June 14, 2003

Sierra Vista to be Stripped of Border Patrol Protection
Two Interior Agents To Be Posted to Douglas Border Station

Load vehicle abandoned on Buffalo Soldier Trail, a few feet outside Ft. Huachuca Army base.

Sierra Vista-based Border Patrol agent was on scene coordinating with Military Police within minutes of incident.
Sierra Vista, Arizona (June 13) -- On the very day a Sierra Vista based Border Patrol Agent chased six suspected border intruders onto the Fort Huachuca Army base, American Patrol has learned that the only two agents assigned to Sierra Vista for interior enforcement have been reassigned to border duty at the Douglas, Arizona, station. While the fate of the six SBIs is unknown, it is fairly certain that Sierra Vista faces a bleak future as illegal aliens begin to take up residence in local motels as they wait for pick ups.
     According to American Border Patrol, as many as a million illegal aliens make it past the Border Patrol each year - and that is just in the Tucson Sector. "First we saw the interior highway check points eliminated, and now we are seeing the total elimination of interior enforcement," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, "They used to say, 'once you make it past the Border Patrol, you are home free,'" Now it they seem to be saying, 'once you make it past the border your are home free."
     According to Spencer, it is now more important than ever that the ABP Border Intrusion Detection System be put in place

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