October 15, 2003

Border Hawk Flies on First Internet Mission
Fully Capable UAV Sends High Quality Images to America

One of the images sent over the Internet on October 14 showed ABP ground control complex. See full size image.
Arizona/Mexico Border
The Border Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle performed its first full border mission on Tuesday, sending high quality video images over the Internet while being controlled by a GPS guidance system. While no SBIs (suspected border intruders) were spotted on this first mission (limited to a total of thirty minutes) the Border Hawk showed that it could easily spot people entering the U.S. illegally. Part of the mission was flown while Glenn Spencer was being interviewed on the George Putnam Show in Los Angeles. "We are going to continue to expand the duration and capability of these missions," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. See album of images.

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