Mexican Reconquista Fifth-Columnist

Free New Mexican -- February 8, 2005
Report: Richardson will seek presidential bid
Although Gov. Bill Richardson [pictured at left] has been coy since last November's election about whether he plans to run for president in 2008, he has told party leaders he will run, according to a Monday report by The Associated Press. -- Richardson is one of several Democrats and Republicans mentioned in the report....AP Internal Use Only

Communist Party USA - September 27, 2004 
Why Latinos Want to Dump Bush
...Anti- [illegal] immigrant hate groups like Arizona based American Patrol, are using the internet to publicize and organize the backlash movement targeting progressive Latino politicians [reconquistas] like Grivalva and L.A. City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa for being pro [illegal] immigrant and for being alumni of MEChA. They go on to smear the Kerry Edwards ticket for accepting support from the progressive Latinos. [They failed to mention unsavory flotsam the likes of Bill Richardson, 'Fibber' Cisneros, and several others.]AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times -- August 8, 2004
10 border governors to meet for conference
Santa Fe, N.M. -- Governors from border states in the United States and Mexico, including Rick Perry of Texas and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, are scheduled to be in Santa Fe this week for the U.S.-Mexico Border Governors' Conference. -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will be chairman of the conference. It is also expected to include Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Mexican governors...AP Internal Use Only

Shut Up!!!!
Albuquerque Journal -- June 26, 2004
Woman Arrested for Alleged Threats Against Governor, Mexicans
Santa Fe (AP) - State police arrested a woman Saturday on charges accusing her of making threats against Gov. Bill Richardson, other politicians and Mexicans. She had repeatedly said she would "get a gun to shoot Mexicans"... -- Department of Public Safety spokesman Peter Olson said there is no specific law against threatening the governor. AP Internal Use Only

News from the State of  New mexico
Albuquerque Journal -- June 25, 2004
Governor, Mexicans Threatened By Woman Calling From State Office
Santa Fe, N.M. (AP) - A woman used a phone at a state office here to threaten Gov. Bill Richardson, other politicians and Mexicans, state police said. -- She called the state Office of Homeland Security and, referring to politicians, threatened to "line them up, Bill first, and get rid of them one by one," Olson said. -- The woman repeatedly said she would "get a gun to shoot Mexicans" and that the next time a Mexican violated her rights...AP Internal Use Only

Sacramento Bee -- May 24, 2004
N.M. backs licenses for foreign lawbreakers
Santa Fe, N.M. -- Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson presides over a border state with a high percentage of illegal immigrant [criminal] drivers. -- But while Richardson signed legislation last year allowing them to obtain drivers' licenses, Schwarzenegger repealed a similar law in California amid much stronger public opposition.AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald -- April 13, 2004
GOP courts Hispanic voters, usual suspects carp
..."The Bush campaign will kick off its Hispanic outreach program in Orlando, but any kick-off won't hide the fact that they're way off on the issues,'' said former U.S. Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros [a reconquista and disgraced liar], who in a Friday conference call with reporters said the Republican rhetoric rings hollow when it comes to delivering jobs and education to Hispanics. -- Kerry's campaign also is being aided by... the New Democrat Network, which has close ties to... New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press - February 20, 2004
Mexican official: Richardson eying White House in 2008
The chief cabinet aide to Mexican President Vicente Fox says New Mexico's governor showed an interest in running for president of the United States in 2008. -- Interior Secretary Santiago Creel told a Mexican newspaper he had a conversation with Governor Richardson in Mexico City last year. AP Internal Use Only

No Hablas Should Leave
AP - Dallas Morning News (Free Reg.] -- January 21, 2004
Richardson delivers Spanish-language response to speech
Santa Fe, NM - Gov. Bill Richardson [a vehement Mexican reconquista fan], in a nationally televised Spanish-language speech, said Tuesday that President Bush's policies have failed to help Hispanics and he urged minority voters to back Democrats. - In a Democratic National Committee-sponsored response to the president's State of the Union speech, Richardson said nearly 300,000 Hispanics have lost jobs since Bush took office. AP Internal Use Only

No Hablas Should Leave
WSB-TV -- Atlanta -- January 20, 2004 -- POLL ON PAGE
Reconquista to give Spanish-language response to Bush speech
For the first time, there will be a national Spanish-language response to a State of the Union address. -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will deliver a response in Spanish that will be carried on the Univision television network after President George W. Bush delivers his address to Congress Tuesday night. AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks hes US President
Albuquerque Journal -- November 5, 2003
Reconquista tries stirring up fifth column in New Mexico
Vicente Fox appealed to state leaders Wednesday to tackle immigration problems, including better access to health care and education for Mexicans who come to New Mexico. -- Gov. Bill Richardson, who introduced Fox before the speech, estimated that more than 100,000 Mexicans live in New Mexico. -- Richardson said Fox's visit "sends a strong signal that now is the time to increase our economic cooperation, our trade, our educational exchanges." AP Internal Use Only

Meddling Mexican Thinks hes US President
KOB-TV - Albuquerque -- November 5, 2003
Reconquista descends on New Mexico, will give public speech today
Mexican President Vicente Fox has praised the special relationship between Mexico and New Mexico. -- He also says education is key for Mexico to meet future challenges. -- Fox plans to make a public speech at Santa Fe Plaza around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. [Fox dined with invasion-cheerleader Bill Richardson last night.] AP Internal Use Only

Albuquerque Tribune -- September 26, 2003
Reconquista Richardson cheerleads for busloads of invaders
Before a sea of picketing immigrants, Gov. Bill Richardson took the stage Thursday at De Vargas Park in Santa Fe. The occasion was an Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Rally, and Richardson wasted no time showing his support for the hundreds of immigrant workers [criminals] before him. -- "Viva la raza! Vivan los inmigrantes! Bienvenidos inmigrantes!" he shouted, acknowledging their quest for equality and human rights... AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune (Free Registration)  -- June 30, 2003
Democrats busily pandering away out West
..."In the next election, we must demonstrate the power of our numbers," said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who led the meeting. "Some people are wondering if this sleeping giant is for real." -- To Richardson, the nation's highest-ranking Hispanic elected official, the sleeping giant that holds so much promise for Democrats is the number of Hispanics who are not registered to vote... [Gov. Janet Napolitano just did illegals a favor in Arizona].... AP Internal Use Only

Santa Fe New Mexican  [Message board] -- March 3, 2003
Bill Richardson signs NM illegal alien license bill
...A new law should make it easier for undocumented immigrants [foreign criminals] to obtain a driver's license in New Mexico. -- "This is really an occasion for the immigrant [read: invader] community, an occasion of jubilation," Rep. Miguel Garcia, D-Albuquerque, said after Gov. Bill Richardson signed the driver's license measure into law. AP Internal Use Only

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