10/20/12 - 0000 - Violation of US Airspace by Drug Smuggling Aircraft



Omaha "Hi-Flier" aircraft  detected an UltraLight "bogie" aircraft, 12 miles north of the US/Mexico Border on the Tohono O'odham Reservation, headed northeast  @ N31 52.62, W112 11.33 . 

(Note: closer inspection of incident audio indicates that the ultralight was actually first detected south of the US/Mexico Border)

Ultralight aircraft was tracked to a location near Sunland Ginand Ellis Road (N32 37.68, W 111 40.46),  13 miles south of Interstate 8,  south of Arizona City.... 60 miles northeast of where the aircraft was first detected.

At this location, the UltraLight aircraft was observed dropping bales of marijuana to individuals on the ground. Responding agents took 3 smugglers and 10 bales of marijuana (approx 250lbs) into custody.

There was no apparent effort to interdict, disable or track the Ultralight aircraft after the "drug drop" and it is assumed that it flew back toward Mexico

(Note: After the "air drop" , the Omaha aircraft pilot asks.... "would there be any use in us going down there picking him up again ?"  After a minute, he announces that he is finished with the call and available for any other agents who need support)

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