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Saturday, March 30, 2002

Remember this American Patrol feature?

"We are the Nation of Aztlan"
Mechista Ron Gochez
Ron Gochez - MEChA Chairman
MEChA Chairman Spills the Beans on O'Reilly
March 8
We are the nation of Aztlan.
O'Reilly: Allright, that's good, you are the nation of Aztlan. That's great. Do you want your own territory? Do you want them to give you some land?
Gochez: We understand that we are sitting on stolen land. This is indigenous land. This is native land, you know, Mexicano land.
O'Reilly: So if I gave you Arizona would you be happy with that?
Gochez: They took a lot more than Arizona.
O'Reilly: So you want more than that.
Real Audio Listen / Also see: The Scourge of MEChA
Spencer says MEChA aims to liberate Aztlan
Past Features

Ranch Rescue Public Meeting Featuring Glenn Spencer
Tuesday, April 2 - Abilene, Texas - Hamby Baptist Church
Also coming up: Oklahoma City, OK - April 3
And... Little Rock, AR - April 5

We Get E-Mail 
Open letter to Gray Davis
Dear Governor Davis; I understand you are still planning to sign AB60 into law. I oppose AB60, and ask you to veto that bill. My question to you: Are you the governor for California citizens and lawfully present aliens, or are you the governor for the Hispanic Caucus, illegal alien advocacy groups in our state and nation, and illegal aliens themselves?

From ILW.com
Implications of U.S. Supreme Court's decision regarding illegals
The National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA") grants rights and protections to American employees who seek to form and join unions. Employers who discharge, lay off or otherwise discriminate against such employees in violation of the Act can be ordered to reinstate those employees to their former jobs and provide them backpay with interest. Are undocumented aliens, who are not lawfully working in this country, afforded the same rights, protections, and remedies under the Act?

Letter To The Editor
Houston Chronicle (Not Published)
Re: Chicano group says it is misunderstood
Robert Hegstrom's so-called report is better at telling lies than shedding light. Two quick points. AmericanPatrol.com, whose motto posted for all to see is "Citizenship, Sovereignty, Law," is dismissed by Hegstrom as "controversial." But MEChA is not controversial at all.

Letter To The Editor
Washington Times (Not Published)
Re: Flow of illegals 'inevitable'
Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution states that Congress shall: "provide for calling forth the militia, (ARMED FORCES), to execute the LAWS of the Union, suppress insurrections, and REPEL INVASIONS." Today, 16 years after the last "one and only" amnesty of 3.2 million illegal aliens, in which Congress also promised to secure our nation's borders; we now have upwards of 7 to 9 million, (some say 11 to 13 million), illegal aliens in our country...

News Note 
Houston Chronicle
Rally for illegal alien 'rights'
Bearing their own cross, local religious leaders gathered in front of Houston City Hall on Good Friday to call for increasing protection of undocumented immigrant workers -- including the possibility of opening a new labor center. -- The Catholic and Protestant representatives said guaranteeing the rights of illegal immigrant workers locally has become particularly important in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that may limit such protections on the federal level. [Also see: Aiding, abetting illegals]

Former illegal alien wants to be on the UC Board of Regents
Manuela Sosa, a UC Riverside alumna and dentist, is lobbying for a spot on the University of California Board of Regents, backed by a growing network of Latino advocates. -- She supports affirmative action and the establishment of Chicano studies departments at state universities. -- Two weeks ago, Gov. Davis appointed Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, to fill one vacancy on the board. Dozens of Inland-area Latino advocates, led by (rabid reconquista) UCR professor Armando Navarro, are discussing whether to fight Blum's confirmation at pending state Senate hearings.

H. Millard
Costa Mesa job center to close? -- Not likely.
After many citizen complaints about the city funded--to the tune of $ 130,000 per year -- Job Center, the City Council of Costa Mesa will decide on Monday, April 1, what to do with the center. --- The likely action by the City Council will be to keep it open and throw some crumbs to the angry citizens of Costa Mesa in the form of a new rule that will require that only Costa Mesa "residents" (wink, wink) use the abomination.

Tucson Citizen
Hospitals treating illegals need help
A $25 million program to help hospitals saddled with the cost of caring for illegal immigrants would be abolished under President Bush's proposed budget, and lawmakers from border states are trying to restore it. -- "It's a very widespread problem and it is in every community from Yuma to Phoenix to Tucson," said Republican Sen. Jon Kyl...
Dodge City Globe (Kansas)
Man indicted for importing illegals
Abilene, KS - A management company employee has been indicted on charges of bringing illegal aliens to work at the Duckwall/ALCO Stores Inc. warehouse. -- Martin Hejny, 25, of Abilene, faces one count of conspiracy to conceal, harbor and shield illegal aliens from detection in the indictment that a federal grand jury in Topeka handed down Wednesday.

