August 24, 2003

The Two McClintocks
Strong on Illegal Immigration on Radio - No Mention on TV

McClintock on Fox TV - Sunday, August 24: Lays out plan for first actions as governor - does not mention illegal immigration. Watch
McClintock on the Terry Anderson Show -Aug. 17:
Terry Anderson:
"These people want you to talk about illegal immigration without being asked. When you're not asked, you do not mention it. I have seen you on these various shows and you do not mention it until you are asked. It should be the first thing out of your mouth."
Tom McClintock: (First actions as governor) -- "The first thing I would do is to call upon the president to undertake his principal responsibility and that is to defend our borders and enforce our immigration laws. I would then issue orders to all of our state law enforcement to actively participate in enforcing our immigration laws." 
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Note: Schwarzenegger seems to be leaning toward the Mexican side

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