Action Alert
March 7, 2005

Pro-illegal state legislators acting as the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO a big name for a 3 member organization) are trying to mount a public relations effort to influence Governor Sonny Perdue and Georgia state legislators to derail proposed laws to ban public services to illegal aliens.

All the Atlanta area Hispanic newspapers, and Atlanta's alternative lifestyle newspaper Creative Loafing, had front page articles last week, most with the headline "ATTACKING THE IMMIGRANTS, featuring State Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta), State Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth), and the "executive director of GALEO, Jerry Gonzalez, urging readers to call the Governor's office and key legislators to keep the measures from being voted on in the House and Senate.

With nearly 80% of America favoring a crack down on illegal immigration, it's the only chance pro-illegals have in Georgia.

In a GALEO press release, Gonzalez implied Gov. Perdue lacks the political will to publicly support the proposed laws to ban public services to illegal aliens. Having the Governor put quiet pressure on legislative leaders to "let the bills die in committee is a political maneuver that would serve the Governor well if it is indeed true that he does not wish to be perceived as hard on illegal immigration.

Gonzalez cited Gov. Perdue's January 27th address to members of the Spanish-language media in Atlanta where the Governor reportedly said, "It's the moral, right thing to do to address immigrants, documented and undocumented, to meet the needs of workers and citizens in our country. Almost 600,000 Latinos now call our state home. Georgia continues to be one of the top destinations for Hispanic immigrants. They're coming to find jobs and to raise families and I think Georgia is especially attractive as a destination."

Does this mean the Governor may be willing to join those who wish to blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants for the sake of a massive cheap labor population?

I hope not, but let's be safe by generating some pro-American pro-Georgia heat to help stiffen the Governor's resolve against illegal immigration.

Illegal aliens cost Georgian taxpayers at least ONE BILLION DOLLARS last year. And another nearly 100,000 more illegals will be residing here by the end of 2006 if current trends are not reversed.

The pro-illegal crowd has little to lose and everything to win. Law abiding Americans have a great Country to save because it's our children's future if we don,t. We need you to join us now.

Use the contact information listed below to let the Governor and legislative leaders know it's time to stop pandering to these ridiculous pro-illegal advocates. And let the politicians know it's time to stop political doublespeak on the issue. Illegal immigration is becoming the most heated and defining issue in the Nation. With rapidly growing trends for many millions of more illegals in the coming years, it's impossible to be pro-illegal and pro-American at the same time and there's no way to blur the distinction anymore.

Help Us Win In Georgia


· (SB 170) prohibit illegal aliens from receiving state-funded social services

· (SB 172) ban illegal aliens from obtaining Georgia driver's licenses

· (SB 171) prevent illegal aliens from taking classes at Georgia's public colleges and universities

· (SB 169) ensure illegal aliens do not work on any state-funded projects

And HOUSE RESOLUTION 256 calls for a Constitutional Amendment to provide that law enforcement agencies of the state shall cooperate fully with federal immigration authorities; to provide that illegal aliens are barred from receiving any public services provided by the state, or any county or municipality; to provide that illegal aliens are barred from receiving publicly funded health care services provided by the state, or any county or municipality; to provide that illegal aliens are barred from access to public elementary and secondary schools of the state; to provide that illegal aliens are barred from access to public postsecondary institutions of the state; to prohibit illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses and other permits from the state, or any county or municipality, and to provide felony penalties for the manufacture, sale, or use of fraudulent documents.

Call the politicians today. We must demand that illegal immigration be stopped and this is the way it must be done by eliminating all the incentives that draw illegals to Georgia.

(State House phones do not have caller ID so phone calls from out-of-state have just as much impact.)

Governor Sonny Perdue (R-Georgia) 404-656-5030

Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) 404-656-5109

Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens (R-Canton) 404-656-0048

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