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"........the whole enchilada, so to speak. Or nothing."
June 21, 2001

At rear, Brown Berets de Aztlan shown marching through downtown Los Angeles in 1998. Will Bush surrender to them? What will they do if he refuses?

"There is no deal unless
all four points are agreed to."

1. The documentation or regularization of Mexicans currently in the United States (3 to 4 million presently in U.S.).
2. Border safety and violence;
3. Permanent visas for Mexicans' and removing Mexico from the country quota or country ceiling category because of the special relationship that exists; and
4. Guest worker programs or temporary worker programs

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National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- June 28, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Jorge Castaneda, Mexican ex-Secretary of Foreign Affairs and academic, considers the "war" against narcotraffic waged by the government of Felipe Calderon to be destined for failure and pleaded for the legalization of drugs to stop the problem. Castaneda... feels certain that President Calderon made a mistake in launching the fight against narcotraffic...

Jorge G. Castañeda -- Washington Post -- May 17, 2010     
Time for a reset in U.S.-Mexican relations   
...Mexico should propose, and Obama should welcome, a new stage in bilateral relations whose purpose would be to build what NAFTA left out and to reduce the development gap -- in income, welfare, technology, security, rule of law, health and education -- between Mexico and its wealthier North American partners. The label is secondary to the substance: The concept must include immigration reform in the United States [read: amnesty]... [See Meddling Mexicans]

Dallas Morning News -- April 10, 2010     
Nettlesome Mexican meddler pushing illegal alien amnesty, again   
Immigration reform [read: amnesty] is either right around the corner or may be postponed once again to next year by Congress and the White House, depending on whom you ask. -- But one thing is clear for former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge G. Castañeda: It could prove to be a key factor in helping the U.S. move out of the current financial crisis... [More Mexican meddling]

Big Think -- February 20, 2010   
Globalist menace Jorge Castañeda in favor of NWO, open borders   
...Castañeda views illegal immigration as a potential "solution" rather than a problem, and the U.S.-Mexico border fence as a "terrible" (but so far, ineffectual) idea. As for the war on drugs, he believes it's "unwinnable" and suggests that the two countries "sit back for a second" and rethink the whole policy... [More Mexican meddling]

Raw Story -- February 18, 2010     
Castañeda calls for 'North American union,' unified currency   
Prolific Mexican politician and intellectual Jorge Castañeda believes that a greater North American community -- a "North American Union" -- with economies tied together under a European Union-style system, complete with open borders and a unified currency, is the wave of the future... [See More Mexican meddling and NWO Treason Watch]

Think Mexican -- February 17, 2010        
Meddling Mexican Marxist Jorge Castañeda claims US needs more Mexicans   
Obnoxious Mexican academic Jorge Castañeda blows balderdash about the Mexican invasion. This guy is bad news.

The New York Carib News -- January 5, 2009   
Immigration demands heat up before Obama takes over   
..."There are myriad claims to Barack Obama's attention and the list will only grow before January 20," said Dr, Jorge G. Castaneda, professor of Latin American and Caribbean studies at New York University in Manhattan. "But immigration reform, and more immediately, putting an end to the outgoing (Bush) administration’s unfortunate and inhuman immigration enforcement policy should be high on the President elect's list."

Frank Gaffney Jr. -- Front Page Magazine -- October 18, 2006
Latin America's Leftist Menace
...As a new analysis by Fredo Arias-King just released by the Center for Security Policy makes clear, Mr. [Jorge] Castaneda and his team (including such figures as Mexico's former consul in New York, Arturo Sarukhan, Mr. Castaneda's controversial half-brother Andres Rozental and Ricardo Pascoe, former Mexican ambassador to Cuba)...AP Internal Use Only

Jorge Castañeda -- Bangkok Post -- March 6, 2006
Vehement Mexican Reconquista bewails HR 4437
A debate on immigration is beginning in the U. S. Senate, which will take up several proposals. These include a hateful bill which the House of Representatives has already approved that provides for the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and makes unauthorised entry into the U. S. a felony. AP Internal Use Only

Insufferable Guttersnipe
El Universal -- Mexico City -- October 30, 2005
Vehement Mexican Reconquista's presidential bid halted
Despite pressure from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the government says the law blocks independent candidates from running. -- The Interior Secretariat stood by a decision from the nation's Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) that bars presidential hopeful Jorge Castañeda from running in next year's election on Thursday.AP Internal Use Only

