver licenses. However, it is questionable whether that decision has hurt him among his Latino supporters. The survey found that two-thirds of Latino likely voters supported the governor's action -- slightly higher even than the 63% support found among likely voters statewide.

Providence Journal
Froma Harrop: Immigration's impact
No one really thought much about Lewiston, Maine, until a few weeks ago, when its mayor wrote a letter urging Somali refugees to stop coming there. At that point, the national media rushed in with cameras, chided the city as racist, then left town. -- Let's hang around a few more days and discuss what really is going on in Lewiston. This is important, because what's going on in Lewiston is going on all over America. Washington is making immigration policy, while poor and working-class towns are picking up much of the bill.
James P. Pinkerton - Newsday
Goofs show homeland insecurity
Two hundred Haitians sail into Miami on Tuesday afternoon. They swim ashore, clamber onto a highway, surround cars and bring traffic to a standstill. Then, and only then, do authorities seize them. Did our homeland securitizers know that the Haitian boat contained no terrorists? No anthrax? No A-bomb? Or did they figure that they'd let the boat come ashore and see who, or what, spilled out? --- Note the endlessly evolving political correctness: People who come ashore, uninvited, are no longer "illegal aliens" ....

Rocky Mountain News
Tancredo says Dems, GOP gain from illegals
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo says the Democratic and Republican parties are key obstacles to solving America's illegal immigration crisis. -- "Democrats want it for votes. Republicans want it for cheap labor," Tancredo said. "Therefore it is desirable to have people coming across illegally." -- The Littleton Republican, who has helped ignite a national debate on immigration, said the United States must decide whether it wants a border it is willing to enforce. [See our poll result archive - Bush is out of touch with America] [Related Denver Post article]

A Message from Hal Netkin and Bruce Boyer
Candidates for office in the new [possibly] San Fernando Valley City

Valley Morning Star
Report: Texas can't sue suspected Mexican water cheats
A state agency has determined that Texas cannot sue Mexico for violating a water-sharing treaty with the United States, but that the U.S. has extensive options, including terminating the treaty [the Bush Administration apparently has done little to hit Mexico over their suspected continual cheating]. -- The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's summary of the current legal status of the 1944 U.S.-Mexico water treaty did not, however, consider any rights and remedies the state might pursue against the federal government for not enforcing the treaty.


ID Cards
The Arizona Republic
Sham IDs ease life for invaders, incompetent feds remain silent
Call it matrícula mania. -- Frustrated by their inability to serve immigrant newcomers and with no immigration treaty yet reached between the U.S. and Mexico, many U.S. communities have found a solution in plastic ID cards called matrículas consulares. -- Mexican President Vicente Fox has yet to persuade President Bush to sign an accord. But he has had a much easier time persuading U.S. mayors, police chiefs and bank presidents to accept the matrículas... [Also see: Aiding and abetting illegals is a crime]

Visit EagleForum.com
Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum
America Must Choose: Open Borders Or Civil Liberties
"They are coming after us, they want to execute attacks. ... The threat environment today is as bad as it was the summer before Sept. 11." In his appearance before the congressional joint intelligence committees, CIA Director George J. Tenet asserted that prior to 9/11 he was convinced that Osama bin Laden was planning to kill Americans, "and we reported these threats urgently." -- But to whom did he report these alerts? Apparently, not to the agencies that were admitting undesirable aliens by the planeload, boatload and truckload.....

Daily Journal
O'Reilly blast INS incompetence
TV journalist Bill O'Reilly blasted federal immigration officials for releasing juvenile sniper suspect John Lee Malvo last year instead of deporting him back to Jamaica. -- In a speech Wednesday, O'Reilly reiterated allegations he aired on his FOX News program this week: that an INS agent altered an arrest report, allowing Malvo to be released after the Border Patrol had arrested him last year as an illegal alien. -- Malvo, 17, is the alleged accomplice of D.C. sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad.
Mexicans dismiss critical editorial
Officials dismissed an inflammatory editorial in the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal, saying it was trying to create tensions between Mexico and the U.S. -- In an editorial published Tuesday, the conservative daily accused President Vicente Fox of opposing a U.S.-sponsored resolution against Iraq in the UN Security Council because of U.S. inaction on a bilateral migration accord. -- "Mr. Fox is wrong if he thinks ... sticking a thumb in America's eye will make (a migration accord) more likely," the paper wrote...

Illegal alien torch en route from meddling Mexico?
A torch lit in the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City left for New York Tuesday in the hands of athlete Ana Gabriela Guevara who, shortly before taking it, expressed her solidarity with undocumented immigrants in the United States. -- Under the slogan "Messengers for the dignity of a people divided by a border," Guevara left Tepeyac Hill on a religious pilgrimage expected to last about 45 days. -- The ceremony was also attended by Joel Magallan, executive director of the New York Tepeyac Association (a bunch of illegal immigration cheerleaders), which organized the event.

More Sob Stuff From Big Media
In May, I was asked to address a local chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women. My topic was the implications of 10 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. in a post-9/11 environment. -- When I segued into the portion of my speech that analyzed how the media deals with illegal immigration, the audience-- without any prompting - hooted and hissed at the mere mention of the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle et al.

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