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Friday, July 26, 2002

Killing of Proposition 187
Will Kill Californians

Flood of Poor Mexicans Overwhelming Emergency Rooms

California Connection Graph - 7/25/02
"Calif. Connection" Chart
"Currently, two thirds of California hospitals are operating in the red."

"California Connection - Unhealthy Cuts" - KCET TV -July 25, 2002
(Consequences of Davis' killing of Prop. 187 - but Simon is silent)

"The emergency room will be the new access point for medical care and that is a disaster waiting to happen."
"It is a disaster for every Californian, not just for the indigent and Medical patients because everyone needs emergency care sometime in their life and if the emergency rooms are not there, everyone is going to suffer.... There can be potential death."
- Medical Director, Arrowhead Regional Hospital
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American Patrol Prediction - 1994

   We predicted the fiscal meltdown of California and we predicted the destruction of our health care system.
   Bill Simon has the ammunition to bury Gray Davis, but he hasn't used it. Why?
   (I recently had a medical emergency. I checked into the emergency room at my private hospital but could not be given a bed. The nurse told me they were filled by the indigent (read Mexicans).
-- Glenn Spencer

Los Angeles Daily News - July 26
See: Trauma-care tax vote backed
..."If the system is allowed to collapse, it will affect every man, woman and child in the county adversely. If the county lets this system collapse, it will have a ripple effect on every hospital in the county, and they will all be faced with being shut down."

Red DotPast Features  


FAIR's Dan Stein on O'Reilly - 5 & 8 PM Pacific
Topic: Traitor Gephardt's Amnesty Scheme - Fox News Channel - TODAY
Also at 5 Pacific: Bill Simon on KFI - 640 AM - Los Angeles

Nogales International
T.V report criticized agency Border Patrol
Allegations of questionable hiring practices and wrongdoing by United States Border Patrol agents were showcased by CBS on Sunday. -- CBS's program, "60 Minutes," aired a repeat of a November 2001 story concerning Border Patrol agents out of control in the Tucson sector. -- "The Border Patrol has the worst track record of all federal law enforcement agencies," Ron Sanders, retired Tucson Sector Chief, said in a television interview.

Arizona Republic
Activist en route to Arizona to bird-dog illegal crossers
A leading anti-immigration activist will move from his established California base and set up shop next month in southern Arizona to lead a new high-tech, citizen watchdog group created to keep tabs on illegal border crossers and on U.S. immigration agents. -- The ultimate objective will be to thrust the illegal immigration issue onto a public stage, said Glenn Spencer, founder of Voice of Citizens Together and the new group, American Border Patrol.

News Note
N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
For Schenectady, a Guyanese Strategy
This small city in the Mohawk River valley, where industries built in the early 20th century on the hard labor of immigrants from Italy and Poland crumbled long ago, is in the market for a new ethnic group. -- The mayor has found one, and he is doing everything short of packing up their homes in New York City and driving the moving van to get them here. -- They are Guyanese immigrants living in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, and since May, Mayor Albert P. Jurczynski has gone to rather unusual lengths to persuade them to move to his struggling city of 62,000 people.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial
More Cubans sneaking into USVI
Court records in this U.S. territory show that at least 60 Cuban migrants have arrived here since April as smugglers apparently try to open a new route to get to the United States. -- At more than 1,200 miles from Havana, the U.S. Virgin Islands would seem an unlikely destination for immigrants determined to reach America. However, investigators suspect some smugglers prefer the longer route rather than risk interception on the heavily patrolled and more commonly used Cuba-to-Florida Keys run.
San Diego Union-Tribune 
Mexicans: Soldiers shot at truck
An official with the Mexican attorney general's office has confirmed for the first time that Mexican soldiers shot at a truck full of immigrants last month near the Imperial County border. -- "Apparently the driver of the Suburban didn't follow the military's instructions," said Jorge Garcia Villalobos, the Los Angeles-based legal attache for the Mexican Federal Attorney's Office. "They were ordered to stop and they didn't stop, so there was a pursuit. Because they didn't obey the orders..."

For Your Information
Text of Speech
Gephardt sells out to reconquistas at La Raza soiree
..."President Bush talks about immigration reform but there's not been enough action to match the rhetoric, in my view. The administration's discussions with Mexico in particular on migration reform have stalled. And we know that we need to make progress if the government in Mexico is to be able to achieve some of its goals. Well, let me describe to you today what we've been doing in the Democratic Caucus...."