George Putnam -- -- October 22, 2005
Castañeda: Would-be Mexican President
It is this reporter's opinion that with our immigration problems with Mexico, all we need is a further complication in the person of a looming candidate for president - Jorge Castaneda. In a ruling that could have far reaching implications for a future election, an international tribunal recently ruled...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
Dimitri Vassilaros -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- July 22, 2005
Mexican standoff?
The only thing more disturbing than Jorge Castaneda's testimony about illegal immigration was the lack of outrage from the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. -- Mr. Castaneda had been the Mexican foreign minister in the current Vicente Fox administration. He now is a New York University professor and independent candidate for president of Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

Joseph Farah -- -- July 15, 2005
Stand up, America!
I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of America being bullied, extorted, threatened, ridiculed and shamed. -- It is particularly revolting when these degrading insults come from people living, working and prospering right here in the good old USA. -- Take, for example, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
Empire Journal - New York -- July 14, 2005
Is The US Being Threatened With Extortion?
Since the London bombings national security is back on the front page. However, not being widely acknowledged is the blatant extortion attempt espoused by a former Mexican Marxist, previous member of the communist party and now a 2006 Mexican presidential candidate, Jorge Castaneda.AP Internal Use Only

Screw Mexico
FAIR Press Release -- July 13, 2005
Mexican barks loony demands, members of Congress do nothing
On Tuesday, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that "No border security is possible without Mexican cooperation" and that "there can be no cooperation [from the Mexican government] without some sort of immigration reform package." [Bush claims this rathole Mexico is an ally of the U. S.]AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Alert!
Dallas Morning News -- July 13, 2005
Pestiferous Mexican says U.S. must liberalize immigration
Washington -- While Mexico has enhanced security since the Sept. 11 attacks, future cooperation hinges on U.S. willingness to liberalize its immigration policies, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda warned Congress on Tuesday. -- Castaneda said security must be twinned with what he called the "whole enchilada..."AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
San Antonio Express-News -- June 6, 2005
Security, immigration linked (Another lying Mexican opens his pie hole)
For the U.S., Mexico and Canada, a secure and prosperous future hinges on an increased level of integration that would create a type of "North American Economic Community," Mexican presidential hopeful Jorge Castañeda told reporters during a speech in San Antonio on Saturday.AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
El Universal -- Mexico City -- December 13, 2004
Reconquista Castañeda in bid for 2006 Mexican presidency
Barnstorming by bus throughout Mexico, Jorge Castañeda's low-budget, independent presidential campaign is designed to be a little unorthodox. -- Castañeda, an internationally known intellectual with a long political history, said he's taking the road-less-traveled to the presidency because he not only wants the job he wants to lead an alternative political movement...AP Internal Use Only

This Stinks
Jorge Castañeda -- The Daily Times -- Lahore, Pakistan - October 31, 2004
Time for America to turn south , says vehement reconquista pest
In the month of May local authorities estimated a daily average of 1,000 migrants attempting to cross the US-Mexican border. Another visit generated a new estimate: from 1,500 to 1,800 crossings every day. America cannot stem this tide by closing its borders; but it can regulate it by legalising and humanising it.AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
Bloomberg via El Universal - Mexico City -- April 16, 2004
Reconquista Castañeda raises campaign funds
Jorge [the whole enchilada...or nothing] Castañeda, the former foreign secretary, said he has raised about US1 million for a month-old campaign to become the country's first independent president in at least a century. -- Castañeda, whose frustration about stalled immigration talks with the United States led him to resign from President Vicente Fox's cabinet last year... AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
Castañeda -- Carlos Lukens -- April 5, 2004
The Castañeda factor in Mexico's presidential equation
Mexico's impetuous 2006 presidential race just got more exciting, with former Foreign Relations (SRE) secretary Jorge Castañeda announcing on March 25 that he will run for president. -- Castañeda, a university professor who is considered one of Mexico's brightest minds, is the son of a former foreign minister. Once one of the closest - and most controversial - advisors of President Vicente Fox...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
Los Angeles Times Op-Ed (Free Registration) -- April 2, 2004
Vehement Mexican reconquista pushes invasion in L.A. Times
Jorge Castañeda opines: Samuel Huntington is a distinguished scholar who always addresses important and timely issues. In his article on Mexican immigration to the United States, published in the current issue of Foreign Policy, Huntington reveals serious concerns about his country, especially that he sees it divided into two cultures and two languages.... AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista Menace
Associated Press -- March 26, 2004
Extremely disturbing reconquista to run for Mexican presidency
Unleashing a stinging rebuke of political parties including that of his former boss and friend President Vicente Fox, former foreign relations secretary Jorge Castaneda announced Thursday he will run for president in 2006. -- Castaneda, the architect of Mexico's broad "whole enchilada" strategy for an immigration accord with the United States, resigned... AP Internal Use Only

