December 4, 2003

Lou Dobbs on Side of Law Enforcement
Nov. 18 Program Featured CLEAR Law Enforcement Bill

Bill Thompson: "If we stop someone in our normal law enforcement duties and identify them as illegal alien, we need to take them off the streets."
Peter Viles (CNN) -- "With just 2,500 immigration agents, there is no question the federal government is so outmanned in the fight against illegal immigration, that it is really no fight at all. But a bill in congress would bring in massive reinforcements, authorizing 600,000 local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws inside the country." --- "A top priority of the bill is to find, arrest and a deport an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens who are already under orders to leave the country." Watch
Red DotNote: After O'Reilly turned his back on America, Dobbs picked up the torch and continues the struggle.

Countdown: 8 Days to Nativo Lopez's Phony 'Huelga'
Nativo Lopez, currently the big cheese at MAPA, but best known for his alleged involvement in vote fraud during the Dornan-Sanchez Congressional race, has called for invaders to strike on December 12 to protest the repeal of SB60, the law that would have allowed uninspected invaders to get valid California driver's licenses. We predict that this huelga (strike in Spanish) will be a monumental flop.

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