Glenn Spencer to Newsday
Note: As of the date of this posting on the VCT site the above had not been published in the publication to which it was addressed.

Re: Sachem Organization Should Cut Ties With Hate Group
Newsday Editorial - May 25, 2001


Since Newsday has seen fit to attack me personally, I would hope you will have the decency to allow me to respond to each of your accusations in order.

First, I never called Mario Obledo a "-ing cockroach", but maybe I should have. This co-founder of the Ford Foundation created Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998. Shortly thereafter, he got on a Los Angeles radio station and said, "California is going to be a Hispanic [read Mexican] state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave." He went on to say they "should go back to Europe". This was after he threatened to "burn down or blow up a billboard he didn't like" [click here for RealAudio file of Obledo's utterances]. These terrorist threats by this ethnic cleanser caused the media company to remove the billboard - a clear attack on freedom of speech.

As to my unpublished and uncirculated letter about the Mexican culture, in Bordering on Chaos, Pulitzer Prize winning author Andres Oppenheimer observed, "There is nothing new about Mexico's tradition of lying, of course. Since as far as historians could remember, double talk and deceit had been part of Mexico's culture." What I said about the widespread use of false IDs by Mexicans in the U.S. was true. My letter went on to say that when Mexicans assimilated "they dropped this defense mechanism".

Our Web site features many articles and comments. That one of them was written by someone who at some time in the past might have used an inappropriate phrase ("slimy mass of brown glop") is beyond our capability or interest to police. We judge each article on its own merits.

As to the so-called attack on Jews, our radio program, The American Patrol Report, did have guest, a professor at California State University at Long Beach, who argues that Jewish organizations have played a major role in promoting immigration into the United States. Not one of our Jewish members complained or asked to be removed from our mailing list following the show.

American Patrol was founded by Glenn Spencer and Shirley Lertzman, a Jewish woman who was just completing her final tour on the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. Some of our most effective and outspoken supporters are Jewish.

In your editorial you report, "American Patrol is a hate group," SPLC spokesman Mark Potok reiterated yesterday. "There isn't even room for discussion."

The real story here is that the Southern Policy Law Center does not want to leave room for discussion. It is the hate group - it hates the truth.

Glenn Spencer
American Patrol

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