Señor Sellout?
Financial Times -- UK -- November 11, 2003
US and Meddling Mexicans cautious on invader talks
...President Vicente Fox invested much political capital in his 2001 negotiations with President George W. Bush, while Jorge Castaneda, his first foreign secretary, spoke of aiming for the "whole enchilada" - a comprehensive accord. -- The new approach, according to Mr Derbez - who took over foreign affairs when Mr Castaneda resigned in January - is to take the enchilada "slice by slice". AP Internal Use Only

Copley News Service -- August 3, 2003
Castañeda eyes run for Mexican presidency in 2006
Washington ­ In a speech last week at a prominent think tank here, one of Mexico's most provocative, colorful and controversial political figures sounded very much like a man with a plan to be his country's next president. -- [Rabidly anti-American] Jorge Castañeda, an urbane and admittedly arrogant Princeton University graduate fluent in English, French and Spanish, proposed a package of political, social and fiscal reforms... AP Internal Use Only

Casteneda Out, Derbez In - Mexican Meddling Continues - Allan Wall (1/22/03)
...Don't think for a moment that ex-chancellor Castañeda is finished critiquing U.S. immigration policy. A member of the celebrity elite academic/journalistic jet set, Castañeda has been telling Americans to open their border for years. -- In a 1995 Atlantic Monthly article he wrote that "Some Americans....dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it." -- A week ago, January 14th, 2003, his last full day as Foreign Minister, Jorge was in New York City speaking at a Bill Clinton-hosted globalization conference, hobnobbing with George Soros and Slick Willie himself.

Jorge 'The whole enchilada, or nothing!' Castañeda quits (1/7/03) -- Associated Press
Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castaneda, who angered Fidel Castro by cooling relations with Cuba and who has drawn fire from lawmakers at home, is leaving his post, government officials said Wednesday. -- The officials, who asked not to be named, confirmed reports in Mexican newspapers that Castaneda had decided to step down and that close ally President Vicente Fox would accept his resignation. -- The officials said it was unclear when Castaneda would leave his post and refused to comment on whether Fox had sought the resignation. Dot

Meddling Mexicans call for 'militant activities' in the United States (11/23/02) -- Houston Chronicle
Mexico's foreign minister, Jorge Castañeda, said his country would begin a "bottom-up campaign" to win U.S. public support for a proposal to legalize 3.5 million undocumented Mexican workers in the United States. -- Castañeda said Mexican officials will begin rallying unions, churches, universities and Mexican communities. -- "What's important is that American society sees a possible migratory agreement in a positive light," Castañeda said [in other words, lie about it]. "We are already giving instructions to our consulates that they begin propagating militant activities -- if you will -- in their communities."

Mexico is a contrast with Canada in dealing with powerful neighbor (9/22/02) -- Copley News
...In a column last week in the Mexico City daily Reforma , political analyst Juan Enríquez warned that Mexico's treatment of the United States in recent weeks has been so antagonistic that it "could cost our country for decades." -- Although Castañeda backed the United States immediately after Sept. 11, he was behind Mexico's recent withdrawal from a hemispheric security treaty. The move angered U.S. officials. Castañeda appears to have become embittered by the lack of progress on immigration issues. -- Accusing Castañeda of "enormous clumsiness" in managing the U.S. relationship, Enríquez wrote, "We are rejecting, angering and losing the confidence of our principal partner." -- Bluntly, he added, "Watch out."

