June 21, 2003

California State Senator Endorses
Mexican Takeover of California
It is Fair For Mexico to Steal California

Yeh Ling Ling
Yeh Ling Ling Opposing Calif. AB522
California State Senate Public Safety Committee - June 17
"And, please think of the list of what Mexico has been trying to do - Mexican American leaders are trying to do. Mario Obledo said clearly, 1998, quote; eventually we're going to take over all the political institutions of California. So, they said publicly, they're going to use immigration to control the southwest, retake the southwest, eventually to take over the entire U.S. So please, listen to those statements carefully." -- [Yeh Ling Ling respresents the Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America]

Traitor Vasconcellos
California State Senator John Vasconcellos:
"Since we stole it from them, why is it unfair for them to steal it back from us?"

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