Associated Press
Mexicans miffed, ads pulled
City officials pulled advertisements for a clean air event after deciding a cartoon image of a sleeping car wearing a sombrero was offensive. -- "It is a stereotypical depiction, a negative one," said Sylvia Campoy, Tucson's equal opportunity employment office director. "There have been pictures of Mexicans asleep under a cactus, wearing a sombrero, and it is a negative stereotype."
Brownsville Herald
3 charged with smuggling illegals
Three Rio Grande Valley residents were arrested Wednesday night near the Border Patrol Saritas Checkpoint for allegedly trying to smuggle 92 [illegals] to Houston, INS officials said Thursday. -- Manuel Martinez, of La Feria, Eloy Vela Montayo, of McAllen and San Juan resident Martin Alaniz, were arraigned on the charge of transporting illegal aliens, a federal offense.

Letters to the Washington Times (Published)
Flow of illegal immigrants not 'inevitable'
The steady, massive flow of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere is not inevitable ("Flow of illegals 'inevitable'," March 27). Congress and the president are directly responsible for the unsustainable population growth that is resulting from an irresponsible immigration policy. This can be changed through legislation at any time. -- (More letters) (Related item)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
INS rounds up 859 fugitives
Law enforcement agencies have pooled criminal information that has helped in the arrests of 859 fugitive aliens over the past seven months at U.S. ports and borders, federal officials said Friday. -- Starting shortly before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, FBI and U.S. Marshals Service have been patching together data from their separate computer lists...

Mexican invaders called "Pioneers"

Mexican "Pioneers"
"Fortified by what Hernandez calls Mexico's new-found 'moral authority,' he plans to make life easier for legal and illegal immigrants to the US, 'the new American pioneers.'" Boston Globe, June 13, 2001.

News Note 
Associated Press
Station to assist illegals vandalized
An organization that maintains water stations to save the lives of border crossers says tanks at one station were vandalized. -- The Rev. Robin Hoover, president of Humane Borders and a Tucson pastor, said Friday he discovered the vandalism Thursday with another volunteer and 12 students from Stanford University.

El Paso Times
Ex-agent gets sentence of 10 years
Following a plea agreement set out by the Justice Department, a federal judge sentenced a former U.S. Customs agent supervisor to the maximum allowable time in prison for helping smuggle marijuana over the border. -- Former U.S. Customs Service supervisor Ramon F. Torrez was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for one count of obstruction conspiracy and one count of bribery conspiracy.
El Paso Times
27 illegals caught
...The [illegals] are Mexican citizens, including a group from the Mexican state of Zacatecas. -- The INS is investigating to find out who the smugglers are and how they transported the [illegals] across the border. -- No arrests had been made as of Friday in connection with the smuggling operation. U.S. immigration officials returned the 27 [illegals] to Mexico.

The Scourge of MEChA
Houston Chronicle / Arizona Republic
Spencer says MEChA aims to liberate Aztlan
The Republican Party of Texas denounces them as a Chicano separatist group trying to return the southwestern United States to Mexico. -- Pat Buchanan, in his latest book, calls them "unabashedly racist and anti-American." -- To the conservatives who dread the consequences of the Hispanic population boom now sweeping America, no group has become more fearsome than MEChA... "There is plenty of evidence that they really believe in the liberation of Aztlan," said Glenn Spencer... [See: The Scourge of MEChA] [Discuss]

The News - Mexico City
Castañeda remains under fire
A lawmaker on Friday criticized Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castañeda's diplomacy as being "pro-yankee" while ignoring the interests of other nations, local media reported Friday. -- "For Castañeda, the only relationship that matters is the one with the United States, all the rest have to take a backseat with him," Sen. Demetrio Sodi told reporters in Veracruz.
Associated Press
Asylum seekers busted
Four El Salvadorans who had sought asylum in the United States were charged with drug trafficking after agents seized 10 pounds of methamphetamine and $1.3 million from a Des Moines rental home. -- Bundles of cash wrapped in yellow cellophane were found stashed in a heating duct, a tool chest, a laundry bag and tucked in a hole in the basement floor. [Message board]

Thomas Roeser - Chicago Sun-Times
Bush bows to corporate greed
Many, many times, as you know, have I supported President Bush. I think he has become a very effective president. I think his steel tariff was good in the long run, justifying an eventual free market trade vote vis-a-vis Latin America. I think he made the right call in signing the misnamed campaign ''reform'' bill, since portions will likely be overturned by the Supreme Court. But now he has made a wrong choice on amnesty. Of all people, I am cheering Sen. Robert Byrd...
The News - Mexico City
Davis: Give illegals licenses
In an unexpected change of attitude, California governor Gray Davis on Friday came out in favor of granting driver's licenses to more than 2 million undocumented Mexican immigrants, but only for working purposes. -- "I think we can form an initiative which will permit, in the best way possible, people who live here and contribute to our economy to drive to their work, without this compromising public security," Davis said. [See this action alert]

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