National Review
State of Play -- Visa battles in the House
...A perfect example: In Mexico right now, consular officers have been told by their superiors to ignore FBI requirements to fingerprint and record all applicants on particular watch lists. Consular officers, in an e-mail dated June 3, 2002, were directed to disregard a previous instruction to run all names through the FBI lists and run only those names of people they might issue a visa because "if [consular officers] had to consider each hit [on the FBI's watch lists] for someone they intended to refuse, this would severely lengthen the time taken for many interviews."

News Note
KHBS - Fort Smith, Arkansas
Rape suspects may be heading to Mexico
Police have identified two suspects in the weekend rape of a woman in Siloam Springs. -- The 20-year-old woman told police that she was walking along Holly Street when two men kidnapped her drove her to Siloam Springs City Lake, where one of the men allegedly raped her. -- Police said they believe Luis Sorto Orellana, 20, raped the woman and Carlos Florez, 22, aided in the alleged abduction. -- Benton County Sheriff Tom Brewster said the men should be considered extremely dangerous.

Dan Stein - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Crackdown a matter of common sense
September 11 was a consequence of the cumulative failures of our immigration policies. -- We failed to adequately screen the perpetrators before issuing them visas. We failed to monitor what they did after they arrived in the United States and whether they departed when they were supposed to. -- Various states issued the terrorists driver's licenses. The terrorists were able to use phony Social Security numbers to open bank accounts and launder hundreds of thousands of dollars of al-Qaida money that financed the murders of nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11.
San Diego Union-Tribune
U.S. tour bus attacked in Mexico
A rock-throwing incident in Tijuana early yesterday morning left the driver of a San Diego charter bus injured, the bus damaged and the bus company's president suspending tours into Mexico. -- "We've suspended operations into Mexico until we get confirmation that it's safe to go back," said Rich Illes, with Sun Diego Charter Co. "We want somebody in Mexico to tell us that they're going to take some measures to prevent a similar incident." -- About two years ago, Mexican taxi drivers began blocking shuttle buses coming from the U.S., contending that they were stealing their customers.

Five Calif. Assemblymembers Refuse to Pass AJR-51
We must all remember the murder of L.A. County Sheriff Deputy David March on April 29, 2002. It is believed that his murderer fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. Mexico refuses to extradite murderers and other violent felons. -- California Assemblymember Richman introduced AJR51 to urge the U.S. Congress and the President to seek Mexico's cooperation. The text of the resolution is below. Unbelievably, five members of the Public Safety Committee refused to pass it! [Related story]

Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial
Enforcing the law
Justice Department officials announced Monday they will allow a 60-day period for comment before they launch a new plan to enforce criminal penalties against immigrants and foreign visitors who fail to report a change of address within 10 days. -- The 10-day notice requirement has been on the books for years, but is widely ignored and rarely enforced, officials concede. The rationale for rediscovering this duty is that such up-to-date information would presumably make it easier to track resident aliens who might become engaged...
So. Florida Sun-Sentinel 
Man admits guilt in bombing plots
An amateur terrorist who dreamed of destroying power stations, a national guard armory, Jewish businesses and even Mount Rushmore, pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal indictment that could put him in prison for up to 20 years. -- In the first major terrorism prosecution in South Florida since Sept. 11, Shueyb Mossa Jokhan said, "Yes, your honor," when asked by U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas if he and a Pakistani immigrant scouted out targets in Broward and Miami-Dade counties in pursuit of their jihad, or holy war.

News Note
Dallas Morning News (Free Reg.)
Plano group seeks answers for families of missing Mexicans
...Each year hundreds of Mexicans who set out for the United States are reported missing. -- Their cases are among the tens of thousands of "protection" actions handled by Mexican consuls worldwide for migrants or their families. Consulate officials handle everything from workplace complaints to funeral arrangements. -- So far this year, Mexican Foreign Ministry officials have found 905 people ­ in jails, hospitals and dead in morgues and the Southwest desert.

ABC News
Preparing for Jihad in Alabama
A training camp linked to Islamic militants has been operating in Alabama, and European law enforcement officials believe Muslim extremists were using it to prepare for a holy war. -- British authorities also thought that militants from overseas were training in the United States to take advantage of America's gun laws, sources told ABCNEWS. The looming question for law enforcement is whether there is a connection between the camp and the al Qaeda terror network.
Bergen Record
Fake docs, drugs seized
As part of an increased effort to crack down on fraudulent documents in North Jersey, police have busted a print shop they say dealt in drugs and fake license plates. -- Officers arrested three people following raids of APG Printing and three other properties in Hudson County on Wednesday. -- They seized 25 New Jersey temporary license plates, one Maryland temporary tag, a pile of blank insurance cards...

