September 21, 2003

ABP to Begin UAV Border Patrols
Non-Profit Group To Field Four "Border Hawks"

Border Hawk I - 2 is shown flying over ABP Ground Control Van and UAV truck. Personnel are shown standing near van. Photo is a screen grab from video taken from Border Hawk I -1 on Friday, Sept 19, 2003. (See larger image.)
UAVs "Ready for Work"
Sierra Vista, Arizona -- September 20 -- American Border Patrol announced at its annual public meeting in Sierra Vista that it would begin using its fleet of Border Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles to search for suspected border intruders (SBIs) this week. According to ABP head, Glenn Spencer, the fleet of four UAVs is ready for work. "We are still doing development testing, but don't be surprised if we catch images of SBIs any day now." (See video clip of test video): Watch - Broadband  ||  Dial-up

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