Rick Oltman -- The Examiner -- December 2, 2010   
The latest version of the Dream Act has been introduced   
The latest version of the Dream Act, there are now 4 or 5 floating around, was presented Wednesday. The Bill number is S.3992. With the waivers and the hardship exception, it is clearly an amnesty. -- Call your senators and congressman and tell them...

Rick Oltman of The Immigration Tea Party -- The Examiner - December 1, 2010   
Enough already with the lies about the DREAM Act   
The Bovine Scatology being reported about the Dream Act is just the latest in a long line of lies about immigration, the number of illegal aliens in our country and the effect illegal immigration has on our country. Lying about immigration has been a staple of American politics for nearly two decades...

Rick Oltman of The Immigration Tea Party -- November 18,2010 
The DREAM Act -- A tired act   
Democrat-Hispanic lawmakers want a lame duck vote on the Dream Act. They ought to call it a lame turkey, because that's what it is. The most important thing you can do right now is to call your congressman and both senators and tell them...

Rick Oltman -- The Examiner -- November 16, 2010     
The Immigration Tea Party   
Resolved: The United States must send an unequivocal message to the world that we are serious about securing our border and enforcing our immigration and employment laws. -- This Immigration Contract with America calls for: 1.) # A Secure Border. The U.S. Border Patrol and Customs will be reinforced with the National Guard and U.S. military as needed...

Rick Oltman  -- The Examiner -- November 11, 2010   
Thank you Veterans for making America possible   
"Whosoever of us lifts his hand in hate against a brother, or who thinks himself superior to those who happen to be in the minority, makes of this ceremony and the bloody sacrifice it commemorates, an empty, hollow mockery." -- "This ceremony" was the dedication of the U.S. Marine Cemetery on Iwo Jima after the fighting ended in 1945...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- November 10, 2010   
Polls are polls and pols are pols. The ultimate poll is election day 
More evidence of the popularity of immigration law enforcement was produced in last week's election. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's crushing defeat of her opponent after signing and defending SB 1070 wasn't the only example...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- November 9, 2010   
Pelosi for Minority Leader   
Within 36 hours of crashing into the electoral iceberg the Captain of the H.R. Democritanic announces that she wants the crew to make her leader of the lifeboats. It's just too incredible. I don't believe it. The media, like lemmings rushing off a cliff...

Rick Oltman -- November 3, 2010   
The saddest fact of all   
This is the sad story of Shing Ma Li. Steven Li, nee Shing Ma Li, is awaiting deportation to Peru. According to the story, "Steven Li was living... his... American dream until his untold past caught up to him," on September 15th when he was arrested by ICE agents at his home...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- November 3, 2010  
The most important election in the country   
There's lots to ponder regarding the mid-term elections this year. In the next several days we will be drowning in analysis, smirking at recriminations, scratching our heads at some comments and eventually, sick of it, we will tiredly swing our gaze forward to the next election, in 2012...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner  -- October 28, 2010  
Basically, we're on the honor system   
As every election season accelerates towards its consummation the claims of voting irregularities inevitably surface. This year is no different. Close elections are scrutinized for fraud, indeed frequently in the past fraud has been detected, after the fact...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- October 25, 2010   
We're from the Mexican gov't and we're here to help   
The Mexican Consulate in Tucson is whining again. This time he says that Mexicans living in Tucson don't trust the police. -- Juan Manuel Calderon Jaimes says Mexicans are scared to report crimes for fear they might be turned over to immigration authorities... [Examiner items] [More Mexican sniveling]

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- October 18, 2010    
The Meg Whitman affair is just a sideshow   
The Meg Whitman- illegal alien housekeeper story continues to entertain. But, the real story has been missed in the coverage of this gotcha-game that is being played for obvious political reasons. -- I am not defending Meg Whitman. But, from what I can deduce from all the news coverage... [Examiner items]

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- October 15, 2010  
40 million, 60 million... what's the difference?   
California's population is 40 million people today. It is made up of a combination of native born, citizens from other states, legal immigrants and illegal aliens. -- At the current rate of growth there will be 60 million people in California in 40 years; by 2050... [Examiner items]

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- October 12, 2010   
Foreign money in politic$ vs. foreign influence in the courts   
According to the Washington Post, "The Obama administration and its allies are going all out against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and GOP-leaning groups, accusing them of using foreign money to help finance political ads"... [Other Examiner items]

