November 28, 2003

Ridge Caves In to Peter Schey and the Ford Foundation
Amnesty Deal Struck With Reconquistas and Anti-American Lawyer

Deal Struck
"Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge signed off on the agreement Nov. 17, according to the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, which helped litigate the case."
Red DotWhat Ridge has said about amnestyAP Internal Use Only

Peter Schey heads the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law - Graphic from New Times, L.A. June 20, 2002
Schey Strikes Again
He got the U.S. Supreme Court to force U.S. Schools to educate illegal aliens. Then worked with the Mexican government to get Gray Davis to kill Proposition 187 which would have reversed that decision.
   "Peter Schey is a one-man nation-wrecking crew," says Glenn Spencer, president of the anti-immigration group American Patrol in Sherman Oaks. "There is a special class of people in this country with special rights above others, and that's illegal immigrants, thanks to Peter Schey and people like him." -- New Times L.A, June 20, 2002AP Internal Use Only

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