November 21, 2003

Tancredo Introduces 'Get Real' Act
Featured on Lou Dobbs on CNN - America's New Hero

Lou Dobbs of CNN takes illegal alien issue away from O'Reilly.
The Get Real Act for America
Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN -- 11/20/03)
Lou Dobbs: "He introduced legislation this week. It is known as the Get Real Act. And joining me now is Congressman Tom Tancredo. Good to have you with us congressman. "
Tancredo: "Lou, it's a pleasure."

Dobbs: "Your legislation that you have introduced, how will that protect our borders?"
Tancredo: Well, it's a pretty comprehensive bill, Lou, and it recognizes one fact, and that is this: The primary responsibility of the federal government of the United States is not to educate anybody's children , it is not to build anybody's roads, or to provide social service benefits, the primary responsibility for this government is to provide security for this nation."

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