GOP Can't Win Great Hispandering Competition
...Speaking at the national conference of a Hispanic racist organization that calls itself the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt vowed to introduce legislation that, as the Washington Post described it, "would provide earned legal residency to illegal immigrants who work in the United States for two years and obey the law."

News Note
Daily Nation (Barbados)
Now Barbadians want an illegal alien amnesty
"I am hoping it would become reality." -- The Bajan woman who has been living and working in New York City for the past five years without being legally authorised to do so was simply expressing the desire of thousands of Barbadians. -- Indeed, her words summarised the reaction of millions of undocumented immigrants from almost every member-state of the United Nations.

Stephen Dycus -- L.A Times (Free Registration) 
Posse Comitatus proposal questioned
Last week, President Bush called for reexamination of the 1878 law that limits the role of the military in law enforcement activities. This call was echoed over the weekend by Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, head of a new military command that would direct the Pentagon's response to another terrorist attack at home. -- Congressional authority for such a response is already extremely broad, and expansion of that authority...
L.A Times (Free Registration) 
Groups defend illegal workers
Roman Vargas' hands were cracked and peeling from working as a dishwasher in a Koreatown restaurant. His bosses were often physically and emotionally abusive, he says, and he was paid $250 a week with no overtime or breaks. -- Vargas, who emigrated from Vera Cruz, Mexico, in 1999, knew nothing about labor law, and like many other undocumented immigrants working in Koreatown, was afraid of speaking up for his rights....

News Note
L.A Times (Free Registration) Editorial
A Good Job for a New INS
Somewhere, the fuse on the next terrorist strike against the United States quietly sizzles. Agencies scramble to cut it before the all-but-inevitable bang. And so the Justice Department this week announced a plan to enforce a law requiring all noncitizens to promptly report any change of residence to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. And so, predictably, some immigrant advocates cried foul.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Amnesty debate back
Proposals to legalize some of America's 9 million illegal immigrants are making a political comeback after being sidelined for nearly a year by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. -- House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt announced this week that fellow Democrats soon will unveil sweeping legislation to allow millions of foreigners who have been in the United States at least five years to ''earn'' legal permanent residence.
Rocky Mountain News
Illegal alien indicted over IDs
An illegal alien gained access to security installations in Colorado and elsewhere using bogus identification cards, federal authorities said. -- A federal grand jury in Denver returned an 11-count indictment earlier this week against Juan Sebastian Stamatio Martinez, who used the aliases of Jeremy J.W. Holman and Anselmo Tolero Cruz to help him land jobs at Rocky Mountain Arsenal and with a hazardous materials firm.

Steve Lopez -- L.A Times (Free Registration)
The Immigration Bomb: Bill Simon, Are You Listening?
I can't bear to watch this any longer. Republican Bill Simon is running against a Democratic governor nobody likes, and the poor soul can't get out of his own way. -- He's tried passing himself off as an environmentalist while blasting California's tailpipe emissions legislation, and he's mugged as a can-do businessman while the IRS investigates a possible tax shelter in his family's company. -- Toss in the fact that Simon's thimble-full of fresh ideas is running low, and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Lungren is beginning to look like Abe Lincoln....

News Note
Gannett News Service
Revamp of INS in doubt
President Bush promised during his 2000 campaign that he had big plans for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, starting with a push to make the troubled agency friendlier to immigrants. -- "People ought to be asking the question, 'How can I help you, what can I do to help you fill out paperwork?' We ought to be saying loud and clear to people that the INS is to help families and to help people understand the maze of rules and regulations," he said in June 2000....

Washington Post
Sham IDs catch on in Virginia
So far this year, the Mexican government has distributed about a half-million of the cards, known as matriculas consulares. In recent months, the cards have been recognized as official identification by nearly 200 U.S. police departments in such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, according to the Mexican Embassy. Dozens of banks and city governments accept them. Now the cards are starting to appear in the Washington area. [These cards are not verifiable and are essentially worthless as reliable ID.]
Associated Press
Border safety in doubt
Mexico has been sending more soldiers to the U.S. border to combat drug smuggling, and some are raising alarms on the other side by carrying their operations into U.S. territory. -- Even more worrisome, critics say, are recent shootings involving an American tourist, a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle and migrants. -- Now U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, who has complained to President Vicente Fox about the border incursions, suggests U.S. troops are also needed to protect Americans from Mexican forces. (Older article)

News Note
Associated Press
Mexican officials investigate military shootings on border
Erasing all doubts about whether the Mexican military was involved in a border shootout that left six migrants hospitalized last month, officials said Thursday they may bring charges against the soldiers who opened fire. -- "The military shot, but it appears they were defending themselves," said Jorge Garcia Villalobos, an attache of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) in Los Angeles.

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