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Nativo Lopez
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Los Angeles Times -- June 25, 2009    
Mexican Reconquista zealot Larry 'Nativo' Lopez charged with voter fraud   
Felony charges have been filed and an arrest warrant issued for a well-known Orange County political activist suspected of committing election and voter registration fraud, the California secretary of State's office announced Wednesday. -- Investigators in the agency's election-fraud unit said Nativo V. Lopez, 57, of Santa Ana...

Larry 'Nativo' Lopez -- April 14, 2008   
Vehement Mexican Reconquistas oppose changes to Special Order 40   
The Labor Community Strategy Center, the Mexican American Political Association and Hermandad Mexicana Lationamericana and other civil and immigrant rights organizations will hold a press conference in front of the LAPD headquarters at Parker Center to urge Mayor Villaraigosa and L.A. City Council to strongly reject Councilmember Zine and Smith’s motion to amend Special Order 40. ~Visit

Deport This Trash
KTLA-TV -- Los Angeles -- March 25, 2007
Immigration marches in downtown LA, both sides
Two marches representing both sides of the immigration issue are taking place in downtown Los Angeles today. -- Members of the March 25 Coalition and the nonprofit Hermandad Mexicana Nacional say they want reforms that will enable illegal [aliens... criminals] to stay in this county, more visas for family members...AP Internal Use Only

Larry Lopez
Associated Press -- October 7, 2006
Arnold's remarks miff rabid Reconquista Larry Lopez
Los Angeles -- ..."The gall of him judging Mexicans when he has never been subjected to the same barriers to integrate into American life," said [Larry] "Nativo" Lopez, president of the California- based Mexican- American Political Association. "His comments are just another demonstration of his ignorance and prejudice."AP Internal Use Only

Larry Lopez
Ventura County Star -- September 4, 2006
Reconquistas continue to tell tall tales about invaders
...The event, which was organized by the May Day Coalition, featured local and state community activists, including [rabid Reconquista] Nativo Lopez; Peter Camejo, Green Party candidate for governor; Inlakech director Javier Gomez; Christian Ramirez, from the AFSC in San Diego; Deisy Ibarra, MECHA representative...AP Internal Use Only

Larry Lopez
Pasadena Star-News -- August 16, 2006
Pro-invader tantrum set for Labor Day
The head of one of the main Latino organizations behind last spring's massive pro- [illegal alien... criminal] marches said Tuesday activists are planning a similar large- scale demonstration on Labor Day. -- [Larry "Nativo"] Lopez, director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, a pro- [criminal] group, said he expects at least 20,000 people...AP Internal Use Only

Democracy Now -- Video and Audio -- June 26, 2006
'Democracy Now' interviews rabid Reconquista Larry Lopez
House Republican leaders announced last week they would take the unusual step and hold public hearings across the country on the Senate immigration bill that was passed last month. We speak with immigrant rights activist, [Larry] "Nativo" Lopez. House Republican leaders last week announced they would take the unusual step...AP Internal Use Only

Full Disclosure -- Video Report -- June 10, 2006
Reporter interviews dangerous subversive Larry Lopez
Phony ethnic hustler Larry 'Nativo' Lopez describes the "mythical" yet possibly ancient land of Aztlan is the territory located in the Southwestern US and which many Mexican nationals believe should be returned to Mexico or should become independent from the US. He describes the Mexican student organization known as MEChA... AP Internal Use Only

Waah! Waah!
Waah! Waah!
Islam Online -- Doha, Qatar -- May 20, 2006
Reconquistas and pals grouse about language bill
..."It is cultural chauvinism at its best and reactionary nativism at its worst," said [Larry "Nativo"] Lopez, president of the Mexican- American Political Association. -- "It is premised on the false notion that new immigrants cannot be assimilated, which is false. And that has been demonstrated repeatedly in history."AP Internal Use Only

Border War
Reuters -- May 16, 2006
Border states more bitter than sweet on troop plan
...Latino activists were incensed by the plan to put troops on the border, but hoped it would further mobilize immigrants to push for rights and amnesty as Congress debates reform that could curb their ambitions to work and live in the country. -- "It's nothing short of militarization," [invader aide and rabid Reconquista] Nativo Lopez said. AP Internal Use Only

