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Del. Pat McDonough -- WCBM-AM -- Lutherville, Md. -- November 21, 2011   
Baltimore "amnesty city"   
It's official! Baltimore is now America's "amnesty city." President Obama and Mayor Rawlings-Blake have teamed up to violate the law and impose troubling consequences upon the citizens of Charm City. -- This past summer, President Obama issued an executive order that would limit the enforcement of the Federal Immigration Act. The Obama edict mandates that the law enforcement officials at the federal level only arrest, detain, and deport illegal aliens classified as criminals...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- November 10, 2011   
Senators to Obama, DHS: Stop ignoring illegal alien sanctuaries
With a Justice Department fiercely focusing on taking legal action against state laws that help to combat illegal aliens and crimes they commit, a group of U.S. Senators is asking the Obama Administration to stop ignoring local ordinances that undermine federal laws by offering [illegal] aliens sanctuary. -- Two cities were recently added to the growing list of so-called sanctuary cities that protect illegal -- even criminal -- aliens...

DCist -- October 24, 2011   
Not everyone is happy that D.C. is a 'sanctuary city'   
When Mayor Vince Gray announced last week that he was ordering D.C. police not to inquire about immigration status during routine stops and operations for minor offenses, members of the District's immigrant community loudly cheered him on. -- But not everyone is happy (certainly not Virginia's Corey Stewart) that the District is among 31 cities across the country known as "sanctuary cities" -- places where...

Reuters -- June 30, 2011         
Greedy business lobby helps stiff American workers in Texas   
Powerful business interests helped to scuttle proposed immigration restrictions in Texas on Wednesday, further evidence that Republicans in some states are facing resistance among their own supporters to an immigration clampdown. -- A so-called "sanctuary cities" bill that would have allowed a crackdown on cities providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants died...

Texas Tribune -- June 26, 2011         
Decision on Texas immigration bill postponed   
A decision on whether to advance the Texas' pending "sanctuary cities" legislation will not be made until Monday, leaving less time for lawmakers to consider the bills before Wednesday's special session deadline. -- The House Committee on State Affairs was scheduled to take up "pending business" Friday at 8:45 a.m. to consider HB9 and SB9...

Dallas Morning News -- June 24, 2011  
Top business leaders try to derail Texas 'sanctuary cities' bill   
Austin -- Two of Texas' most powerful business leaders have mounted a late-hour push to derail an anti-illegal-immigration bill in the Legislature's special session. -- Houston homebuilder Bob Perry and HEB / Central Market grocery chieftain Charles Butt applied pressure Thursday to members of a House panel to block the "sanctuary cities" measure...

Daily News News Services -- June 7, 2011   
LA Council votes to oppose mandatory 'Secure Communities' program   
The City Council voted today to support state legislation that would allow the city to opt out of the federal government's "Secure Communities" program that requires police to submit fingerprints of arrested people to federal immigration officials. -- The program was created in 2008 and calls for police to submit suspects' fingerprints to ICE so they can be cross- checked with federal deportation orders...

Associated Press -- May 18, 2011  
Senate committee rejects sanctuary city language   
Austin, Texas -- An immigration bill that had flared into one of the most divisive issues of the legislative session has been derailed in the Texas Senate. -- The original bill would allow local police to question anyone they detain about their citizenship status. It had already passed the House...

Rasmussen Reports -- May 10, 2011   
59% favor cutoff of federal funds to sanctuary cities   
New legislation being considered by the House would stop all federal funding for cities that give sanctuary to illegal [aliens], and most voters like the idea. But very few believe Congress is likely to pass such a measure. -- A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a cutoff of federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities...

Brenda Walker -- -- May 7, 2011   
Barletta bill would defund sanctuary cities    
Look out San Francisco (and others)! Your fat checks from Congress may be pruned back entirely if freshman Congressman Lou Barletta manages to pass his new legislation, which would end federal funding to cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws. -- If San Francisco had not been a hopelessly foolish sanctuary city, coddling criminal illegal aliens, then some terrible crimes might have been prevented...

Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- May 7, 2011   
Fort Worth mayor bemoans 'sanctuary cities' bill   
Austin, Tx. -- Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief has called on state lawmakers to reject a bill that would outlaw so-called sanctuary cities, saying it would slap Fort Worth and other Texas cities with an "unfunded mandate" to enforce federal immigration laws and would open the door to costly litigation against cities...