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- October 5, 2010  
Hispanic voters not motivated   
Pew Hispanic Center has issued a report that says Hispanic voters are not that motivated for the fall election. -- Page 4 of the report says, "When Arizona enacted an unauthorized immigrant enforcement bill earlier this year, the immigration policy debate reignited across the country...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- September 27, 2010   
62% of likely voters believe the government encourages illegal immigration 
This Rasmussen poll also validates what some of us have known for years. The immigration debate has moved from education to the policy arena. Be sure you are interacting with policy makers, and potential policy makers as we move closer to November...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- September 25, 2010   
Minor celebrity niche testimony for illegal alien amnesty   
The debate over amnesty for illegal aliens has hit a new low in the U.S. Congress. In fact, testimony of any kind has hit a new low as Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central was invited to speak to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security by Ringmaster Chairman Zoe Lofgren D-CA from San Jose.

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- September 22, 2010   
Obama's Auntie Zeituni is in the news, again    
President Obama's Auntie Zeituni is in the news again. -- Last year when she went before an immigration judge regarding her 2004 deportation order I predicted that Auntie Zeituni Gets To Stay. -- Glenn Beck and I discussed the situation on his show...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- September 20, 2010 
Thank you, Colin Powell   
In a Sunday interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," former Secretary of State Colin Powell said a path to legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants because they "are doing things we need done in this country." -- Thank you, Colin Powell. Your statement helps keep national attention on the immigration issue...

Rick Oltman of CAPS -- The Examiner -- September 16, 2010     
The Dream Act - A zombie   
The Dream Act has returned. Like a zombie it just keeps coming back, reanimated periodically so that open borders politicians and the amnesty lobby can show their constituents that they are actually doing something for the illegal aliens in our country...

Rick Oltman -- September 13, 2010   
Expectation is biggest immigration pull factor of all   
In July the Department of Homeland Security began dismissing deportation cases against illegal aliens. U.S. government attorneys began requesting the dismissals to the shock of defense attorneys and the delight of the illegal aliens...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- August 11, 2010    
Harry Reid, shame on you   
The Senate Majority Leader has provided us with a "teachable moment," in the parlance of our times. -- Said Reid, "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?" -- Uh, no Harry, you don't need to say anymore...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- August 5, 2010   
Lindsey Graham wants to end anchor babies? Pu-leeeze 
On July 29th, the same day that Arizona's SB 1070 went into effect and knowing full well that the 14th Amendment will never be changed, Sen. Lindsey Graham R-SC told FOX News' Greta Van Susteren that he, "...may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules..." on birthright citizenship...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- July 17, 2010   
Preserve, protect and defend the... de facto amnesty   
The momentum has shifted dramatically in the immigration enforcement saga. Anti-amnesty sentiment has never been higher in the country than it is today and the president's lawsuit against the newest Arizona law is purely defensive...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- July 9, 2010     
Loss of a patriot   
Terry Anderson is gone. And with his passing we have lost a fearless patriot who loved America and said what he felt about illegal immigration and those elected officials who refused to secure the borders and enforce our immigration laws. -- Terry's blunt condemnation of those selling out America for cheap labor was offensive to some...

Rick Oltman -- Marin Independent Journal -- Novato, Calif. -- June 28, 2010   
Denying Novato voters' right   
The Novato City Council choked Tuesday night when it decided to do nothing about putting a citizen initiative on the November 2010 ballot. Doing nothing is not one of its options, according to the state elections code, but the council chose that course because its members don't have the courage to follow the law...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- June 25, 2010   
The latest amnesty palaver   
Whenever there is talk from any politician in Washington, DC about an amnesty for illegal aliens, it is an opportunity to call your congressman, senators and state representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms that you oppose rewarding lawbreakers with amnesty...

