March 13, 2003

Star Joins American Border Patrol
Lovable Lady Has Nose For News

Von Zauberberg ("Star")
Sierra Vista, Arizona (ABP) (3/13/03) -- Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol announced today that his German Shepherd, Star, has been given a Hawkeye ID card, making her an official member of American Border Patrol. Glenn acquired Star (kennel name "VON ZAUBERBERG") from the Zauberberg K-9 Academy in McNeal, Arizona, on January 9, 2003, at the age of 3 months. Now five months old, Star has demonstrated a keen ability to use scent to find hidden objects. Noting her "nose for news," Glenn decided to give Star a first name -- Brenda. "Brenda Star will no doubt add to American Border Patrol's ability to get at the truth about the border," Glenn said. "Far from being dangerous, Star has a well-known habit of licking visitors to our headquarters," Spencer added. The Zauberberg K-9 Academy trains German Sherpherds for the Border Patrol.

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