May 26, 2003

Ridge: UAVs May Be On Border by Year's End
Spencer: They're Already Here

Front page of Sierra Vista Herald, Friday, May 23, 2003 (original story by Ignacio Ibarra). The statement by Ridge followed a flurry of press accounts of American Border Patrol's successful UAV, the Border Hawk.
Did American Border Patrol shame Homeland Defense?
Sierra Vista, Arizona (ABP - May 26) According to an AP story of May 23, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says "We are very seriously looking at UAV for both border application and land and sea. American Border Patrol (ABP) first tested a border UAV on April 25. Some critics say the publicity ABP's "Border Hawk" received forced Ridge to make a public statement. ABP's Glenn Spencer says it will proceed with the Border Hawk program but will monitor the progress of the Homeland Defense Department.
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