Devvy Kidd
Devvy Kidd -- April 17, 2006
The continued sacking of the people's purse
...On this video clip, you will listen to Nativo Lopez, a spokes mouth for the militant sedition organization, Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, proclaim that on May 1, 2006, illegals will shut down the ports in LA and rail lines. This anti-American militant spewed that nothing less than "full amnesty and dignity" for millions of criminals...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista
'Nativo' Lopez
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- April 11, 2006
Mexican Reconquista crackpot spouts off on live TV
Larry 'Nativo' Lopez appeared on the Lou Dobbs show yesterday live from an invader rant in Santa Ana, Calif. Larry went ballistic when Lou used the correct term (illegal aliens) when referring to his pet foreign invaders [criminals].AP Internal Use Only

Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
Nativo Lopez
American Patrol Report -- March 29, 2006
Nativo Lopez inciting civil unrest?
KFI news [AM radio 640, Los Angeles] played an audio clip of rabid Mexican reconquista and anti-American Nativo Lopez calling for continued student walk-outs until invaders gain citizenship this morning at approximately 6:30 am PST... [This menace is apparently an associate of the incompetent L. A. mayor, a Mexican gov't shill.]

Vehement Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Orange Coast Daily Pilot -- February 2, 2006
Mexican Reconquista calls for boycott, 'civil disobedience'
A Santa Ana-based immigrant rights group that opposes Costa Mesa's immigration enforcement decision today planned to repeat its call for a boycott of Costa Mesa businesses and for civil disobedience. -- Local leaders disparaged the boycott plan as divisive and unproductive. -- Nativo Lopez, a spokesman for Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana [who is rabidly anti-American]...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Orange County Register -- January 19, 2006
Mexican Reconquista threatens another toothless boycott
Santa Ana, Calif. -- As local law enforcement appealed to Latino leaders Wednesday to help with controversial plans to enforce immigration laws, one Hispanic activist threatened protests in Costa Mesa if the proposals are approved. -- Nativo Lopez said if the plans are enacted he will ask Latinos to refuse to cooperate with Costa Mesa police...AP Internal Use Only

Kangaroo Court
Ninth Circus
Court of Appeals
Orange County Register -- November 24, 2005
Kangaroo Court rules on case of subversive menace
The 2003 recall of Santa Ana schools trustee Nativo Lopez was improperly conducted, according to a ruling issued Wednesday by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. -- However, the election outcome is expected to stand. -- The federal court found that signature petitions qualifying the measure for the ballot should have been circulated in Spanish...AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Weekly Standard -- September 6, 2005
Nativo American: The Mexican invaders' Jesse Jackson
...[Nativo] Lopez is president of the Mexican American Political Association and a leading force behind Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (Mexican National Brotherhood), a tax-exempt non-profit formed to aid [illegal aliens... criminals] which nevertheless dabbles in partisan affairs -- so much so that it's been the subject of an election- fraud investigation. [Related item by Ward Connerly]AP Internal Use Only

Vehement Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Michael Fumento -- -- August 18, 2005
'Pathetic buffoon' Lopez falls from grace
Will inner-city blacks ever throw off the yoke of self-victimization imposed by "leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Perhaps, judging by the brief fame of race-baiting HISPANIC demagogue Nativo Lopez, who went muy pronto from media darling to pathetic buffoon.AP Internal Use Only

Asa Hutchinson - Blowhard
Nativo Lopez
Sacramento Bee -- April 29, 2005
Usual suspects miffed over Arnold's praise of Minutemen
In his strongest language yet on illegal immigration, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger lavishly praised private citizens patrolling the Mexican border - a group President Bush has called "vigilantes" - and demanded that controversial Los Angeles billboards promoting a Spanish- language television station be removed. -- Nativo Lopez... thinks the comments represent "the real Arnold."AP Internal Use Only

Vehement Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Socialist Worker -- October 28, 2004
Socialist rag does Q & A with the notorious Nativo Lopez
Nativo Lopez is president of the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), one of the oldest and most respected political organizations representing Latinos, Chicanos and Mexican people in the U.S. Earlier this year, he chose to change his party affiliation from the Democratic Party to the Green Party. He is supporting the independent campaign of Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo.AP Internal Use Only

Mexi Rant East L.A.
La Opinion -- (Translated by - October 17, 2004
Mexican propaganda rag claims 'thousands' attended L.A. rant
Mexican flags abounded at a 'marcha' held by invaders and their cheerleaders yesterday in downtown L.A. The brigade was led by craven traitors 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional's notorious Nativo Lopez. They are whining about everything from driver's licenses to H.R. 10, and are planning another lame boycott 'against the economy of California' on December 12.AP Internal Use Only

