Speaking the Unspeakable

Is Liberal Jewish-Controlled Hollywood Brainwashing America?

By Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report - December 23, 2008

Yesterday I commented on Harrison Ford's new movie Crossing Over. In the piece I said I once had dinners with Ford, in a long ago past life.

I grew up in Hollywood and, through marriage, spent years surrounded by left-wing intellectuals such as Sam Rosenwein, defender of the Progressive Labor Party, and buddy of Dorothy Healy, activist in the Communist Party.

 From countless booze-drenched dinners I learned that these people hated the U.S. and sought to achieve a globalist Communist society.  While this was going on I was rasing a familiy and doing Operations Research and didn't really appreciate what they were saying.  I just nodded and got along.  Years later as my political IQ increased I realized that these people were my enemy and the enemy of my country. Thank God I am no longer tied to them.

After I had posted the story about Ford I ran into an op-ed piece in the L.A. Times, How Jewish is Hollywood?

In it, the Jewish author proves that Jews do, in fact, control Hollywood.

I have many Jewish friends and they have been extremely instrumental in fighting illegal immigration.  I fear, however, that this small handful of patriotic Americans are far outnumbered by liberal Jews who now have total control over our media.  With my memories of the Hollywood elite, I think it is now time that Americans be forewarned that they are probably subject to clever pro-illegal alien propaganda every time they watch something produced in Hollywood.

Though the Hollywood blacklist is long past, the philosophy that permeated Hollywood probably did not die with McCarthy.

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