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Monday, July 15, 2002

"The American Border Patrol Story"
To be released this week on VHS and DVD

   It is time the American people were told the truth.
   Click here to see a segment of the "American Border Patrol Story". This DVD/VHS video (full length: 30 minutes) will be released this week.
   For your free copy of the "American Border Patrol Story" and the American Border Patrol plan, call 1-800-600-8642, Mo-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm, Pacific time.
Watch a 9-min. segment - 56K | DSL-Cable
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Past Features

FAIR Action Alert - Updated July 15

Homeland Defense Petition

N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
Colombian Refugees Plead for Asylum in U.S.
A group of Colombian leaders and local officials called on the United States government yesterday to grant temporary asylum to Colombians who fear returning to their native country, where guerrilla fighters and the army have clashed for decades in a bloody civil war. -- Carlos A. Manzano, a Democratic state committeeman from Manhattan, said he hoped to meet with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and convince him that the conflict in Colombia is tantamount to genocide....

News Note
Boston Herald
Poll: Voters strongly back bilingual education revamp
Voters overwhelmingly support sweeping change to the state's bilingual education system and are, so far, eager to side with the English-only concept slated for the November ballot, a new Herald poll shows. -- Sixty percent of registered voters oppose the state's current bilingual education law and nearly two-thirds say they'll support the initiative mandating non-English speakers learn within a year, the poll shows.

Female day laborers sprouting up
...Women day laborers are a new and possibly growing phenomenon. Because of the slowed economy, they have been flocking to Williamsburg in increasing numbers over the past year. -- The corners in the largely orthodox Jewish neighborhood have been even more crowded since Sept. 11, when many immigrant women lost their cleaning jobs in and near the World Trade Center, said Oscar Paredes, executive director of the Latin American Workers Project. One expert said the women of Williamsburg could be pioneers.
New day labor center on Long Island
...Hundreds of recent immigrants have been showing up each day at the edge of a parking lot near Gravesend Bay since the employment site was established in early March. There, they await offers of temporary work as painters, electricians, roofers and plumbers. -- In their dealings with contractors, the workers are informally represented by The Latin American Workers Project, a Bushwick organization which tries to ensure they are paid in full. Contractors must sign agreements to pay workers $70 plus lunch...

News Note
Chicago Tribune (Free Registration) 
Green Bay becomes diverse--and divided
...Immigration has built such momentum since then that a Mexican can peruse the newspaper, tune into the radio or attend mass without slipping out of Spanish. -- But county leaders, fearing that the new enclaves of Mexican and Hmong immigrants threaten the cohesion of this close-knit city, are pushing a controversial plan to make English the official language of county government. -- Supporters say the measure is mainly symbolic, an affirmation that immigrants should assimilate into the fabric of northern Wisconsin. -- Mexican immigrants, in a sense, have created their own world, and that troubles some longtime residents and county leaders.

Houston Chronicle
Meddling Mexicans praise cops for ignoring U.S. laws
...HPD officer M.S. Reutzel shot and killed Jaime Santiago in 2000. He claimed Santiago was holding a gun, and the grand jury found no criminal conduct. However, when it was revealed that the gun was a toy and that a witness disputed the assertion that Santiago was holding it, outrage among the Hispanic community grew so great that Rodulfo Figueroa, then Mexico's consul general in Houston, warned Mexicans to have a lawyer with them when talking to HPD officers. -- Now, however, HPD appears to be improving, said Marco Nunez, the Mexican consulate's current press attache. -- Nunez praised the department for not enforcing immigration laws, accepting the matricula, an identification card for Mexican nationals, as a valid ID, and implementing the Latino Squad.

Letter To The Editor
Seattle Times (Not Published)
Re: Fouled-up system victimizes worthy immigrant students
Maria is not a victim, Maria is a criminal and does not belong in this country. -- Read the polls; 85% of Americans want illegal immigration stopped and illegal aliens deported. -- Maria and the 11 Million criminal friends of her's, principally from Mexico, cost US taxpayers $48 Billion in health care alone per year. Billions more in schooling and social programs.

News Note
Wall Street Journal
Store parking lots turning into day labor centers
...For a new generation of Mexican migrants, the Home Depot parking lot has become what fruit groves were to their grandparents. Migrant workers have always been adept at identifying and filling holes in the market economy. The twist this time is that the workers are cashing in on a nationally known brand, riding the good fortunes of a company that has expressed some dissatisfaction with the practice.

Patrick Mallon - NewsMax.com
Wanted! An Ethical Governor
In the event California's gubernatorial race ends in November with Bill Simon winning, pundits and voters will ask two fundamental questions. -- What took people so long to recognize that Gray Davis was running against the majority of the state's voters on so many issues? -- And why didn't Davis ever comprehend and respond to a manifest credibility gap caused by his arrogant indifference to charges of unethical conduct? -- The answer to the first question is that voters unknowingly suffer from discriminatory news coverage...
Published LTE - Chicago Tribune
Dual citizenship
...A nation is like an extended family. An international mass of dual citizens is not a nation. The number of dual citizens, political polygamists, is exploding to a potential one- in- seven Americans. -- U.S. citizenship should not simply be a means to a better job, an extended shopping opportunity or passport privileges. -- Would-be U.S. citizens should treat the citizenship oath as serious as a marriage vow, because citizenship is a form of marriage, a lifelong social contract requiring full commitment. -- Dual citizenships necessarily mean dual allegiances...