Fox News -- May 7, 2011    
San Francisco to stop detaining arrested illegals for deportation  
San Francisco, one of the first sanctuary cities in the nation, plans to end its cooperation with federal immigration officials and start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for minor offenses before they can be picked up for deportation. -- The city's decision is the latest development in a tug of war between several communities and the federal government...

Bay Citizen -- May 6, 2011   
San Francisco Sheriff to defy 'Secure Communities'   
On June 1, San Francisco's jail will begin releasing undocumented immigrants arrested for low-level crimes, even if federal officials want them held for a deportation hearing, the Examiner reported. -- San Francisco's sanctuary ordinance prohibits local officials from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement in enforcing immigration laws unless it involves a felony...

Politico -- May 5, 2011 
Immigration bill cracks down on sactuary cities   
A bill unveiled today by Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Penn.) would slash federal funding for cities whose local law enforcement don't enforce immigration laws. -- The legislation, the "Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act," would crack down on more than a hundred American cities, Barletta said during a press conference today... [Related item]

Westword -- Denver -- May 5, 2011   
Denver P.D. memo doesn't mean this is a sanctury city, spokesman says   

Joe Guzzardi -- -- April 23, 2011    
Sanctuary city policies responsible for more jailed illegals   
A new Government Accountability Report found that the number of criminal aliens incarcerated in California rose to 102,795 in 2009, a 17 percent increase since 2003. According to federal auditors, more than one in four of the illegal immigrants imprisoned in California are locked up for drug offenses. The average inmate has been arrested a shocking seven times at an average $34,000 annual cost...

Veronica Flores-Paniagua / San Antonio Express-News -- April 12, 2011    
It's Official: San Antonio is a sanctuary city   
...The ripple effects on the community are profound: a workplace may suddenly be without its employee and a family without its principal breadwinner. These aren't ICE's concerns. But they are for a city whose mayor and chambers of commerce regard the contributions of illegal [aliens] as economic assets...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- April 12, 2011   
San Francisco, U.S.'s first sanctuary city, faces roadblock    
In 1989, San Francisco became the first in the nation to establish itself as a 'city and county of refuge' for [illegal aliens] of all nations. It also was the first major American city to issue identification cards and pass a city ordinance explicitly forbidding local police from assisting in the enforcement of federal immigration law...

NBC Bay Area -- April 6, 2011    
Committee rejects California immigration bill   
A legislative committee Tuesday rejected a bill that would go after sanctuary cities and employers who hire undocumented [aliens]. -- Early Tuesday, the Assembly Judiciary Committee considered Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's bill, AB26. Committee members voted 7-3 against the bill...

Texas Tribune -- March 30, 2011    
Texas lawmakers prepare for sanctuary city battle    
It's been modified from its original form to allay Democrats' concerns, but lawmakers are nonetheless gearing up for a battle as emotional and time-consuming as Voter ID when they take up legislation addressing another one of Gov. Perry's emergency items -- abolishing sanctuary cities...

Medill Reports -- Northwestern University -- Chicago -- March 4, 2011     
Cook County, Illinois: Illegals get deported, whining ensues   
Significant numbers of non-criminal [illegal aliens] are being arrested and deported from Illinois through a federal program designed to identify and remove convicted criminal aliens from the United States. -- According to the most recent U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement statistics, 78 percent of [illegal aliens] arrested...

Dallas Morning News -- March 2, 2011    
Bill banning sanctuary cities gets first hearing   
House lawmakers debate the first major immigration proposal on Wednesday that would ban "sanctuary cities" by allowing law enforcement officers to ask about a person's legal immigration status and arrest them for being in the country illegally...

Dan Baltes -- The Examiner -- March 1, 2011     
The Utah Compact: Respect for the rule of law or a push for sanctuary cities?
In November 2010, the Utah Compact came into existence through the combined efforts of some Utah groups who seek to guide or direct discussions and legislation concerning illegal immigration in the State. The Utah Compact website touts wide support by business and political leaders across the State...

Houston Chronicle -- February 19, 2011     
'Sanctuary city' bills catching heat    
When it comes to immigration, law-and-order Republicans are at odds with a number of those charged with enforcing law and order in local communities. -- Police chiefs and sheriffs came to the Texas Capitol Thursday to denounce proposals they said would make communities less safe by tasking them with the additional responsibility of enforcing immigration laws...