Marin Independent-Journal -- Novato, Calif. -- June 23, 2010     
Novato faces lawsuit by taking no action on controversial voter referendum 
...Group co-founder Ken Kelser said the council taking no action would be in direct violation of the California elections code and that the council "has been very ill-advised" by Frank and Walter. Group member Rick Oltman added that American workers will benefit by the widespread use of E-Verify and that the council would be approving the hiring of illegal aliens if it stood in the way of a public vote...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- June 9, 2010   
The big lie, again   
After every successful effort to halt the illegal alien invasion, be it by referendum or by legislators who actually care about protecting the citizenry and our sovereignty, we have news outlets attempting to give pause to politicians by engaging in the Big Lie that because California voters overwhelming passed Proposition 187... [

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- June 1, 2010   
Sanctimony on parade   
Sanctimonious morons marched to protest the new Arizona immigration enforcement law prior to the Giants-Diamondbacks game at ATT Park on May 29, 2010. This was part of a national effort to sponsor protest marches across the country and is absolute proof that...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- May 20, 2010   Warning!: Shameless Baby Waving   
What a lucky coincidence!   
Isn't it a lucky coincidence that a little girl brought up the immigration issue to the First Lady the very same day that Mexican President Calderon is town for his annual fete at the White House? Of course, it was no coincidence at all. This was a staged event... [More on this absurd performance - video included]

KABC-TV -- Los Angeles -- May 20, 2010       
Second grader questions first lady over illegal immigration   
...Rick Oltman, from the group California For Population Stabilization, wants to see the borders secured to guard against what he calls the negative effects of illegal immigration, including crime and a drain on resources. He believes the Mexican president's visit and Mrs. Obama's classroom discussion were orchestrated to encourage illegals...

Rick Oltman -- April 8, 2010 
National Guard to the border! Caveat emptor   
Following the murder of Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz, continued horrific violence in the drug war in Mexico and videos going viral on the internet of illegal aliens flooding into our country with seeming impunity there have been calls for putting the National Guard on the border. But...will they be armed?

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- March 31, 2010   
The invasion continues unabated   
The march on America continues. 45 miles south of Phoenix two pickup trucks are packed to the gills with illegal aliens they are smuggling in. There is no border security, anybody who says so is lying. These two trucks have a cargo worth at least $150,000. [Also see: Marches on America]

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 30, 2010 
Death in the desert   
Arizona rancher Rob Krentz was murdered on his ranch Saturday, 20 miles from the Mexican border. Rob Krentz is only the latest victim of the federal government's willful refusal to secure our border. That's right, refusal to secure the border... [Note media links at bottom of article]

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 22, 2010   
Marches on America   
On Sunday March 21st thousands of illegal alien supporters and open borders advocates met in Washington DC to demand the Obama Administration keep its promise of amnesty for illegal aliens. At the same time, there was another March on America. A March of drug thugs and illegal aliens...

Rick Oltman -- March 9, 2010   
Biometric cards are D.O.A.   
Can you say DOA? Because that's going to be the outcome for the new tamperproof "biometric card" that is being proposed by Sen. Chuck Schumer D-NY (the new Ted Kennedy on immigration). This is so transparent it is insulting...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 3, 2010   
67% say illegals are major strain on U.S. budget   
When it comes to the negative impacts of out of control immigration and failed border security you can add a new category to what I call The Big 4; Crime, Education, Healthcare and the Environment. Now add, The Budget...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- February 25, 2010   
A gruesome metaphor of our times   
A gruesome metaphor of our times; The federal government fails to secure the border from illegal entries, a sanctimonious sanctuary city thumbs its nose at laws and prevents a violent illegal alien gang member from being deported, an innocent family is ripped apart by AK-47 fire...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 25, 2010       
State of the Union address   
President Obama will give his second State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 27th. And we feel that the SOTU Address would be an excellent time for the President to tell the American people, and the world, what he intends to do about securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- October 21, 2009       
Putting the T in Stupervisor  
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have proven themselves, once again, to be the most despicable bunch of elected officials under one roof... and that's saying something....

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- October 7, 2009       
The subtext of DHS pulling the plug on Sheriff Joe   
A 2008 DHS audit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio praised his Maricopa County Sheriff's Department for professionalism and adhering to the287(g) guidelines. Regardless, and keeping in mind that Phoenix is the North America (illegal alien) kidnap capital...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- September 26, 2009       
Reduce agents on border? Makes perfect sense...   
Let's see, the drug war is still raging in Mexico. There are now estimates that H1N1 flu could become a global pandemic, which entered the United States from... Mexico. A bunch of terrorists plotting attacks on Americans have just been arrested...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- September 23, 2009       
Shoot 'em up at the San Ysidro POE   
What was so important that there had to be a shoot 'em up at the San Ysidro check point on Tuesday? -- Did the smugglers actually think that by running the port of entry with three vans that one would actually get through? Did they expect that even one vehicle would make it far enough to disgorge its illegal alien cargo...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- September 10, 2009       
Hallelujah. Somebody finally got emotional   
The highlight of President Obama’s address to the joint session of congress on Wednesday night was Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelling out, "You lie!" after the president said, "The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- September 8, 2009       
The wisdom of the American people   
Nothing has a greater effect on the future of this nation than our immigration policy. The tacit amnesty that began with Bill Clinton and supported by George Bush has continued under the Obama administration..

