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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Sniper Is An Illegal Alien
Incompetent INS had Malvo in custody, let him go

John Malvo, left, is illegally
in the United States.
American Patrol Exclusive - Posted 9:04 AM Pacific
Suspect was in custody on immigration charges
John Lee Malvo, the Jamaican national arrested early this morning near Frederick, MD in connection with the beltway sniper case, was in INS custody in Seattle on January 24, 2002. He was released on his own recognizance (no bond) and ordered to return for a hearing at 2:30 PM on November 20, 2002. He had been arrested on December 20, 2001, and was held for 30 days on immigration charges. He is also wanted in Alabama in connection with a robbery and murder. Tell the President how you feel about this.
Red DotNo record of visa being issued to Malvo
A State Department official said Thursday the department has no record of having issued an immigrant or a non-immigrant U.S. visa to a John Malvo from Jamaica.
Red DotUpdate at 2:05 PM -- INS headquarters is now telling all of their field offices not to comment on the immigration aspects of this story.
Help get Aztlan-cheerleader Isabel Garcia fired

Red DotPast Features 

ABP WATCH -- Hawkeyes Help Capture 57 SBI's
More Than 35 Got Away

A Message from Hal Netkin
Candidate for the new [possibly] San Fernando Valley City Council - District 11

Associated Press
Border Patrol puts defiant illegal alien abettors on notice
The U.S. Border Patrol issued new guidelines warning that illegal immigrants should not be transported for medical assistance even if they are in distress. -- The guidelines could mean that humanitarian groups who provide such help would be subject to arrest. -- The guidelines state "transportation to local authorities or medical treatment should not be undertaken," even if an immigrant is in medical distress, the Tucson Citizen reported Thursday. Driving the immigrants to a hospital or another location can be viewed as "illegal and can result in prosecution." -- Tucson-based Samaritan Patrol this summer openly transported immigrants to hospitals and to Tucson's Southside Presbyterian Church.

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
Jewish World Review
Who let Lee Malvo loose?
The mainstream media informed us this week that Lee Malvo, the reportedly "17-year-old" youth charged as a material witness in the sniper investigation along with John Mohammed, is a "Jamaican national." As of this writing (Oct. 24), the Immigration and Naturalization Service refused to comment publicly on the exact nature of Malvo's immigration status. -- Here are the facts the INS doesn't want you to know: Lee Malvo is an illegal alien from Jamaica who jumped ship in Miami in June 2001. [American Patrol broke this story this morning. Michelle explains the details.]

Poll Exposes Elite-Public Clash On Immigration
In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist atrocities by 19 legal immigrants to this country, childishly naive observers such as I actually believed that at last the American ruling class would get the message-that it's not a terribly good idea to let millions of immigrants traipse into your country without at least knowing who they are, why they're here, where they're going to be, and what they plan to do. -- Alas, a large bucket of cold reality has been splashed into my face, and I now know better.

News Note 
INS Incompetents Let Sniper Suspect Walk Free
The widely reviled Immigration and Naturalization Service is under attack once again, this time for bungling the case of sniper suspect John Lee Malvo, 17, a citizen of Jamaica. -- The INS let Malvo wander alone in America for 10 months, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly reported tonight. -- Malvo is also a suspect in the Sept. 21 murder of a liquor store clerk in Montgomery, Ala. His fingerprint was found on a weapons magazine in a parking lot outside the store, Mayor Bobby Bright told the Associated Press.

KVIA-TV - El Paso
Big meth bust in Alamogordo
U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered more than twenty-seven pounds of methamphetamine powder inside a trap door hidden in a late model Ford pickup driven by a U.S. citizen. The seizure was made around 8:00 am at the Border Patrol Traffic Checkpoint just outside Alamogordo, N.M. on Highway 54. -- Agents reported that the driver, Joachin Martinez-Urbano, displayed strange mannerisms and had difficulty answering simple questions posed to him by agents. Agents say Martinez-Urbano consented to a canine search...
Voice Of America (Real Audio Available)
High hopes for Bush-Fox meeting
Proponents of immigration reform in the United States hope President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox will put the issue high on their agenda when they meet this weekend at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Los Cabos, Mexico. Those wanting immigration reform say if President Bush endorses new legislation on the issue, he could pave the way for Congress to enact it by the end of this year. -- Some business and labor leaders say immigration is moving back onto Washington's agenda.

News Note 
CNN - 4:25 PM
Gun found in suspects' car is a ballistics match for weapon used in Washington-area sniper killings, senior administration official says

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - APEC - Castaneda and Powell
Powell Cites Education, Open Markets as Key to Development
...On the subject of immigration, Castaneda indicated that Mexican President Vicente Fox regards the issue as "a central part" of U.S.-Mexico relations. Fox "has raised the immigration issue to the first level, to the primary level, and has begun with President Bush, soon after they both took office, a process which will be complicated, which will be long, but which we hope ... will come to fruition, to reach agreements between the United States and Mexico on immigration issues that are of great importance to both our countries..."

News Note 
Washington Post
DMV Worker Charged in License Scam
An employee of the District's Department of Motor Vehicles accepted bribes in exchange for helping illegal immigrants obtain fraudulent driver's licenses, according to charges filed yesterday in New York. -- Gwendolynn Dean of Washington was part of an operation in which two men transported the immigrants from New York to Washington and gave Dean money in exchange for her cooperation in processing the licenses, according to court documents.

