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Treasonous but Gutless

By Mark Andrew Dwyer - July 6, 2005

A majority of California lawmakers work hard to give away as much of the Golden State and its budget to illegal aliens as they can. But they don't have guts to openly say so. They will deceitfully seek all kinds of phony excuses to cover up for their de facto refusal to represent majority of California voters, that only those brainwashed in California public schools and universities and those with substandard IQ will buy.

As reported by the Associated Press [1], "[t]he Judiciary Committee [of California Assembly] voted 4-2 to turn down an amendment by Assemblyman Mark Wyland, R-Del Mar, that would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving any health care or social services not required by federal law. The committee also voted 5-2 to reject an amendment by Assemblyman Ray Haynes, R-Murrieta, that would create a state border police force to supplement federal efforts to enforce immigration laws, including the ban on hiring illegal immigrants." As one can easily guess, "[t]he committee rejected the proposals along party lines," that is, the Republicans were in favor of the amendments and the Democrats were against.

The rationale for voting down the proposed amendments, presented by the Committee's chair, Dave Jones (Dem.-Sacramento), was a typical example of cow manure that the California legislature's Democratic majority feeds those whom it's supposed to represent.

First, he dodged the lack of adequate border and law enforcement issue with a wily statement that "[i]f there's a need for greater security, that's a need the federal administration should be taking on," as if it wasn't his buddy California Assemblyman Joe Baca (Dem.-San Bernardino) who rose hell when Border Patrol (a federal government agency) arrested about 400 illegal "immigrants" in Southern California last year, and forced the Feds to forgo further arrests.

Then he expressed his insincere desire to save taxpayers some money on not hiring 1,700 state border police officers (which would cost taxpayers roughly $10 million a year) as if free services and benefits didn't cost "California $9 billion to $10 billion a year [thousand times more than the proposed state border police] in areas such as education, health care and incarceration" (quotations from [1]).

What a duplicitous hypocrite!

And all this cynical demagoguery goes along well with California Sen. Gilbert Cedillo's deceitful attempts to portray his notorious illegal aliens driver's license bill, currently, awaiting a hearing in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee, as a sincere effort to make California roads safer.

Horse's feathers.

The next state-wide elections will be an IQ test for California,s electorate. Will the voters send the unwilling guardians of taxpayers' money (Jones, Evans, Laird, Levine, Lieber, Montanez) and treasonous Mexicophiles (Baca, Cedillo, et al., click here to find some) packing or will they get sidetracked by secondary issues that the campaign rhetoric is sure to focus on? The IQ test is simple. If you approve of the measures aimed at protecting the state and its budget from million man invasion of "migrants" then you should not give your vote to anyone who was against the measures or who supports the invasion.

Unless you don't really care about being smart.


[1] Assembly panel rejects illegal immigration measures

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