July 22, 2003

122 Captured On/Near Barnett Ranch
Near Record Apprehensions in Southeastern Arizona

Flood Across Border Escalates More
   Douglas, Arizona (ABP) July 21 -- According to rancher Roger Barnett, with he and his brother's help, the Border Patrol apprehended 121 illegal aliens on and near his 18,000 acre ranch in Southeastern Arizona over the weekend. According to Barnett, the flood of aliens is near the an all-time high seen in 1999 and 2000. Over the past five years, the Barnetts have turned over more than 10,000 illegal aliens to the Border Patrol.
   In a related story, a retired Border Patrol Agent called American Border Patrol headquarters this morning to report that he spotted seven groups of suspected border intruders broad daylight near State Route 92 between Douglas and Nicksville, Arizona, a distance of about sixty miles. Three of the groups had been stopped by the Border Patrol, but four had not. "This is an incredible thing to see in broad daylight," he said.

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