No Riots if Romney Wins

Glenn Spencer -- November 5, 2012

I do not believe people will riot if Gov. Romney wins the election tomorrow.  it just doesn't make sense.  We had a free and fair election in 2008 and Barack Obama won.  There was no racism.  

Americans of African descent are not stupid. Mr. Obama has not done well, and they know it.  After all, they have the highest rate of unemployment.  Moreover, Obama has outraged many with his backing of same sex marriages and gays in the military.  

Americans of African descent know what is fair and what is not - and they know what they don't like.  There may be some who try to start a riot, but they will fail.  The emotional heat and clarity of a Rodney King verdict just isn't there - and to suggest that a riot will follow a fair election is an insult to that entire community.

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