Texas Tribune -- February 14, 2011     
Texas bill would prevent police immigration inquiries    
Freshman state Sen. José Rodríguez, D-El Paso, filed SB 600 on Friday, which would prevent law enforcement from asking the immigration status or nationality of a witness to or victim of a crime "except as necessary to investigate the offense." -- Rodríguez is one one of several outspoken Democrats who believe Gov. Rick Perry's call to abolish "sanctuary city" policies...

Twin Cities Daily Planet -- Minneapolis -- February 11, 2011     
Republican bill seeks to ban immigration 'sanctuary cities'    
Minnesota House Republicans introduced a bill Monday that would prevent cities, counties and other local governments from making laws related to immigration enforcement. St. Paul, Minneapolis and Worthington have ordinances on the books that direct city employees to check the immigration status of their residents only in certain instances...

Althea Rae Shaw -- South Los Angeles Report -- February 2, 2011     
Making public safety a priority    
In Los Angeles, public safety should be priority, but it's not. Did you know that the City of Los Angeles is a "sanctuary city"? Sanctuary cities are commonly defined as those that restrict law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration laws. Basically, a sanctuary city is a pathway to lawlessness...

Star Newspapers -- January 29, 2011     
County Judge says McKinney is 'de facto sanctuary city'   
Gov. Rick Perry kicked off the 82nd Legislature by addressing an issue he deemed an emergency: "sanctuary cities." -- Katherine Cesinger, press secretary for the Governor, said sanctuary cities are cities that tie the hands of law enforcement by prohibiting them from questioning someone's legal status during the course of a lawful encounter...

KETK-TV -- Tyler, Texas -- January 25, 2011     
Sanctuary city bills vague on policing   
Even if the Legislature abolishes so-called sanctuary cities, something Gov. Rick Perry says needs to be done at the start of the legislative session, police won't have a means of checking immigration status or the authority to arrest illegal [aliens]. -- Perry declared banning sanctuary cities an emergency item, which means lawmakers can begin considering the issue...

KVUE-TV -- Austin, Texas -- January 11, 2011     
Perry gives emergency status to sanctuary city bill    
Only minutes after being sworn in on the opening day of the 82nd session of the Texas Legislature, lawmakers heard Gov. Rick Perry give emergency status to legislation ending so-called sanctuary cities for [illegal aliens] in Texas. -- That is just one of the big issues that drew crowds so big State Fire Marshall's Office...

Chicago Tribune -- December 19, 2010     
2 Iowa cities could be illegal alien sanctuaries   
Officials in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are considering policies that would make their cities sanctuaries for illegal [aliens]. -- The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the policies will likely be discussed at council meetings in January. -- If approved, the policies would prohibit city employees, including police, from notifying federal authorities of illegal [aliens]...

Des Moines Register -- October 31, 2010     
Group pushes Iowa City as 'immigration sanctuary city'    
A group pushing for Iowa City to become the state's first sanctuary city for illegal [aliens] will have the police chief and at least one City Council member in their corner when officials take up the issue. -- The Rev. Rudolph Juarez, pastor at St. Patrick Catholic Church and a member of a local group called the Sanctuary City Committee, is asking the council to adopt an ordinance...

Stein Report -- October 21, 2010    
Sanctuary cities ready to torch fingerprint sharing to protect illegal aliens   
The inevitable endpoint of sanctuary cities desire to protect illegal aliens is now in sight - a halt of all fingerprint sharing by localities with state and federal authorities. The Huffington Post has a report from Santa Clara county, California, where supervisors are plotting on how they can prevent ICE from deporting illegal aliens [criminals] taken into custody...

Debra J. Saunders -- San Francisco Chronicle -- October 8, 2010     
San Francisco Sanctuary City voting   
Once again, the board of supervisors have put a measure on the ballot to allow non-citizens to vote in city school board elections. It's called Proposition D. -- The city has been down this path before, and the voters rejected the measure. It was a bad idea then and it's a bad idea now. I wrote on the issue in 2004...

U.S. Financial Post -- October 7, 2010    
Imagine New York Mayor Bloomberg as U.S president   
...As if it is not bad enough to want to confiscate all firearms, Mayor Bloomberg defends his wish to keep New York City a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. He states that the foreigners contribute to the city. Tell that to the unemployed African-Americans and other American born minorities. The truth is when those outside the city discover his views, if he should run, he will not do well...

