June 19, 2003

Barnett Bags 96 Suspected Illegals
Arizona Rancher Reports "Border Wide Open"

Roger Barnett
Border Patrol "Guarding Xs"
    Douglas, Arizona (ABP) June 18 -- Arizona rancher, Roger Barnett, has apprehended 96 illegal alien trespassers on his ranch since last Friday. All were turned over to the Border Patrol. According to Barnett, Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to aggressively pursue illegal aliens unless following up on a report by a citizen. "There are sensors nearby that tell the Border Patrol that my property is being invaded, but they don't respond," Barnett said. "They have been told not to leave the border line unless a citizen reports something - they're guarding Xs, and that's crazy."
    Over the past five years, Barnett has turned more than ten thousand illegal aliens over to the Border Patrol . "David Aguilar (Chief U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Tucson Sector) tells me they are campers," Barnett commented, "These aren't campers, they're invaders!"

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