Arizona Republic 
Migrant-fueled growth choking Arizona dream
If it's starting to feel a bit crowded in Arizona, you're not imagining it. -- According to the 2000 Census data, the state's population - now 5.1 million people - was the second-fastest-growing in the country during the 1990s. During the 1990s, nearly 1.5 million new residents settled in Arizona - an increase that is larger than the entire population of the state in 1960.

Letters to
the Editor
Chad Brock to the Denver Post (Published)
One singer's opinion
...We as Americans have the right and the freedom to speak. My opinion certainly was not intended to pinpoint or target any one culture. My statements were directed at all Americans. -- ...I am pro-American and will not back down from this ideal. If my opinions offend some, perhaps those individuals would do well to rethink just how "American" they are. [Numerous other letters]

Letters - Tucson Citizen (Published) 
Mexico, illegals decried
I'm just calling about the article, "Death in the desert, one year later," about 14 Mexican citizens who crossed the border and lost their lives in the desert. Now their families that are trying to sue us. -- I've driven to Rocky Point and further south in Mexico since I was 16. I have seen many people get hurt on the highways just driving to and from there. I've seen people injured and denied care...
Laredo Morning Times
Border agents help with rescues
Laredo U.S. Border Patrol agents responded to distress calls in the Cotulla area last week equipped with helicopters, boats and jet skis as they saved lives of the residents being swept by the powerful rising flood waters. -- The rescue mission was part of the Border Safety Initiative program implemented in 1998 to reduce injuries and prevent deaths in the Southwest Border Region.

News Note
Seattle Times
Fouled-up system victimizes worthy immigrant students
Maria was a good student.... She'd like to be a bilingual Spanish teacher. -- Washington state needs teachers, especially bilingual ones in those districts, mostly in Eastern Washington, where Mexican immigrants are swelling the student rolls. -- Perfect fit, you would think. -- The only catch is, Maria probably can't afford the education because she doesn't qualify for low in-state tuition. She is not a legal resident of the U.S. but a citizen of Mexico.

Associated Press
Four Pakistani nationals jump ship
Four Pakistani nationals working aboard a grain ship docked near New Orleans left the vessel without permission and were apparently headed for Texas, authorities said. -- The INS and border control agents were trying to track down the men Sunday evening. The men were ordered not to leave their ship as part of a standard INS order.
23 people found on raft
Immigration and Naturalization Service officers interviewed 23 people found on a homemade raft Sunday morning by Coast Guard officers near Marathon. -- The group was made up of 17 men, four women and two children, a boy and a girl. One of the women was taken ashore for medical treatment, but the rest stayed on a Coast Guard boat.

News Note
CNS News Service
Congressman: Hospitals burdened by 'parasitic effects' of illegal immigration
As Congress considers a reorganization of the INS, some members are also taking a closer look at the cost of illegal immigration, especially to the nation's hospitals. -- "We basically want to know ... how much these hospitals are being hit ... and what are their recommendations [as to] what we should do," Chris Paulitz, a spokesperson for Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida), told CNSNews.com. "It's just hard for these hospitals to keep staying afloat with this, especially in our area in Florida."

L.A Times (Free Registration) 
Racist Rally Is Not a Draw
...Doles' group, part of a larger neo-Nazi organization called the National Alliance, picked Gainesville, 50 miles north of Atlanta, because it's home to one of the highest concentrations of Latino immigrants in the South. The town of 26,000 is the self-proclaimed "poultry capital of the world," and thousands of Mexican immigrants have come here to work in the numerous chicken plants, taking minimum-wage jobs that most locals eschew.
Rocky Mountain News
Greeley learns language of debate
..."Wherever you go in Greeley, there are Mexicans speaking Spanish," Castulo Venegas [formerly an illegal alien] said. -- The Spanish-language issue flared after country-western singer Chad Brock peppered his performance July 5 at the Greeley Independence Stampede with comments that immigrants should learn and speak English. -- Brock received a standing ovation, but set off a debate over language, race and prejudice.

The Open-Borders Conspiracy
If I could choose to have my readers learn one and only one thing from what I write, it would be that America's problems are not the result of blind, much less inevitable, forces, but are the consequences of deliberate political action by motivated individuals and groups. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of our ongoing immigration crisis. Let's trace the lines of influence in the open-borders conspiracy, a word I use despite its connotations of grassy knollology because in this case it is factually appropriate.

News Note
Associated Press
Four Pakistani nationals jump ship in Louisiana
Four Pakistani nationals working aboard a grain ship docked near New Orleans left the vessel without permission and were apparently headed for Texas, authorities said. -- The Immigration and Naturalization Service and border control agents were trying to track down the men Sunday evening. The men were ordered not to leave their ship as part of a standard INS order.

Nationwide Budget Meltdown
N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
Governors Share Woes on Budgets
The nation's governors gathered today in an atmosphere of deepening concern, confronting persistent revenue shortfalls, which many said would be aggravated by the turmoil on Wall Street, and the rising costs of providing health care for the poor and preventing terrorist attacks. -- Officials with the National Governors Association said that by their count 45 states reported revenue shortfalls over the last year, totaling $50 billion, caused by a drop in sales, capital gains...
LTE (Not Published)
Glenn Spencer to the N.Y. Times
Two years ago I said the following: "Today, the top four percent of income earners in California pay more than 50 percent of all income taxes collected by the state, while the bottom 49%, mostly Latino, pay less than two percent. When the next downturn comes, and it will, state revenue will disappear overnight, leading to an unpredictable level of discontent and conflict among squabbling minorities." (From transcript of my video: Immigration, Threatening the Bonds of Our Union, Part II).

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