August 8, 2003

Simon Says "Close Borders, No Amnesty"
Former Calif. Gov. Candidate Takes On Illegal Alien Issue

Simon - Opposed Gray Davis in 2002
He says Davis lied about the deficit, but he ran on the issue.
"The Savage Nation," August 7, 2003 -- Speaking on the syndicated radio show "The Savage Nation" with Michael Savage, California Gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon said he would support closing the borders and would oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens if elected governor. Savage applauded Simon for his strong stand and said he would vote for him.
But will he send 187 back to courts?
San Francisco Chronicle - April 20, 2002
....During that show (Terry Anderson, KRLA, Feb. 17), Simon was talking on the air with caller Glenn Spencer, the controversial founder of American Patrol, a Sherman Oaks group that advocates a halt to immigration and harsh penalties for illegals.

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