CAUSA (Oregon Ethnic Hustlers) -- September 30, 2010    
"Hispanic Affairs Commission" calls for cops overlooking illegal aliens   
The Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs has sent a letter to Chair Jeff Cogan of the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners expressing concerns over the Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office's participation in the "Secure Communities" Program. This voluntary collaboration, they say, "has diminished trust in law enforcement and other County services", and has "degraded public safety."

Morgan Hill (Calif.) Times -- September 29, 2010     
County to opt out of federal immigration enforcement law   
Santa Clara County does not want to participate in a federal program that shares local inmates' information with federal officials in order to enforce federal immigration laws. -- The board of supervisors voted unanimously today to opt out of the U.S. Secure Communities program...

WTOP-FM -- Washington -- September 29, 2010     
Arlington County to withdraw from ICE program   
The Arlington County (Va.) Board has officially notified U.S. ICE and Virginia State Police they will be withdrawing from the federal Secure Communities Initiative. -- The board voted unanimously Tuesday, saying the program promotes a "culture of fear and distrust of law enforcement that threatens public safety and makes communities less safe."

Lincoln Tribune  -- Lincolnton, NC -- August 19, 2010    
Arizona law puts spotlight on sanctuary cities    
Raleigh -- The notion of "sanctuary cities" may face heightened scrutiny from a provision in SB 1070, Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration. -- The provision prohibits counties, cities, and towns from adopting "sanctuary" policies that limit the enforcement of federal immigration law to less than the full extent permitted by federal law...

Heritage Foundation -- August 17, 2010     
ICE union revolts against Obama sanctuary city policies   
Recently the Obama Administration hired former Houston police chief Harold Hurtt to coordinate state and local activities for U.S. ICE. As The Heritage Foundation pointed out at the time, Hurtt seemed like an odd choice to head up an important position with ICE. Hurtt is, after all, a well-documented supporter of "sanctuary city polices," which puts him at odds, at least philosophically, with the agency's mission...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- August 4, 2010     
Pasadena (Calif.) police sued for records about city's sanctuary policy   
A public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced this week that it has filed an open records lawsuit against the Pasadena, CA, Police Department, and PPD Police Chief Christopher Vicino, to obtain documents related to the department's alleged illegal alien sanctuary policy...

Rasmussen Reports -- July 28, 2010         
Scott's Report: Immigration update   
Report indicates overwhelming support for Arizona's SB1070, and for going after "sanctuary cities."

Digger's Realm -- July 27, 2010     
Sanctuary cities are against federal law... where are the lawsuits?   
There is an excellent article on the dangers and illegality of "Sanctuary Cities" over at Human Events. I think it is well past time that these cities be sued into enforcing the law. They force the taxpayer, many of them in the rural and suburb parts of states, to foot the bill for the large illegal alien populations within the cities within those states...

Hans A. von Spakovsky -- -- July 27, 2010    
Law-enforcement-free sanctuaries   
The Obama administration will sue Arizona for trying to help Washington enforce federal immigration laws, but flatly rejects the notion of suing sanctuary cities that blatantly defy those same laws. That announcement two weeks ago revealed the hypocrisy and utter contempt for the rule of law rampant in Eric Holder's Justice Department...

Debra J. Saunders -- San Francisco Chronicle -- July 27, 2010    
Free pass for sanctuary cities?   
The Obama administration had gone to federal court to kill Arizona's new illegal-immigration law, scheduled to go into effect Thursday. The Department of Justice argues that enforcement of the Arizona law "is pre-empted by federal law and therefore violates the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution."

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith -- July 27, 2010    
Obama sues Arizona, gives sanctuary to lawbreakers   
The Obama administration is suing Arizona for wanting to enforce our nation's immigration laws, but they won't sue cities that violate our immigration laws by enacting sanctuary policies. -- So-called "sanctuary cities" prohibit their law-enforcement officers from cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to report illegal [aliens]...

Los Angeles Times -- July 25, 2010     
Illegal alien 'sanctuaries' rouse opponents' wrath   
Critics of the Obama administration's decision to sue Arizona over its new law to control illegal immigration accuse the government of overlooking a more obvious target: the dozens of cities that called themselves a "sanctuary" for [illegal aliens.... criminals]. -- "Everyone has noticed the hypocrisy of the government going after Arizona and ignoring the sanctuary cities," said Bob Dane...

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