Nyeh nyeh!
KABC-TV -- Los Angeles -- September 24, 2004  
Crackpot activist, SEIU threaten boycott over license bill veto
San Diego -- Angered by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto this week of a bill to allow illegal immigrants to drive legally in California, Hispanic leaders and pro-immigrant groups are organizing protests and a national boycott of the state in their campaign to win the licenses. -- "If this is the posture the governor wants to take, then our community is going to be forced to kick it up a notch," said Nativo Lopez, president of the MAPA and Hermandad Mexicana [of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame].AP Internal Use Only

Buh bye!
License Scheme
Los Angeles Times via KTLA -- September 23, 2004
Bad bill bites the dust, Nativo and Fabian bellyache
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday vetoed legislation that would have made California's 2 million illegal immigrants [criminals] eligible for driver's permits. -- [Mexican reconquista crackpot] Nativo V. Lopez, national president of both the Mexican American Political Assn. and Hermandad Mexicana [of Dornan- Sanchez vote fraud fame], said his groups are prepared to call for national boycotts of convention centers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. [Tell Arnold "Thank You!"]AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
La Opinion  (Roughly translated by -- September 16, 2004
Invaders, enablers badger governor for licenses
Sacramento -- La Opinion reports that a large group of invaders and their supporters descended on the state capitol yesterday to urge Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign "One Bill Gil" Cedillo's wacky legislation that would reward criminals with California driver's licenses [defacto national ID cards]. The notorious Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (of Dornan-Sanchez voter fraud fame), CHIRLA, and the annoying SEIU organized the disturbing event. Union goon Ben Monterroso was also observed on Univision ranting with the invaders.AP Internal Use Only

Buzzard Flag
Santa Maria Times - September 13, 2004 
Invaders toss tantrum in Santa Maria, demand licenses
Scores marched on Broadway north of Donovan Road Sunday in support of a state measure that would give illegal immigrants [criminals] the ability to obtain a driver's license. -- Several local organizations, including the Mexican American Political Association and Indigenous Oaxacan Binational Front, staged the march to ask Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign the bill.AP Internal Use Only

Worker's World (Communist Rag)
People rise up against immigration raids
As California's Border Patrol was conducting a racist campaign of raids specifically targeting Latino communities, hundreds of undocumented workers [criminals], members of immigrant-rights organizations, churches and anti-war groups took to the streets of Los Angeles June 26 to demand an immediate end to the raids. Organizers of the day's event (Hermandad Mexicana Nacional and other subversive gangs) called for a cessation of the raids... [Act Today! - Demand the sweeps be increased and expanded nationwide]AP Internal Use Only

Riverside Press Enterprise (Free Registration) -- June 28, 2004  
Navarro: 'It's like a war zone!' -- Protest held at B.P. station
Temecula, Calif. -- With officers clad in dark riot gear looking on, about 30 activists turned up at the Border Patrol station in Temecula on Monday to protest recent immigration sweeps in Southern California. -- "We come here in the spirit of non-violence," said Armando Navarro [a vehement Mexican reconquista]. "Yet they meet us as if we're going to riot. It's like a war-zone." [A report on KWHY-TV -L.A. at 5:20 pm showed anti-U.S. scumbag Nativo Lopez was present]AP Internal Use Only

June 14, 2004

URGENT!!! Border Patrol Needs Your Help!
The vast majority of Americans agree with the inland sweeps by the Border Patrol, the problem is they are only hearing complaints from Hispanics who want open borders. You must call or email the Border Patrol and Congress. -- Contact Border Patrol Public Affairs in San Diego [click here for contact information] -- and call your congressman toll free at (877) 762-8762 [other U.S. Congress contact info can be found here] -- Also give Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame, organizers of this outrageous protest against the BP) a call at (909) 391-0067. Tell these clowns what you think.

Associated Press -- June 14, 2004
Hundreds of scofflaws and supporters bewail arrest of invaders
Hundreds of protesters marched through San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties in opposition to a federal crackdown on illegal immigration resulting in 160 arrests. -- "Why are they targeting Latinos?" Abel P. Medina, an organizer and member of [Hermandad Mexicana] Nacional Ontario (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame), said during the march. [Mexicans make up the largest group of foreign invaders in the U.S.]AP Internal Use Only