Mexico: "Something fundamentally wrong" with U.S. migrant policy (6/28/02) -- EFE
Declaring U.S. immigration policy a failure, Mexico's foreign secretary said "something is fundamentally wrong" with a system that produces the death in the desert each year of hundreds of would-be immigrants seeking "jobs available in abundance." -- With respect to ongoing immigration negotiations, the United States and Mexico could "reach a satisfactory agreement sometime in 2003," Foreign Secretary Jorge Castañeda said Wednesday in Houston at a League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) convention. -- "U.S. immigration policies have failed to stem illegal immigration from Mexico and, in exchange, have fostered a dangerous and sometimes lethal black market for human beings," Castañeda said.

Reconquista Castañeda arrogantly demands amnesty in Los Angeles (5/21/02)
-- The News
Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castañeda on Monday reiterated his call for the legalization of millions of Mexican workers in the United States. -- "We won't rest until we achieve the regularization of our countrymen," Castañeda told onlookers during a commencement ceremony in Los Angeles. -- Echoing recent calls made by President Vicente Fox, Castañeda urged U.S. lawmakers to act fast on immigration reform, saying "there can't be big advances in the bilateral agenda if we don't give immigration deeper attention." -- "The Mexican agenda will focus its strategy to reach these goals through reinforced dialogue with the U.S. Congress and its leaders, governors, media and business community," Castañeda said.

Meddling Mexicans denounce INS raids against Mexican airport workers (4/20/02) -- The News
The Foreign Secretariat [none other than Marxist Jorge Castañeda] expressed on Thursday its "consternation" regarding Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) raids against legal Mexican airport workers in the U.S. [If they were legally in the U.S. they wouldn't have been nailed.] -- "The charges filed against the immigrants include violations of migratory laws, traffic and social security violations, document forgery, issuing false statements and trespassing in FAA high-security area," the secretariat said in a communique. -- According to the foreign secretariat, the Mexican Embassy in Washington "has sent a written statement to the appropriate authorities underscoring the spirit of joint cooperation and responsibility that governs the migratory issue between both nations."

Meddling Mexican Marxist Castañeda praises sham Mexican IDs (4/18/02) -- San Francisco Chronicle
...Addressing a gathering of 400 political and business leaders at the Fairmont Hotel later in the evening, Castaneda said the single most important issue facing the United States and Mexico was meaningful immigration reform, including border safety and security. -- "It is of enormous importance that the Fox democratization process be successful in Mexico," he said. "And in order for it to be successful, U.S.- Mexican relations have to move forward . . . on the issue of migration." -- Until that happens, local initiatives like San Francisco's recognition of the consular card are significant for Mexicans in the United States and for Mexico, he said.

Arrogant Castañeda decries U.S. High Court ruling (4/18/02) -- The News -- Mexico City
Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castañeda on Wednesday urged Mexico and the United States to work together to protect the job rights of millions of migrant workers in the United States. -- "Mexico ... won't let up its fight to achieve an integral immigration negotiation," Castañeda told onlookers in Los Angeles. -- Castañeda also criticized a March U.S. Supreme Court decision ruling undocumented immigrants were not entitled to back pay if wrongly fired. -- He said Mexico would protest the decision before U.S. authorities to avoid "human rights violations of undocumented immigrants."

Arrogant Castañeda decries U.S. Supreme Court ruling (4/2/02)
The Mexican Embassy in Washington delivered a strongly worded rebuff to the United States government on Monday following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could curtail the rights of undocumented migrant workers. -- "The embassy laments the decision," said a press communiqué from the Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat (Castañeda). "(We) are worried about its consequences...for immigrants who, through their daily labors, contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the U.S. economy." [Illegal Mexican immigration costs the U.S. a fortune.]

Castañeda thinks that illegal Mexican aliens should get in-state tuition - 3/21/01
Castañeda said Mexico wants to address the issue of obtaining in-state tuition rates for Mexicans, documented or not. "We know it is a touchy issue in California, but it is touchy in Mexico too," he said. "If students have gone through elementary school and high school and are eligible to enter the state system or the UC system with the best of Californians, then why can't they? Why do they have to pay out-of-state tuition rates, which they can't afford?" [Because they should be deported, pal.]