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- July 15, 2009       
Meritocracy or mediocrity?   
The nomination and confirmation hearing of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is just another sad example of where we are in the history of our great country. Sotomayor, an American born of Puerto Rican descent, is Hispanic, or in her words, "Latina."...

CBS5-TV -- San Francisco -- July 14, 2009       
Prop. 187 backers consider new ballot measure   
In 1994, when the state was in economic trouble, voters passed Proposition 187, which curtailed services to illegal aliens. Now there's a move to do it again. Video features an interview with Rick Oltman of Californians for Population Stabilization....

Fox News -- July 14, 2009        
Rick Oltman on the cost of illegal immigration   
Californians for Population Stabilization's Rick Oltman speaks to Fox News about illegal immigration and what it costs taxpayers. Segment aired July 13, 2009.

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- June 26, 2009       
Swine flu update   
...If you haven't read the original post, OBAMA'S HORSES you should. It's below under the May 19th update. -- This is the perfect example of how action, or in this case INACTION, has consequences. The failure of the Obama administration to act and secure the borders is responsible for this..

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- June 2, 2009       
Another delay – but, no surprise   
One year, four delays. Is there another Presidential Executive Order that has been delayed, ever? I don't know of one. -- On June 6th 2009 it will be one year since President Bush signed Executive Order 12989...

Rick Oltman - Marin Independent Journal -- Novato, Calif. -- June 2, 2009  
Novato must protect legal workers   
At the May 12 meeting of the Novato City Council, resident Jerome J. Ghigliotti Jr. addressed the council about the problems of illegal immigration in Novato and asked the city to take action to protect American jobs. -- Specifically, he asked that the new employees of the city, and new employees of its contractors...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- May 1, 2009       
Obama's horses   
In responding to a question about the border and the swine flu President Obama said Wednesday that, "the horses are already out of the barn." And with that naïve, flippant remark we're supposed to presume that we don't need any additional border security...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- April 28, 2009       
Lets not politicize the swine flu   
The usual suspects are shocked, shocked, to find out that there are some people who actually think the swine flu outbreak in Mexico should lead to more border security, and say so. -- It’s incredible. Some Americans actually think that if you want to protect our country from importing a potentially deadly infectious disease...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- April 23, 2009       
Comprehensive (unofficial) amnesty   
100 days into the Obama Administration and we have a very good idea of what this government is going to do about border security and enforcing our immigration laws. And what we see is very bad news for our country...

Californians for Population Stabilization -- April 20, 2009           
H1-B Visas: Rick Oltman of CAPS on Fox News today   
The biggest businesses in the country want to import more H1-B visa workers, when there is no shortage of High Tech workers in America. If there is a shortage then we should see wages going up because of the demand. They are not. It is a fact foreign high tech workers work for less, that is what makes them so attractive. [Related item]

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- April 9, 2009  
More reward than risk for Obama   
The New York Times originally headlined the story, "Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite Risks." But it was re-titled overnight to read; "Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority." The second is more accurate because this doesn't have much risk for President Obama. To the contrary, it has plenty of benefit...

Glenn Beck Show -- April 3, 2009         
Obama's illegal alien aunt discussed on Fox News   
Rick Oltman of Californians for Population Stabilization appeared on Fox News' Glenn Beck Show on Thursday, April 2, to discuss the problem of B. Hussein Obama's absconder auntie who's been living in Boston on the public dole for years. -- More on Auntie Zeituni here.

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 27, 2009   
Underwhelmed is an understatement   
The response from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Secretary of State Clinton and the entire U.S. government to the Mexican drug war is, to put it politely, underwhelming. -- Offered additional funds by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Napolitano said she thought that existing funds would cover the cost of policing the border with Mexico.

