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Mexicans Admit
Numerous Incursions by Military
La Reconquista Underway Human Events / WorldNetDaily.com - May 13
Mexican official confirms incursions
An official at the Embassy of Mexico ... has confirmed to Human Events that Mexican military personnel or law enforcement officers crossed the U.S. border ­ without authorization ­ 23 times in 2001.
The News - Mexico City
Expert warns against Mexican participation in Northern Command
Washington Times - February 25
Spencer warns of border war
A border war between the United States and Mexico "could happen any day..." -- "We have on our hands a Mexican border civil war that could happen tomorrow," said Glenn Spencer...
Tancredo to Fox

Real Audio

Tom Tancredo - Asa Hutchinson
Fox News' "On The Record" 5/13

Past features


What to do about illegal immigration?
Deport? Amnesty? Moratorium? No restrictions at all? (See left side of page)


L.A. City Council to Discuss Bogus Mexican ID Acceptance
Should be coming up Tuesday, May 14. TAKE ACTION

Monday, May 13, 2002

Punitive plan for scofflaws
Federal officials are proposing to crack down on immigrants who have defied their final orders to be removed from the country by denying them certain avenues to become legal residents of the United States for at least 10 years. -- Under a proposed rule published yesterday in the Federal Register, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will require people with final removal orders to surrender themselves within 30 days. People who do not do so face the possibility that requests such as for political asylum or permanent residency will be denied for at least a decade after they have left the United States.

News Note 
Denver Post
Europe seeking to close doors
Copenhagen -- In a country where spanking your children is against the law and even a hint of sun brings out throngs of topless sunbathers, Dina Zuni thinks Denmark's famous openness has finally gone too far. -- "At this point, there can't be a rational debate about immigration in Europe anymore," said Jan Niessen, an economist with the Migration Policy Group, a Brussels think tank. It is now just "an emotional reaction of people saying "enough of them.' "

The News - Mexico City
Remittances set to rise
Late last year, in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, many Mexicans living north of the border lost their jobs and began making the journey home as a result of the U.S. economic slowdown. For a while, it seemed likely Mexico would lose part of one of its major sources of foreign-currency income: the remittances from immigrant workers. [Goes into Mexican sham IDs, etc.]
Post Independent
Guilty plea in license fraud case
One of the three people accused of charging hefty fees to help Latinos illegally obtain Colorado driver's licenses entered a plea of guilty May 2 in Ninth District Court. -- Virginia J. Escalante agreed to plead guilty to the Class III felony count of bribery, in return for the district attorney dropping all other charges. -- The plea could net Escalante four to 12 years in state prison.

News Note 
San Francisco Chronicle
Mexican day laborer guilty in murder case
A former day laborer today was convicted of the 1998 kidnapping, rape and murder of Hillsborough grandmother Sharon Leuenberger, who was asphyxiated with duct tape after being brutally assaulted in her own home. -- The eight-woman, four-man jury found Ciriaco Cuaro Valencia guilty of first- degree murder shortly before 11 a.m. today. -- They also found that the murder was committed in the course of a burglary, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, rape and sodomy, and that Valencia personally inflicted great bodily injury -- findings that under state law will ensure a sentence of life without parole for the Mexican citizen.

Washington Post
U.S. Fears Use of Belt Bombs
The sheer number of suicide belt-bombers attacking Israel this spring, and the diversity of their backgrounds, has increased fear among terrorism experts that the tactic will be exported to the United States. -- But the belt bomb is a maddeningly difficult weapon to counter. Concrete barriers might deter truck bombers. Heightened airport security can challenge hijackers. By comparison, however, stopping human bombs is "an incredibly difficult business," said Christopher Langton, an analyst of terrorist threats...
Fox News
Feds say 25 Islamic extremists entered U.S. as stowaways
Twenty-five Islamic extremists have illegally entered the U.S. since March as stowaways on cargo ships, federal officials told Fox News Monday. -- The U.S. Coast Guard has notified federal, state, and local officials that it has received intelligence information that the extremists have entered the U.S. on "prominent commercial cargo vessels," according to federal officials who read a Coast Guard document to Fox News.

News Note 
Orange Co. Register
Improper shredding: INS probes trash routine
Thousands of asylum claims, citizenship applications or job-visa requests may have to be resubmitted pending an investigation into shredding practices at the INS's regional center. -- In April, two INS employees at the California Service Center reported seeing improper shredding of documents. -- Since then, the federal Office of Internal Audit launched an investigation at the Laguna Niguel facility, where more than 60,000 pieces of mail per week are handled by about 1,500 employees.

245(i) vote scheduled for tomorrow
Representative Jose Serrano is expected to offer an amendment tomorrow at a full House Appropriations markup that would permanently extend the Section 245(i) provision. The committee will reconvene at 5 p.m. to continue debate on the Supplemental Appropriations bill. Please visit our Action Alert for further information.
Christian Science Monitor
Revisionist teaching in Texas
...The old way of teaching the Texas Revolution ­ the freedom-loving Americans against the tyrannical Mexicans, or good versus evil ­ is falling by the way as fast as the myths surrounding the Alamo. -- With an increasingly Hispanic population, Texas school teachers are feeling pressure to bring more perspective to state history, which students must study in the 4th and 7th grade.

Glenn Spencer
Bush and the Cato Institute
On May 9, 2002, President Bush sent a note of congratulations to the Cato Institute on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The note was read on C-SPAN. Cato is well-known as a libertarian think tank that believes strongly in individual freedom and self-reliance and liberal immigration policies. It hates the welfare state. -- Four days later, Bush signed the Farm Bill which restored food stamps for legal immigrants, thus violating all of the principals upon which the Cato Institute is based. -- Glenn Spencer

News Note 
Copley News Service
Unemployment looms as major hurdle for Bush
With unemployment climbing to an eight-year high, President Bush faces a daunting political challenge not unlike the one that helped doom his father's re-election a decade ago. -- Still popular with voters, the current president has no immediate cause to worry about his re-election. That moment is still more than two years away ­ an eternity in politics. [We need an extension of 245(i) and guest workers?]

Bergen Record
Disarray at DMV breeds abuse
...A 10-month investigation by The Record has already uncovered a thriving black market in NJ licenses that depends on bribing DMV workers or fooling them with fake ID. -- In the last 16 months, at least 13 employees from eight DMV offices have been quietly arrested for crimes involving driver's license fraud. -- But state officials concede they simply don't know how pervasive corruption is.
Chicago Tribune
License scam preys on illegals
When an undercover police officer tried to buy a fake driver's license recently in Waukegan, he ran into an unusual obstacle. He had to wait in line. -- About 45 people, mostly illegal immigrants, had lined up to pay $150 or more for an "international driver's license," a slickly produced document that has appeared by the thousands on Chicago- area streets over the last year, police say.

Chicago Tribune
Failure to assimilate
..."When people come to the United States, they carry with them cultural baggage," she said. "They do not stop thinking or being Mexican when they cross the border." -- It is a message Nelly Salgado, a director of Mexico's National Institute of Public Health, delivered last week during a two-day traveling tour presented by the Mexican Consulate as a crash course on Mexican culture.
Washington Times
Mexican soldiers in border crossings
Heavily armed Mexican soldiers and police are crossing the U.S. border repeatedly, provoking charges from Capitol Hill that they are providing cover for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. -- Last year, there were 23 incursions documented by the U.S. Border Patrol, prompting Rep. Tom Tancredo to contact Mexican President Vicente Fox last week, asking for an end to these incidents.

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