Castañeda: A plea to accept immigrants - Brussels, Belgium - 3/1/01
Referring to Mexican emigration to the United States, Mr. Castañeda said that the issue was of critical importance for the new administration of President Vicente Fox. ''It's a question of rights, of protecting Mexicans who are already in the United States, but also a question of trying to build a bridge to the point where we will no longer have that many people going to the United States,'' he said.

Castañeda shows up in Washington - 1/30/01
"We are not scared of engaging the U.S. anymore," said Foreign Minister Jorge G. Castañeda, who met today in Washington with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice. "We know we will win some, we will lose some, and on most of them we will get half a loaf. But there are no taboo issues anymore."

Mexicans plan to get pushy with Bush over illegal aliens - 1/23/01
Mexico will bring up a "broad agenda of immigration issues" during President George W. Bush's planned visit in February and may ask for an end to border-sealing operations, Mexico's top diplomat said Monday. While Mexico previously focused its fire on anti-immigrant vigilantes in states like Arizona, the new administration of President Vicente Fox will blame U.S. border policy directly for the hundreds of immigrant deaths each year. "The increase in violence on the border is absolutely intolerable for the Mexican government," Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castaneda said, referring to ranchers in some border states who stop and detain illegal immigrants.

Jorge Castañeda: Migrants a priority - 12/19/00
Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castañeda on Monday's International Day of the Migrant called for government attention to the plight of Mexicans abroad. However, non- governmental and human rights officials took the opportunity to point out deficiencies in Mexico's treatment of those who seek refuge here. Castañeda pointed to President Vicente Fox's Dec. 3 meeting with Mexican- Americans and his recent swing through the border region as evidence that the new administration would aggressively integrate migrants into the national dialogue. Castañeda said governments must ensure the rights of the 97 million migrant workers worldwide, as these workers "play an important role in the development of nations and regions."

Jorge Castañeda Appointed Foreign Secretary of Mexico - 11/24/00 | Alternate link
Some Americans -- undoubtedly more than before -- dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it, and the consequences of trying to stop immigration would also certainly be more pernicious than any conceivable advantage. The United States should count its blessings: it has dodged instability on its borders since the Mexican Revolution, now nearly a century ago. The warnings from Mexico are loud and clear; this time it might be a good idea to heed them. - (Mexican separatists)

NAFTA foe tapped for Mexico Cabinet - 11/23/00
His bearded face is best known in the United States accompanying his opinion columns in Newsweek magazine. Currently, he is a visiting professor at New York University. In a brief speech, Mr. Castañeda said he would work on behalf of businesspeople looking for export markets, artists wanting to spread Mexican culture and especially immigrant workers forced to leave their homeland. - Dallas Morning News

Castañeda vows changes in foreign Mexican policy - 11/23/00
Castañeda, a left-wing academic educated in the United States and France, is the most controversial appointment so far to the government of President-elect Vicente Fox, who takes office on Dec. 1. As a former Marxist who was strongly opposed to Mexico joining the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the mid-1990s, Castañeda is widely perceived as not seeing eye to eye with North Carolina Republican Sen. Jesse Helms, chairman of the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee. - Reuters

Fox Cabinet Bodes Historic Change - 11/23/00
 Fox, who takes office Dec. 1, broke with the tradition of recycling political insiders. Instead, he filled several key ministries with business executives. Few of the 13 officials named Wednesday had much experience in Fox's conservative National Action Party, or PAN. In fact, the new foreign minister, leftist academic Jorge Castañeda, came from the other end of the ideological spectrum. - L.A. Times

Mexican Appointee Raises Concerns - 11/23/2000
"Castañeda's attitude and writings have been fairly anti-U.S.," said Roger Noriega, a senior staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "Inasmuch that Mexico's relations with the United States are so important, we were hoping for someone in the foreign ministry who could play a constructive role in that relationship. That may still happen, but it remains to be seen whether Castañeda can put aside his anti-U.S. prejudices and work with us." - Associated Press

Fox Names Leftist as Foreign Minister - 11/23/00
Castañeda said he will bring a new emphasis to overseeing Mexico's 50 consulates in the United States and will try to ensure better treatment of Mexicans living in the United States, who send billions of dollars home every year. Castañeda said he, Fox and other cabinet members will stand on highways near the U.S.-Mexico border before Christmas, when traditionally more than 1 million Mexicans come home for the holidays, in hopes of discouraging Mexican police from shaking them down for bribes. - Washington Post