Aurora Sentinel
Tancredo receives threats over illegal alien mooch
Congressman Tom Tancredo received a standing ovation yesterday even before he began speaking at an Aurora Rotarian luncheon at Heatheridge Country Club. --- His speech then turned to immigration reform, the topic over which Tancredo has been at odds with Bush and members of the Colorado delegation. Because of threats Tancredo has received in the wake of the controversy concerning illegal immigrant Jesus Apodaca, two Aurora police officers were present for his appearance. Tancredo said he did not request them himself but said he was glad they were there...

N.Y. Times (Free Registration)  
La Raza fifth-columnist chimes in on sniper case
Led by President Bush, administration officials pledged the full resources of the federal government today in capturing what Mr. Bush called "a ruthless person on the loose," and mounted an aggressive defense of how the investigation is being run. --- Cecilia Muñoz, a vice president at the National Council of La Raza, a Latino civil rights group, said the "aggressive tactics used by the federal government against immigrants over the past year" had scared many immigrants. -- "Turning these two people over to the I.N.S. has just reinforced that fear," Ms. Muñoz said.

Tribnet / L.A. Times
How illegals cripple law enforcement
A police decision to hand over two [illegals] to immigration authorities earlier this week is silencing potential witnesses in the serial sniper investigation, area Hispanic leaders said Wednesday. -- "It's a really bad message to send the Latino community and immigrants in general," said Gustavo Torres, director of a suburban Montgomery Co. social service agency, CASA of Maryland. "I am not going to encourage my community to (report) those criminals, (if) witnesses are going to be deported."
Rifle, tripod seized from suspects' car
A rifle and a tripod have been recovered from the 1990 Chevrolet Caprice at the rest stop where two men were captured and arrested by state police in Frederick County in connection with the deadly Washington-area sniper attacks, law enforcement sources have told The Gazette. -- The two men -- identified as John Allen Muhammad (a.k.a. John Allen Williams) and John Lee Malvo -- were arrested just after 3 a.m. at an Interstate 70 rest stop near Myersville, about 10 miles northwest of Frederick.

News Note 
Voice Of America
Powell, Meddling Mexican still interested in immigration
Cabo San Lucas -- ....In that same forum with college students from all over the Americas, Mr. Powell and Mr. Castaneda restated their interest in pursuing a bilateral immigration agreement. Mr. Castaneda said such an agreement, which would provide legal status to hundreds of thousands of Mexican immigrants who have gone to the United States seeking work, could be a model for the world. [Check our poll result page. The Bush administration appears to be completely out of step with public opinion on the Mexican invasion.]

Times News
Idaho town being colonized by Hispanics
...As of the 1990 Census, no towns in Idaho were more than half Hispanic. But sometime during the 1990s, Anglos slipped into the minority in three cities -- Minidoka, Wilder and Roberts. -- The 2000 Census found the highest concentration of Hispanics, 77%, in tiny Minidoka. Of the city's 129 residents, the Census reported that 100 were Hispanic. Minidoka County is following, to a lesser extent, the trend that has transformed its namesake town. The proportion of Hispanic people in the county reached 25.5% in 2000. -- Meanwhile, Idaho's Hispanic population nearly doubled during the '90s, making up 7.8% of the state's population in 2000.

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
Joe Guzzardi - Calnews.com
Most important release of 2002: Michelle Malkin's "Invasion"
"Invasion" exposes the starring role played by the federal government in the 9/11 tragedies. By creating overly generous immigration and visa policies in 1965, then letting those policies slip into practices that had no system of checks and balances, the U.S. government made it easy for our enemies to infiltrate the country and execute their murderous plot. -- "Invasion" is compelling and shocking. The uninitiated will learn how the immigration process has come completely unwound.

Jeff Jacoby
Let's end the bilingual travesty
If I were a Hispanic-American, I would feel humiliated every time an automated telephone answering system prompted me to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. I would wince every time an ATM machine invited me to conduct my transaction en Espanol. It would mortify me to click on a government Web site and find a link to the site's elaborate Spanish-language section. -- If I were Hispanic, I would be ashamed that so many American institutions take it for granted that people like me can't understand English. [Message board] 
L.A Times (Free Registration)  
Latinos flooding the Midwest
From Mexico and beyond, they come month after month to this remote town on the windblown prairie -- some with visas and some with forged identities, some guided by smugglers and some drawn by loved ones. -- Immigration, both legal and not, has turned Denison -- population 7,300 -- into an unlikely boom town. -- One Kansas meatpacking town, Dodge City, is now about 40% Latino. -- Mark Grey, who has studied the trend for years, estimates that from 30% to 60% of the immigrants in Iowa are in the United States illegally.

Arizona Republic
Cave Creek wants loiterers [i.e. 'day laborers'] arrested
Standing around may cost you soon in Cave Creek (about 25 miles north of Scottsdale, AZ). -- The town appears poised to launch a major campaign against trespassers. -- It comes following an increase in complaints from residents and business owners, mostly over Hispanic males who loiter around a local church that has a day laborer program. -- Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia said he has been trying for some time to crack down on all loiterers and trespassers, not just the day laborers, but has met with resistance from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, which provides law enforcement services for Carefree and Cave Creek.

The Nebraska Bank Killers: Were They Or Weren't They?
On September 26 a murderous Nebraska bank robbery shocked the nation. --- Were these Hispanic robbers immigrants? I'm a detail-oriented person who likes to get the facts straight. You would think that I could tell you exactly whether any of them were criminal aliens. -- The problem is that neither the media nor law enforcement officials seem to know--or care. -- I called people all over Nebraska looking for a definitive answer. I started with Larry Holmquist of the Omaha FBI. He said that the local police were more likely to know....

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