October 5, 2003

L.A. Times: A Criminal Enterprise
Attack on Schwarzenegger No Surprise

L.A. Times Front Page
A Comment by Glenn Spencer
The Los Angles Times is a criminal enterprise and is in large measure responsible for the terrible fate that has befallen California. As early as 1992, I reported that the Times was lying about the costs of illegal immigration. Brad Sherman was elected to congress on the back of a Times smear of his opponent, Rich Sybert, because he attended a couple of VCT meetings. Later, I sued the Times when they threatened the Daily News over an ad. (See chronology) An outrageous decision by an L.A. judge led to an appeal attempt, but my attorney disappeared and ended up working for the Times. Someday, someone is going to hit them with racketeering charges and it is going to stick. At the very least, I plan to expose them in an upcoming book.

Left wing law professor condemns L.A. Times

O'Reilly Factor -- October 6 (American Patrol Report item on October 7, 2003) -- "The headlines of the Los Angeles Times, even as this race has gone along, have portrayed a race that was much closer for Gray Davis than every other newspaper in this state. So I think there is a symbiotic relationship where they think they are doing the Lord's work. -- "It's going to be ugly here Wednesday morning."

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