Mexican Appointee May Be Combative - 11/22/00
Jorge Castañeda was appointed to the post Wednesday by President-elect Vicente Fox, who takes office Dec. 1. The choice signaled that Fox's government may forge a more combative path in relations with the United States, Mexico's most important ally, and cool historically close relations with Cuba. - Associated Press

Esperanza, de Nuevo - 10/5/00
One of the most important indications that Fox isn't just a re-tooled version of PRI strongmen is the composition of his transition committee. For example, in a move that surprised many observers, Fox picked respected scholar and writer Jorge Castañeda and independent Senator Adolfo Aguilar Zinser to lead the international policy work of his transition team. Both of these men bring powerful intellects to the job and, more importantly, an intricate knowledge of the U.S. But both also essentially come out of the Mexican progressive movement, not from Fox's own conservative Partido Acción Nacional (PAN). Each has advocated re-evaluation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and stronger ties among Mexico and South and Central America, as opposed to Mexico's traditional, almost obsessive focus on the U.S. - Interhemispheric Resource Center

Mexican President Touts Open Borders - 8/25/2000
"(Vicente) Fox is exactly where he wants to be--setting the agenda in Washington and Canada," said Jorge Castañeda, a Fox aide. "These are not negotiating proposals. These are big ideas, a vision. . . . Some will fly; some will not." - Washington Post

Mexican Government Plans Presented to U.S. Investors - 7/18/00
Regarding the inflow of Mexican immigrants into the United States, he [Jorge Castañeda] said that the countries [U.S. and Mexico] should negotiate an immigration agreement in the short term, not necessarily involving an "open border" arrangement, but "an agreement in which each country would make significant concessions for the common good." - Hispanic Business Daily

What's next for Mexico? - 7/17/00
He [Vicente Fox] wants the U.S. government to "significantly increase the number of legal immigrant visas it offers" for temporary workers to meet the U.S. demand for low-wage labor. And he wants U.S. funding to help develop the four Mexican states that send half the immigrants to the United States; in states where U.S. auto plants have been built, migration dropped dramatically. In return, says Fox adviser Jorge Castañeda, Mexico would consider punitive measures to deter migration, such as denying government benefits to families whose men have headed north. Such a combined approach, he adds, "is the only real long-term solution to the bilateral problems." - U.S. News & World Report

The Pan American Dream - 3/3/97
Most Mexican intellectuals, he writes, "have spent the last four decades contriving specious theories that blamed Mexico's ills on the United States." One of his betes noires is the Mexican intellectual Jorge Castañeda, who "today writes columns for Newsweek and articles for the Atlantic Monthly, although until recent years he was among the most strident anti-American intellectuals in Mexico." Castañeda, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment in the 1980s, wrote in his book The Economics of Dependency that "Democracy is in absolute contradiction with capitalism." - Lawrence Harrison

Sending Dollars to Mexico Is a Big, Lucrative Business - 9/14/96
Jorge Castañeda, a well-known political scientist, says there are at least 10 million Mexicans (in Mexico) who depend partially on money sent from the United States.

Ferocious Differences (Letters) - 11/95
Castañeda's plea to keep our border open to Mexican immigrants underscores the points he makes about Mexico's failures as a society. Try to imagine conditions in Mexico today with an additional 10 million people (more than a tenth of Mexico's current population), the vast majority with little education and few skills. That's the estimate of the demographer Leon Bouvier, of the Center for Immigration Studies, of the Mexicans who have immigrated legally and illegally into the United States since 1960, plus their offspring. - Atlantic Monthly

The left in Latin America - 1995
But Castañeda does not think this makes nationalism redundant; far from it. Social change involves bringing "the excluded" into the nation. But this nationalism should not be aimed indiscriminately at other countries; rather, it must be targeted at issues, above all issues of sovereignty in domestic non-economic affairs. He is opposed to US involvement in drug enforcement or immigration controls, for example. -

Alien Nation - 4/93
Past generations of immigrants were urged to blend in. The illegal lobby and its multiculturalist supporters now urge them to stand apart. Leftist Mexican commentator Jorge Castañeda sees new immigrants being subjected to "ideological bombardment" which "incites rejection, indignation and class hatred." He warns that "any spark can light the fire." It already has.

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