August 22, 2003

Letter in Wall St. Journal Said It All - 3 Years Ago!
Republicans Refused to Confront Invasion in 1998 and 2002 and Lost

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The Stupid Party Keeps it Up
American Patrol - August 21, 2003

My letter in the Wall Street Journal on September 1, 2000, explained how Republican Dan Lungren lost the election to Gray Davis in 1998.*

Last year we exposed Republican candidate Bill Simon's refusal to return Proposition 187 to the courts if elected governor and his official position with Catholic Charities, one of the greatest advocates for illegal aliens in America.

The Republicans have a good candidate, Tom McClintock, who is right on the issue and who is qualified to run the state. Instead, they are backing a Hollywood star in the hopes that he will shine like the sun on a summer day, leaving the other stars, and the real issues, invisible to the naked eye. --- Glenn Spencer

*I detailed these claims in a video: "Immigration Threatening the Bonds of Our Union: Part I, Courage and Capitulation in California"

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