MAPA = Reconquistas
Pasadena Star News -- June 2, 2004
Nativo Lopez rants 'racism' in snit over invader licenses
...[Reconquista state senator Gil] Cedillo... now proposes requiring undocumented immigrants [criminals] to undergo extensive background checks and pay higher fees up to $146 to get a license. -- ...[The notorious Nativo Lopez of MAPA] said it is "racist' to require one group of people to undergo a more stringent process with a higher fee to obtain a license than another group.AP Internal Use Only

Repeal Absurd SB60 NOW
Los Angeles Daily News -- April 4, 2004
Usual suspects turn up heat on licenses for lawbreakers
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the controversial question of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants [criminals] a low priority, but Latino activists [the likes of traitor Nativo Lopez] are stepping up the pressure for early action. -- Schwarzenegger made repealing a new law granting licenses to illegals without background checks one of his first priorities... AP Internal Use Only

Repeal Absurd SB60 NOW
Riverside (California) Press Enterprise -- March 4, 2004
Invaders plan 'marcha' to protest license ban, new Prop. 187 measure
Undocumented immigrants [criminals] and their supporters plan to rally Saturday in Ontario, even as Inland area opponents of illegal immigration gather petition signatures for a ballot proposition to deny public benefits. (This ridiculous rant appears to be another in a bevy of tantrums organized by the anti-American Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame). [Also see this item] AP Internal Use Only

February 29, 2004
Disgruntled reconquistas march in L.A. demanding 'full amnesty'
News coverage of Hermandad Nacional Mexicana's tantrum in L.A. yesterday was very limited, but news reports aired on KWHY-TV and KVEA-TV showed dozens of likely illegals waving Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, and various Central and South American flags while arrogantly parading down Broadway demanding 'full amnesty', driver's licenses, and a plethora of other goodies reserved for citizens and legal residents. Some American flags were also being displayed, but appeared to have been defaced. The wife of the late reconquista Bert Corona was also present ranting and raving. AP Internal Use Only

Vehement Reconquista
Nativo Lopez
Riverside Press Enterprise (Free Registration) -- February 29, 2004
Well-documented debate
...Advocates for immigrants say that political events of the past several months have emboldened people who want to stem immigration. -- "With the recall of Gov. Davis, the extreme right wing of the Republican Party has seen it as an opening to move forward," said Nativo Lopez (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame)... -- Lopez asks: "How can the immigrant population be a drag when California has one of the most booming economies in the world?" [See: We told you so -- Sinkhole de Mayo, --- Killing 187 will kill Californians, and Importing Poverty] AP Internal Use Only

Workers World (Communist Rag) -- February 23, 2004
Disgruntled reconquistas plan Feb. 28 tantrum in L.A.
In response to continued attacks against the rights of California's undocumented workers [criminals], immigrant-rights groups are preparing a mass demonstration and rally for Feb. 28. Latino Movement USA [Juan Jose Gutierrez's latest band of troublemakers] and Hermandad Mexicana (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame) , organizers of the event, stress the importance of involving the people in this struggle that affects workers everywhere. AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
Associated Press -- December 20, 2003
Reconquista Nativo Lopez chimes in on 'New Prop. 187'
..."I think it's unfortunate ... symptomatic of the worst of what we saw of the 1990s anti-immigrant movement. It's going to be back to divisive politics for California," said Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association and national director of the immigrant rights group Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame). AP Internal Use Only

Rabid Reconquista
Hispanic Business -- December 16, 2003
Reconquista claims wimpy boycott a 'resounding success'
Angered by the repeal of a state law that would have given driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, East Bay Latinos joined thousands around the state Friday in closing shops, walking off jobs and rallying to demonstrate their unity and economic power. --- Los Angeles-based activist Nativo Lopez (of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame) led the statewide boycott and called it "a resounding success...." AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Daily News -- December 11, 2003
Latino general strike urged by reconquistas
Some Latino advocacy groups are asking California's 11 million Hispanics to stay home from work and not to shop Friday, a boycott they say will draw attention to Latino economic clout and to the cause of allowing undocumented immigrants [criminals] to drive legally. -- The daylong economic boycott is supported by Latino organizations such as MAPA (Nativo Lopez) and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- December 11, 2003
More on Nativo Lopez's ridiculous license repeal tantrum
..."I am appalled by the idea of using children as political pawns," said Maria Colmenares, a counselor at Villa Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana, where at least 50 students have asked her whether they should participate in the walkout. "To mess with their education is unbelievable...." -- The boycott... is the brainchild of the Mexican American Political Assn. and its president, Nativo Lopez. [Also see this El Universal item] AP Internal Use OnlyAP Internal Use Only

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