May 2, 2003

Border Hawk In the Spotlight
Border Surveillance UAV Attracts Media Attention

American Border Patrol on KVOA, Channel 4 in Tucson
May 1, 2003 -- "We don't blame these Border Patrol agents, they're doing a great job. But we need more of them, and they need better technology ," says Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol President.
Coverage to expand.
ABP will host a crew from KOLD TV, Tucson, today and a reporter and photographer from USA Today tomorrow. It also reports contacts by the New York Times and CNN.
Red DotDaily Star front page article   Red DotAssociated Press article
Watchdog in the sky
(See transcript on KVOA Web site)
"American Border Patrol, in Sierra Vista, has launched its watchdog in the sky."
"The unmanned aerial vehicle is called Border Hawk One. It's a remote controlled airplane that works with the help of a camera and transmitter on board. After an image of a border crosser is taken overhead, it's sent back to a microwave on the ground, and then is sent to a satellite that helps to post the picture on the Internet. "

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