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 25, 2009   
The rest of the Pelosi story   
The news media and other news disseminators, FOX, CNN, Drudge and even Rush Limbaugh gave a considerable amount of coverage to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently when she was caught on tape telling illegal aliens that they were "very, very patriotic" for "taking responsibility for our country's future."

Fox News -- March 18, 2009                          
Pelosi tells invaders that jobsite raids are 'un-American'   
..."I was embarrassed by what she [Namcy Pelosi] said," said Rick Oltman, with Californians for Population Stabilization, an anti-illegal [immigration] group. "Exhorting illegal aliens for taking responsibility for our country's future.... In fact, sitting there in the audience.... I really resented that comment."

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- March 12, 2009       
Obama border security grade: F   
President Obama receives an F from me on border security. (I also gave George Bush an F as I did Bill Clinton.) But, Obama earns his failing grade quicker than the other two chief executives because the need for border security has never been more obvious...

Medill Reports -- March 3, 2009   
As unemployment climbs, groups push for immigration reduction   
..."It's really not a complicated issue," said Rick Oltman, a spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, a nonprofit group that advocates for immigration reduction. "Unemployment is up. The economy is down. Jobs are for American workers."

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 3, 2009  
Solution to the Mexican Drug War   
Now that the Mexican Drug War has been validated by the MSM (in this case 60 Minutes) can we assume that it is now serious enough to try to do something about? There is some truth to the statement that America's appetite for drugs is partially responsible for the drug trade...

Rick Oltman -- Californians for Population Stabilization -- February 27, 2009   
Award for teacher from Moronic Teachers Association   
Next week a National City, CA (San Diego County) high school teacher will receive an award, which will only go to show how truly moronic parts of our society have become about the subject of illegal aliens. -- Ben Cassell is president of an illegal alien aiding and abetting organization called Water Station...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- February 2, 2009      
OK, does everybody get it, now?   
...I'm going to say it again, and I am positive it won't be for the last time, hiring foreign workers isn’t about “A nation of immigrants” or "matching willing workers with willing employers" or “doing work that Americans won’t do” or any of the other mindless, lying, self serving shibboleths.... [Also see this ad]

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 28, 2009       
Suing Obama   
Univision is reporting that lawyers for over 600 American born children filed a lawsuit against President Obama to suspend the deportation of their undocumented parents until there is immigration law reform.....

One News Now -- January 27, 2009  
Loophole in House healthcare bill benefits illegals   
A California-based immigration reform organization is calling on the Senate to amend a bill recently passed by the House that makes it easier for illegal immigrants to access a federally funded program to provide healthcare to low-income children. --- Rick Oltman, national spokesman for CAPS, says while providing healthcare to low-income children is a laudable goal...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 26, 2009       
Pondering Pelosi   
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a statement on one of the Sunday talking heads shows that is interesting to say the least. As you can see from the transcript below, Speaker Pelosi is justifying spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to expand family planning as part of the economic stimulus... AP Internal Use Only

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 23, 2009   
Obama's immigration agenda   
The Obama administration has posted its immigration agenda on the White House web page. There is no assurance that it will be adhered to, ignored or otherwise referred in the future, but let's go through it now and analyze it.... AP Internal Use Only

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 16, 2009   
Sanctuary city by the bay is batting 1.000   
The City of San Francisco continues to bat a thousand in the poor judgment department concerning illegal immigration. -- They were the first city in the country to recognize the useless and error riddled Mexican Matricula Consular ID card in 2002. You can now open a bank account in the U.S. with a Matricula card. Interestingly, you can’t open a bank account in Mexico with one...

Rick Oltman -- CAPS -- January 13, 2009  
Disgusted, again   
Perusing the internet this morning I spotted this headline: "Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer." Immigration related I wondered? In 2009, after almost 17 years of working for immigration reform and enforcement, I would bet on it...

Fox News -- July 3, 2008   
Critics: 'MEChA-Boy' Villaraigosa contradicts himself on immigration policy   
...Rick Oltman, spokesman for the immigration advocacy group Californians for Population Stabilization, said the mayor [reconquista fanatic Villaraigosa] can't have it both ways. -- "The mayor wants his police not to be involved in immigration enforcement, yet he wants to harangue the federal government for coming after the criminal aliens in his town which he has virtually set up as a sanctuary city..." ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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