September 10, 2003

The Media: Can't Find Hay in a Haystack
Mexican "Reconquista" Goes Unchallenged

Gray Davis in Mexican Independence Day Parade in Los Angeles - Sunday, September 7, 2003
Network Media (ABC-NBC-CBS) -- And O'Reilly Can't Find Hay in a Haystack
American Patrol - September 10 - As Governor Gray Davis leads a victory parade on Mexican Independence Day and "Mechista" Cruz Bustamante leads in the polls to replace him, the major media continue to perform magic by avoiding the real California story - the Mexican conquest of the American Southwest. The question is, can they keep it up until enough absentee ballots are in?
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Associated Press -- September 10
DotTop U.S. border official questions California driver licensesAP Internal Use Only
Los Angeles Times -- September 10
DotU.S. re-entry policy could changeAP Internal Use Only
San Diego Union-Tribune -- September 10
DotMost voters oppose driver license lawAP Internal Use Only

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