August 10, 2003

California in the Balance
Will the Media Allow Illegal Immigration Debate?
Can We Help Joe Guzzardi Put Their Feet to the Fire?

Joe Guzzardi will be
on the October 7 ballot
First in a series by Joe Guzzardi
Guzzardi Takes on San Diego Union Tribune
.... "As we all know, the major California newspapers are going to do everything possible to keep illegal immigration out of the October 7th election. Our job is to expose the mainstream media at every turn for its dereliction of duty. Newspapers have a professional obligation to report on major issues. Let's keep their feet to the fire.
"For the millions of Californians who are concerned about the impact of illegal immigration and have been reading my columns on VDARE.COM and posted on AMERICANPATROL.COM, the name "Joe Guzzardi" is readily recognizable. I don't view my quest to become Governor as frivolous. I see it as an opportunity to force a discussion about immigration to the forefront during the next eight weeks."
Red DotAmerican Patrol welcomes commentary from all major California Gubernatorial candidates, including Schwarzenegger, Guzzardi, Davis, McClintock, and Bustamante. Please email to

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