August 17, 2003

The Davis Recall: Why Not McClintock?
Calif. State Senator McClintock Is Everything Schwarzenegger Isn't (or hasn't said)

He is experienced, a true conservative, and right on the illegal immigration issue.
He has said the following on talk radio:
1. He would return Prop. 187 to the courts;
2. He opposes drivers licenses for illegal aliens; and
3. He is opposed to amnesty.
Until Schwarzenegger opens up on immigration, we are leaning toward McClintock.
McClintock popular with Republicans - L.A. Times
"But it was McClintock, a state senator who ran for controller last year, who garnered the strongest support among these staunch Republicans. The legislator from Thousand Oaks brought many to their feet when he took the stage under an arch of red, white and blue balloons."

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