Denver Citizens ejected from a restaurant and public park for opposing illegal immigration

Free Speech doesn't apply for those opposed to illegal immigration -- Denver citizens experienced this on Sunday, May 22, 2005!
(Submitted by a Denver activist on May 23, 2005)

A group of about 50 listeners of Michael Corbin's "For a Closer Look" met in Jackson's All-American Grill in Westminster, CO Sunday to discuss illegal immigration, including the "illegal alien sanctuary" policy offered by the City of Denver.

After an angry "Latino" kitchen employee stormed into the public dining area and grabbed the mike from Terry Graham (who was speaking), the restaurant manager told Michael Corbin that the group would have to leave because he (the manager) objected to the topic of their meeting and their comments. The manager knew Michael's reputation, adding that if Michael reported the incident on his radio show, the restaurant would sue the radio show and/or Michael.

The group left the restaurant and went to the nearby public park where they held their gathering in a picnic pavilion. The Westminster police (who wouldn't say who called them) appeared and told them their meeting was inappropriate and they would have to leave. So both a restaurant as well as the Westminster police department decide that "free speech" doesn't apply to people they disagree with.

(1) Contact the restaurant--Jackson's All-American Grill (although it should be Jackson's Anti-American Grill) at and tell them that you've heard the story in your city and that you plan to share the story with e-mail friends as well. The phone number of this eatery is (303) 635-2222.

(2) Contact the Westminster Police Department [ ] and ask what topics of "free speech" are permitted in Westminster public parks.

Send copies of your message to the city manager, mayor and city council of Westminster at:

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