June 18, 2003

Snow Job on Homeland Security?
Sensenbrenner Blows Whistle on Treasury Plan To Accept Consular ID Cards

John Snow
Secretary of the Treasury
Sensenbrenner Blows Whistle on Snow
Washington, D.C. -- In a harsh letter dated May 23, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, James Sensenbrenner, urged the White House to delay implementation of a regulation issued by the Treasury Department to eliminate the requirement that a bank retain copies of documents used to verify the identity of the customer, and allowing banks to open an account for an alien who presents only an alien identification card number, or "number and country of issuance" of any other government-issued document....
"If those reports are correct, acceptance of such documents would undermine, rather than advance, the goals of the USA PATRIOT Act..." Sensenbrenner wrote Dr. Richard Falkenrath, Asst. Dir of the Homeland Security Council in the White House. The Treasury Department told American Patrol it has nothing to do with Homeland Security.

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