April 21, 2003

Rancher Flowers Suffers Even More
Illegal Aliens Tore Fences Down - Now Burn Them

Clayton Flowers shows portion of his dads cattle fence burned by fire set by an illegal alien. (Riparian area in background.)
Palominas, Arizona (April 20, 2003) -- The fire that ravaged the San Pedro Riparian Area also touched the private property of ranchers living near the border. Rancher Wes Flowers' cattle fence was damaged when posts were burned. His son Clayton had to take a day off work to do the repair. According to reliable reports, the fire was started by an illegal alien.

American Border Patrol infrared image of illegal aliens crossing the Flowers ranch near the Mexican border. (2/26/03)
American Border Patrol documented the invasion of Flowers' ranch on February 26. Live images of 26 illegal aliens were sent to the Internet through an infrared camera. According to Flowers, about 80 illegal aliens crossed his ranch Saturday night. American Border Patrol had run a mission on the ranch until about 11 pm Saturday night but saw no one. According to ABP president Glenn Spencer, there was a heavy Border Patrol presence during the mission, possibly due to the fact that he had reported the existence of the mission on the Flowers ranch to the Border Patrol prior to the operation.

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