August 31, 2003

Mexican Invaders Show Up
at ABP Headquarters
Call to Sheriff Claims that ABP "Pulled Gun" on Illegal Aliens

Four Mexicans shown outside ABP headquarters Friday morning. A fifth, shown by the arrow, is talking with an ABP houseguest, Hal Netkin.
American Border Patrol Accused of Vigilantism
Sierra Vista (August 29) A group of five illegal aliens from Mexico showed up at American Border Patrol headquarters Friday morning at 6:10 am. One asked an ABP house guest to use his phone. Shortly thereafter three Cochise County sheriffs vehicles showed up. A deputy told Glenn Spencer that they had received a call that someone had pulled a gun on the Mexicans. An eyewitness disputed the claim. "This is part of a continuing attempt to harass us in the hopes of setting off an incident," Spencer said. -- No charges were filed and the illegals were taken into custody by the Border Patrol.

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