September 3, 2003

Where Is O'Reilly?
Opponent of Illegal Immigration Strangely Silent on California Recall

Bill O'Reilly has done scores of Fox News specials on illegal immigration and the Mexican invasion - but is strangely silent as a real battle for California takes place. And where is he on Schwarzenegger's morality?

Is O'Reilly like an arms merchant who is always there to sell guns, but disappears when the real fighting begins? Was this all about money after all?
ABP (September 3) -- Bill O'Reilly, the man who boosted ratings (and made millions) by focusing on the problem of illegal immigration and the Mexican invasion, is strangely silent as Americans fight to save California from a Mexican takeover. Why won't he talk about Bustamante and MEChA? Is O'Reilly selling us down the river like the rest of the power elite?
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